CrunchGear’s Matt Burns thinks some members of the Mac line are getting a bit long in the tooth. Engadget reports that the SKU for the current MacBook Pro has been deleted from the Best Buy inventory. You know that gizmo Robert Downey has planted in his chest, the thing that makes him stay alive and be Iron Man? If you thought that the cost of a MacBook Pro was fairly consistent around the world, you’d be wrong.

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The MacBook Pro comes with the tech company’s retina screen, which delivers super crisp graphics across its 5 million pixels.
Seriously, I have no idea why we are doing this except that Iulia says the rule about social networking is that if something can be done, then everyone must do it. There’s a fourth-generation quad-core processor, latest graphics, and enough Flash storage for presentations, and all the movies you need to watch on business trips.

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