Lucid Dreaming is a learnable skill that can allow you to turn your dreams into anything you can imagine.
Then, in 1981, a study performed by LaBerge established the validity of lucid dreaming.
Subjects successfully performed the eye movement pattern while asleep and told researchers after waking that they had lucid dreamed. These results effectively demonstrated that the subjects maintained some level of consciousness while still asleep.

Lucid dreams can also be more grounded in reality, and they even have the potential to help your conscious self.
How to lucid dreamFor most people lucid dreams happen at random, but some have taught themselves how to start the experience at will. He based this study on a recent discovery that during REM sleep, subjects’ eyes moved as if they were awake.
Through practice, anyone can unlock the ability to achieve lucidity and find the potential of waking dreams.

This means that if the subject looked right in their dream, their eyes would turn to the right.

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