Gregg is very much into physical fitness (well obviously!)  His well chiseled physique comes from his passion for health and fitness at 15 when he began bodybuilding. And as my friend JB Glossinger (who introduced me to Gregg) best said it, “You’d think by looking at Gregg that he’s a real jerk (OK, JB used another word, not one I can print here), when you talk to him you’ll find out that he’s one of the nicest guys you know!”  That statement is so true! As you can well imagine, many people began looking to him for personal advice on fitness and eating habits. The 150 recipes were developed to be the exact ratios of protein, carbs, and other nutritional considerations, while keeping it simple.
His positivity is inspirational, and before he’s even 50, he’s accomplished so much – whether it is the perfect body or the success in his career.
So Manifestors….Are you ready to make some minor modifications to your eating to achieve some healthier results for yourself? Join Susan in Always Manifesting Your Best!A refreshing serving of abundance, motivation & FREE resources straight to your Inbox! We create our own realityThere has perhaps been no other time when this phrase has been so important now and for the coming months and years. Updates: Be on the lookout for updates throughout the day on this special blog entry about pop up moments.
Your wedding day may soon be approaching and the pages of the book are probably still empty. Understanding your reality will always come down to understanding what you want, and how you want to get it. Fear of failure and hitting rock bottom often deters people from manifesting their greatest desires. Understanding how to take advantage of hitting rock bottom will help you overcome this fear and improve your manifesting abilities, so let’s take a look at why hitting rock bottom rocks.
Someone at rock bottom knows without a doubt that their current rock-bottom reality is exactly what they do not desire.
As you keep your awareness focused upon choosing thoughts and experiences that make you feel better, if only just a little bit better, you will find that the need to keep focusing upon what you do desire, what you do wish to experience instead of what you’ve been experiencing, will intensify. Bit by bit, your actions, thoughts, and vibration begin to construct a new reality, one filled with your heart’s true desires.
Inspiring examples of creator beings who have manifested brilliant things after hitting rock bottom include J.K. Remember: change is the only constant in life and this rock bottom state, like all other things, shall eventually pass. Of course, it’s not necessary to hit rock bottom to get clear on what you want and send a supercharged vibration out into the universe to attract your desires into your life.
If we as Master Manifestors were totally on top of our game, we would forever remember to continuously, consciously manifest and focus upon our desires at all times while enjoying our current reality.

If you seek to achieve this, a good place to start is by repeatedly asking yourself “What is truly right for me right now?
And if, on the journey, you find yourself in a patch of turbulence, or indeed if you hit rock bottom, remember that you always have the power to create, reach for, and manifest your deepest desires. His goal was to share a book that any bachelor could follow with just a knife, a cutting board and five ingredients. He’s living his life to the fullest and shares it with everyone he comes in contact with through the sheer positivity of his attitude. MY FOCUS IS NOW ON MANIFESTING WHAT I DESIRE! approach, you, a creator being who was previously at rock bottom, take the first powerful step to opening yourself up to a new life experience full of what you do desire. You begin to look around for these desires, placing your focus on them instead of handing it back over to your rock bottom reality. Rowling, a once-destitute single mother who’s now richer than the Queen of England, and Nelson Mandela, a man who rose up, triumphed, and inspired the entire world after enduring many hardships. You’ll start to feel weary, tired, or just plain bored with being in a rock bottom state. When this occurs, it will be tempting for you to fall down into a low-vibrational state (fear, stress, worry, anger, resent). In doing so we would maintain a high vibration of non-resistance (what Abraham calls “being in a state of allowing”) and transition effortlessly from one desired experience to the next. But I do know that from making the effort to remain in a state of allowing while consciously reaching for more of what I desire, my life has improved dramatically.
He is passionate about accessing and harnessing the limitless power to create that lies within each of us, and loves witnessing individuals discover and revel in the beauty of creating all that they desire.
I thought I am a spiritual person, very good in understanding how it works to be the creator of your own life, knowing what my purpose is and yet, I hit rock bottom.
Naturally, to maintain his physique he sticks to a very strict diet, and likes helping people achieve their perfect body and achieve their fitness goals, which is one reason he’s a personal trainer with a focus on circuit training.
It’s a definitive understanding that nobody actually knows what will occur in the next year or two and what the implications of all that is happening will be.
This is when being strong, focusing upon what you want, believing in your limitless power, and remaining in a high vibration becomes imperative. Are you able to practice non-resistance despite the challenges that are currently in your life?
I guess it is easier to be positive while you are in that situation and I think within all of this there is also a chance.
The future is what we make it and that means that we can make a positive future timeline for humanity by creating a reality that matches such a determined wish.If the majority of humans on this planet have their consciousness set on the thought of impending doom and disaster in 2012, then yes, we will collectively experience that. Get excited about what you DO want to create and manifest for yourself, and apply this excitement to focusing upon and visualising your new desires daily. When you look back at your rock bottom experience in retrospect, you will likely see how it ultimately helped you in ways that you never thought possible.

Are you able to keep focusing on what you desire, and visualising yourself as having and enjoying this now even while you’re technically still at rock bottom? Share your thoughts, questions, comments and wisdom with other Master Manifestors in the comments section below!
I’m open to any dialogue on the subject and would love to contribute in any way I can to furthering this topic of manifesting. Now it is the time to be the creator as you said and it will prove in those rock bottom moments, if we truly realized what being the creator of our own life really means. If the majority is focusing on positive things such as enlightenment, conscious evolution, oneness, pure no-mind awareness, etc, then these will certainly define our future reality.
Take solace in this knowledge, and allow it to put you in a positive state of mind as you focus and visualise upon your desires. If so, you’ll learn a great deal about how you can keep yourself in a high-vibrational state of non-resistance. This is why it is extremely important that we do not allow negative notions or ideas get a hold of our mind concerning 2012 because this will create the very situation we are so afraid of.Most people underestimate the immense power each one of us has to give our share of creative power to the sum of the whole One consciousness that directs the future of humanity every single moment. And take solace in knowing that even at the darkest depths of your despair there is a silver lining to be found. If we want to ensure October 28, 2011, December 21st, 2012, or some other date in the yet-to-be determined future is a date of monumental positive transformation, then we must have our minds and awareness focused on that. After all, our destiny is in the fate of our own hands.Transforming the world is not just the responsibility of a few enlightened sages and seers. You have the powers to see [Source] in the heart of every human being, and once you begin to see the [Source] in every man, you will able to love every living being, every individual. Through you, [Source's] power would flow into the world.Do not get habituated to lovelessness. Through your words, through your loving actions and through your service you could awaken every human being from his stupor of sufferings, self created misery and ignorance.
It is up to each one of us to do our part in the conscious evolution of humanity’s transpersonal consciousness. There is seemingly little time, given what’s going on in the world, so if there was a time when you should focus on self-growth, self-realization, and conscious evolution, now is the time.
It is better to be prepared for chaos and confusion within the collective consciousness than to be taken off-guard and have it affect us in an intensely-negative way.

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