Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below. Although these tattoo designs are more common on their own than they are together, a heart with wings tattoo can say a lot about your personality. With that in mind you could also look at the heart with wings tattoo as being a statement of joy and optimism. Here at tattoos with meaning we believe this is the genuine symbol behind the octopus tattoo.
Because as soon as you start looking for the meaning of life from outside of yourself, in a neat and tidy package, you’ll never find it. You see the fact you are searching the Internet or trying to find the answer in the form of informational knowledge is the wrong way to go, I’m sorry to say. No one knows the answer to the question of what is the meaning of life, and perhaps they never will.
Making life an adventure of your own creation and design, instead of struggling and suffering trying to find “The Answer”?
You’re searching for fulfillment because you might have that empty feeling, and looking for some kind of meaning to fill it. When you learn how to do meditation – you get to deepen your experience of yourself and your underlying consciousness.
You get to experience things on a deeper level while in a quiet place to practice so you can remove the extra stimulus. Learning to be more present has the most far reaching effects on your life in dissolving the struggle of human suffering, dissolving limiting beliefs and enlivening life itself. Not only that, being present leads to excellence in whatever you are doing in your work (see the post on how to be successful), with your relationships, your health, or whatever skill you are working on.
It’s pretty wild stuff and very interesting to try some experiments with it in your life. So if there are any real answers to be had (and I’m not saying there are), the answers like within.
Seek wisdom instead of knowledge and then answers aren’t so necessary, as to be fully immersed in your life, discovering your passions. One of the great things about dream catcher tattoos are that since they include feathers and beading, the colors that can be used in them are more than I can ever list here!

The small of the back is a place where women often choose to put their dream catcher tattoo. Both men and women find it attractive to put dream catcher tattoos on various areas of their backs.
No matter where you choose to put your dream catcher tattoo, this design typically looks better large rather than small.
Miley Cyrus got herself inked with a dream catcher tattoo a year ago and this caused quite a stir. It is a very popular tattoo amongst men and women as it really gives the designer a chance to be creative. For some just getting a tattoo is a statement about their own free spirit but this specific design takes that a bit further. The fact that you are living your life this way is something not everybody can do, even if they want to.
In fact, the octopus is being inked on so many people currently that soon it will be one of the worlds most worn tattoos but why? They come in all different shapes and sizes but the most effective octopus tattoos are usually very big and in full color. It is mesmerizing, slightly chilling and if you have ever seen an octopus you will know that its movements are hypnotizing. The complexity of the design, the diversity of the octopus’s persona and the mystical illusion all add to the tattoos characteristics. And- they are gorgeous in real life and everything that way said about the way they move, they are truly intriguing. We have heard about them in stories, seen them in movies and maybe even have one ourselves. Miley is someone that many people look up too and therefore the was a run on dream catcher tattoos. Choosing what style of heart, what style of wings and other small details within the tattoo are all part of the fun. The heart with wings tattoo in my opinion is one of those tattoos with meaning that you cannot fail to understand.
Well, not only is the octopus extremely fashionable and undoubtedly beautiful, it also holds several very special meanings to the wearer.

Although octopus tattoos have not quite reached the popularity of other aquatic animals in the tattoo world, they will be a favorite of tattoo fanatics everywhere for years to come. It could be said that these exact same features say a lot about the wearer of the octopus tattoo.
This is simply not a design that is meant to be worn on a small scale, but of course the decision is ultimately yours. Her tat is located on her upper side, next to her breast and a few inches below her armpit. Despite heart and wings being more feminine objects, this tattoo still proves very popular with men and there is no doubt it looks brilliant on men and women when implemented correctly.
The wings are a symbol of ones freedom to do just that, a statement that represents ones overall happiness with how they live.
By adding this tattoo to your body you are exploring a spirit that most people do not have and should feel very fortunate you have developed into such an individual character.
In ancient mythology the number 8 is used as a major significance in a lot of stories, in some cultures it is believed that 8 legged animals such as spiders and octopus are one of the few survivors of those times. If they are in a tough situation then octopus will use their brain and respond intelligently much like a human would.
They were first made by the Native Americans who claimed that by hanging them over our beds, they would catch nightmares in their weave, keeping our sleeping minds safe and comfortable for a peaceful nights rest. Some people love to have their tattoos designed with vivid colors and choose to use purples, pinks, oranges and blues for their tattoo. Color is really a personal choice and so your dream catcher can look like anything you want it to! That much like octopus humans can learn to disengage things in their life that are not needed anymore.
However, even if you do not believe in the magic of the dream catcher, its beauty cannot be denied, and so, many people chose them to become part of their body art.

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