During my coaching sessions one topic that frequently comes up is mediation and how to find time for. In this post I’m going to give a high level view of “spiritual meditation”, that is, a meditation with a   spiritual intention. With all of these developments, life has become full of pressure and there is an ever-pressing need to find a way to remember that there is more to one’s being than meeting a deadline or beating traffic or paying bills. There is also the secular practice of meditation which focuses on enlightenment as its goal. Find out exactly how mentally tough you are with a complimentary Mental Strength Assessment. There are records to indicate that meditation was practiced as early as the 15th century BCE.
It is safe to say that if all meditation per se is rooted in religiosity this meditation is even more so.
A practice that is gaining popularity today is meditating to be in touch with a spirit guide, usually a guardian angel.
If you wish to find a haven of quiet strength amidst the restless tempo of life in this millennium then find time to do spiritual meditation. It is a simple enough process beginning with sitting quietly while breathing deeply in a relaxed way. Alternatively, like a majority of those who do this for spiritual reasons, you can imagine letting go of all your concerns and unburdening them as you communicate with God.
So what exactly is the meditation benefit of making positive choices and does meditation really help in making those choices?
Sometimes in life we seem to be confronted with morally ambiguous choices or we feel conflicted because we are not comfortable with the morally accepted norm. In a dualistic world, we are told that the play of light and shadow, good and evil, has roots in the eternal.
You can consult the religious system that you adhere to and follow its precepts about how to live as a good person. Finally, I would say that with more maturity, a person can evolve to the point where decisions about right and wrong become less judgemental. The meditation benefit of making positive choices is that what once felt morally ambiguous no longer feels that way. A meditation altar is simply an altar upon which rests all of the items you use while meditating. A meditation altar should be placed in an area that is usually quiet and peaceful, even when you are not meditating, such as a bedroom for instance. This simple meditation altar (above) was made with a Tree of Life on a geode (far left), a chrysocolla sphere for a center of focus (center), a bowl of assorted tumbled stones (front center), 2 standing crystal points (right) with a candle for soft lighting.
This meditation altar was built from a simple footstool and decorative wooden tray to make it portable. It features a honey calcite sphere, some palm stones for holding during meditation, a crystal cluster to add cleansing white energy; a unakite pyramid and opalite hummingbird give color and beauty.

Since meditation is usually done in dim lighting, you may wish to have a candle and matches on your altar, as well as incense, a smudge stick, or scented oils or dried herbs with a calming scent, such as lavender.
Usually there is an item on the altar that is used as a focal point upon which to rest your eyes when entering a meditative state.
Prayer Beads are an effective tool to use for focus, counting, following the breath in meditation. When not in use, a meditation altar is not typically left out in the open (unless you have a room that is used only for meditating). Keep the altar set up where it is and cover it with a cloth (of natural fibers, of course). Sign up today and receive my free e-book, ABUNDANT HAPPINESS IN 30 DAYS Simply add your name and email address to receive instant access! Consequently, there is an ever-greater need for spiritual meditation that centers inwardly.
During Lent, for example, Catholics have several rites and ceremonies that include meditating on the sufferings of Christ. Because it is supposed to bring about spiritual benefits, all meditation has a strongly spiritual aspect to it even if it seeks to bring about some other result such as healing. Later, around the 5th century, China and India also became the birthplace of other forms of meditation. Contemporary forms include the classic mode, which is directed towards spiritual awakening.
This angel guide is perceived by some as a being who has completely evolved and has taken on the task of providing guidance to a specific person. Tools used in guided meditation include music and script, but a foremost assumption is that there is a spirit guide providing assistance whether the practitioner knows it or not. You need not worry about setting aside large chunks of your time for this exercise, but do make sure that you build in a twenty-minute period into your daily schedule to sit quietly and just do it.
When you achieve a state of balance, you can begin to visualize a scene or an object that helps move you towards the goal of your meditation.
Meditation is a way of accessing or internal moral compass, which happens as the result of tapping into our authentic selves. The Maharishi used to say, ‘feel the body,’ because the deeper wisdom is found in how you ‘feel’ about a situation or decision and meditation is a practice that helps you refine your awareness of your feelings. Meditation will go a long way toward creating the kind of peaceful calm mind that in turn leads to a peaceful life.
It takes you through a process called Intentional Resting which really takes you to a deep level. This site is dedicated to spreading peace and happiness and helping you live your best life through an understanding of the Law of Attraction.
With communication systems becoming more advanced than ever, no one is more than a phone call away. Evangelical churches also commonly take time out for periods of reflection on verses and messages from the Bible as well as their life application to believers.

As early as the 9th century, followers of Islam performed meditation and in the Old Testament of the Bible there is also Hebrew text indicating that meditation was being practiced. For the beginner, this is embodied in seeking the answers to questions on who the practitioner really is and what he or she is really searching for. After a few days’ practice, you may notice that the few minutes it takes to go through the exercise allows you to be more in tune with your God,  more aware of the inner workings of your mind and  better able to deal with the outside world.
If this explanation, which is essentially religious, has a strong hold upon you, then decisions about right and wrong become easier. Society says that the desire or temptation is bad and should be resisted, while remaining faithful in marriage is good and should be honoured. It also helps you become more deliberate in your thinking, which is essential in being a successful deliberate creator.
It’s all about Karma, because I recently wrote an article for Healthy Living Now Magazine on that topic. I have been a LOA trainer for several years, as well as being a yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Yet, you are already guilty enough that you don’t want to tell us what the problem really is. If you value the judgement of society and want to be seen as respectable, the choice is clear.
A doctor who must decide whether to assist a patient to die, in the interest of relieving the pain of a fatal illness, will make that decision based on very personal considerations. Visualization is such an important component of the Law of Attraction, and this guided meditation makes it easy. Since countless people find themselves in similar predicaments, let me address how to make moral decisions. Most of everyday life consists in balancing desire and conscience — doing the right thing even when you don’t completely feel like it.
I also like that it encourages gratitude, as well as addressing negative issues you may have going on with an individual. I feel that this will be more practical than addressing the cosmic question of what makes things moral or good and immoral or bad. My only comment is that choosing to be respectable is itself a desire, so the choice is not between good and bad. Yet higher evolution exists, and the world’s scriptures tell us that in higher consciousness unity prevails over duality. In other words, instead of condemning evil, a person becomes compassionate toward the wrong-doer and practises forgiveness.

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