All business turnaround situations are different, however, there are one element that always have to be on top of the agenda: Employee buy-in.
Any manager who has struggled through a turnaround knows how crucial employee buy-in is – they also know how time-consuming and difficult it can be to secure. Too many managers assume that communications is a staff function, something for human resources or public relations to take care of. By organizing discussions throughout the organization, spreads the company‘s vision and competitive situation so that individuals and teams can accurately align their own activities with the company‘s new overall direction.
Consequently, organizing early conversations between different parts of the company and making those conversations an important, sanctioned part of the change process is a critical task.
When it comes to change, people don‘t believe in a new direction because they suspend their disbelief.
Real transformation takes time, and a renewal effort risks losing momentum if there are no short-term goals to meet and celebrate. Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement, development and change management. Culture is most often described as the collective set of shared values and beliefs of the people in an organization.
At IQPM, our experience has shown that applying the particular methodologies of Performance Excellence, even flawlessly, is not sufficient if world-class performance is the goal. According to a Business Review studies, 70 percent of change initiatives are not successful because organizations fail to manage the "human" reaction to change.
Successful and sustainable transformation efforts require leaders who know how to manage change. IQPM has helped dozens of organizations develop change leaders who have the skills to successfully implement sustainable change. In the context of Total Performance Excellence (TPE), Change Leadership is a skill set that is required throughout any deployment, from planning and executing to sustaining improvements.
IQPM helps you build and maintain client relationships through a comprehensive analysis and understanding of your clients needs, priorities and objectives, providing excellent service and world-class products.
Global Risk Management Network, LLC: Enabling Enterprise and CxO Performance & Leading Global FinTech Practices in Contemporary Finance, Insurance, &, Cyber Risk Management. Global Thought Leadership spanning Silicon Valley to Seoul and all the continents in between with global impact across most nations of the world.
FinTech Research Impact recognized among IT and Finance-Economics Nobel laureates in business press, industry surveys & scientific impact studies. Worldwide Business and IT Editorial Coverage & Interviews in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune, Fast Company, Forbes, Business Week, CIO, CIO Insight, Computerworld, Information Week, etc. 2016 Princeton Quant Trading Conference Invited Research Presentation: Beyond Stochastic Models to Non-Deterministic Methods.

2015 Princeton Quant Trading Conference Invited Research Presentation: Beyond Risk Modeling to Knightian Uncertainty Management. Markov Chain Monte Carlo Models, Gibbs Sampling, & Metropolis Algorithm for High-Dimensionality Complex Stochastic Problems.
Number Field Sieve Cryptanalysis Algorithms for Most Efficient Prime Factorization on Composites: Beyond Shannon's Maxim. Bitcoin Protocol & Bitcoin Block Chain: Model of 'Cryptographic Proof' Based Global Crypto-Currency & Electronic Payments System. 2015-2016 31 SSRN Top-10 Research Ranking Awards for Computational Quantitative & Risk Analytics Algorithms Research. Published independent Study paper on computer graphics image compression standards for hypermedia computing technologies, the precursor of WWW, on MBA graduate research fellowship with B2B pioneer and full tuition scholarship in 1993. How you manage the impact of change is a key component to realizing of the strategic benefits of your project.
In fact, communications must be a priority for every manager at every level of the company. They must put themselves in their employees’ shoes to understand how change looks from that perspective.
They believe because they‘re actually seeing behaviour, action, and results that lead them to conclude that the program works. Most people won’t go on the long march unless they see compelling evidence within 12 to 24 months that the journey is producing expected results.
Actively look for ways to obtain clear performance improvements, establish goals, achieve the objectives, and reward people involved with recognition. If you've ever been involved in a major change effort, you will probably agree that predicting how people will react to a proposed change is not easy. As a result, six critical system factors have been identified that are key for anyone who is leading change.
Change Leadership skills are essential for both high level executives and program leaders, who are responsible for setting the vision, as well as those who will communicate the vision and make the changes happen (Champions, Lean Six Sigma practitioners and process owners).
CxO Risk Management Analytics beyond Prediction to 'Anticipation of Risk'a„? World Leading Hi-Tech Research Defining World Leading CxO Risk Management Practices. VaR' Dilemma to Empirical Model Risk Management: How to Manage Risk (After Risk Management Has Failed). Subsequent renaming as the BRINT Institute, LLC was done around the time we took on Google as a key client when approached by them just before their IPO. Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide builds on our foundational standards and assists project, program and portfolio managers in developing competency in this area.
People aren’t going to consider anything until they are convinced there is a problem that truly needs to be addressed.

Without short-term wins, too many people give up or actively join the ranks of those people who have been resisting change. All too often we see organizations launch "culture change initiatives" through communications strategies. In fact, resistance from the right people at the right time can cause any initiative to fail. These individuals require even more intensive training in change management tools and techniques. The mission of the Global Risk Management Network has been served in advancing, developing, and disseminating worldwide Risk Management and Risk Analytics practices for Digital Enterprise Risk Management and Model Risk Management. But you need to make sure your employees are trained to understand financial statements and have enough insight into their own jobs to know how to affect the numbers. We have had the privilege of taking as clients world's top firms including the Big-3 Banking & Finance and Big-3 IT firms as well as $100 Billion hi-tech firms such as Intel Corporation, as well as institutions such as Harvard Business School and MIT, among other worldwide clients, patrons, and network members from our very beginning. That's because our values and beliefs - those which we hold dear and truly believe - are a product of our own personal experiences. Our research ventures have been found incorporated in the formal curricula of Harvard Business School MBAs as well as in multiple other programs of Harvard University to name one example among all top-tier Business and Technology institutions worldwide that benefited from them. For instance, starting from the time we developed the world’s top-ranked resource in Business Process Reengineering drawing upon our real world Process Engineering experience, our developed resources were integrated in the education of Harvard MBAs.
Research Impact Editorial Reviews in All Known Top Business-IT Institutions & Publications. Tom Stewart wrote about them as a reference for his best-selling book Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organization.
Tom Davenport, while Accenture Partner and Director of Research, wrote about them as one of the benchmark examples in his best-selling book The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business. Knapp, Vice-Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers wrote about them in Fast Company magazine interview as her most favorite Knowledge Management resource just around the merger between Coopers & Lybrand and Price Waterhouse. Our most recent re-naming was done in the aftermath of a merger and acquisition to focus on the resolution of problems observed by Quantitative Finance experts such as Emanuel Derman, earlier Managing Director and Head of Quantitative Risk Strategies Group at Goldman Sachs, and, Paul Wilmott, who earlier taught at Oxford, with model risk management of financial engineering models made quite apparent by the Global Financial Crisis. Since right after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, the focus of our overarching theme of anticipating surprise within a global environment of increasing dynamic uncertainty and complexity is on next-generation computational mathematical quantitative models of uncertainty and risk management beyond model risks exposed by the global financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent extreme events and black swans.

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