A movement empowering New Yorkers to do more of the things they love by recharging through meditation, a practical way to refresh every day, invented thousands of years ago. Learn how you can use the tools of meditation and breath to take you to a calm and centered mind and gain access to an unlimited storehouse of energy.
Notice your breath as it goes in and out, and when you notice your mind wandering simply bring it back to the breath.
Perhaps switch it up according to your mood, or pick one to do for a week and then shift to a new one. In time, you’ll get in the meditation (er, I mean sitting there) habit, and it will feel just as natural as brushing your teeth or taking a shower (and just as important too)!
Hopefully, I can ease into a more peaceful and calming yogi-lifestyle with the new Natio Meditate Bath and Body range – no sabbatical to an Ashram required. The Natio Meditate range has all body needs sorted; shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, body butter, hand wash and hand cream in an assortment of Attars, and all under $20. Recently, a parent of the New Life House community wrote an article about the third step, the third step prayer and what they both meant to him and his program.
It took that desperate of a situation to get me to give prayer and meditation a second try. Yet periodically, I have found that situations arise that no amount of talking to my sponsor, no amount of meetings and no amount of fellowship and service will help me with, namely, large decisions and resentments. I have found that prayer and meditation are the only two things that help me through these situations. From the moment I started my journey in recovery, the term “fellowship” was thrown around a lot-not just in meetings, but within my own sober living community as well. Derek, trusting and resting in God…turning to Him to find quiet allows for freedom of the turmoil in your heart. About New Life HouseEach of the New Life House Sober Living & Drug Rehab Aftercare Centers in Los Angeles are 12 Step-based where house members are taught to identify character defects, take responsibility for their actions, and learn how to 'live life on life's terms' - not their own. We understand that quality sobriety requires a life change, not just stopping drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Into The Heart Of AddictionInto the Heart of Addiction has a team of writers who compose original content as a way to bridge the gap between how the public views addiction and the facts and faces of those in recovery.
New Life House is committed to helping you or your loved one live a happy and fulfilling life free from the behavioral challenges and destructive behaviors of alcohol and drug addiction.
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While spiritual teachers have been recommending it forever, mainstream science and media outlets are now finally jumping on board.
Maybe it’s just me, but even just the word app starts to steer me into that uniquely modern, technology-fried head space that cancels out the benefits of meditation before they even begin.
I love to think sitting in a big rock, like the ones we have here in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee-N.
Getting my mind to stop whirring for more than a few seconds is a trying task, so it’s no wonder that any attempt to balance my chakra or calm my chitta leaves me aum-ming and ahhing over what to make for dinner, rather than aum-ing to a state of mental bliss. This divine smelling range of body care products use all-natural Indian Attars, famous for their mood enhancing properties. It got me thinking about my own spiritual program and how I have used prayer and meditation since I stopped using drugs and alcohol. To be quite honest, I never gave God, a higher power, or anything of the sort much thought. Not only did I attend a Franciscan-based high school, but also my father would take me to a Self-Realization Fellowship service when I was a kid for a few years. I had run my life into the ground and wound up in jail for the third time and no one was coming to bail me out.
My grand-sponsor always says, “There will be a time when you are reduced to prayer and meditation.” It rings true every time I hear it because of this exact experience. I was no longer desperate, no longer hurting, and I had found living a sober lifestyle to be fairly comfortable.
I find myself obsessing on them, quite literally wasting my time and energy about an event that has not occurred or running scenarios in my head of the outcome of a decision I haven’t even made yet.
When a resentment or decision is renting space in my mind and it is hard for me to be present, I need to ask for help.
I was new and didn’t have a full understanding of not only what it meant, but also why it was so important to my newfound lifestyle. A graduate of New Life House Los Angeles, Derek resides in LA and has worked in the graphic design industry for over 10 years.
In turn, our house members are able to not only achieve long-term sobriety, but also become happy, healthy, and functional members of society. By utilizing specific categories, Into the Heart of Addiction will strive to create a user-friendly recovery blog where it’s easier to reach what you want and educate yourself about drug addiction and recovery. Of course, in time, or even right away if it feels good, in addition to just sitting there, you could enhance your experience in a number of ways.

It's my intention to live this magical, mysterious, heart-breaking, hilarious life to the fullest, and I'm guessing it's yours too! Scents such as Pink Lotus help to calm the mind and bring a feeling of peace while Champa elicits a more uplifting sensation, so it’s easy to pick a product depending on your needs. I knew I wasn’t an atheist, but I just figured that anything concerning an omniscient and all-powerful force that regulated the universe had very little need for me to understand it. It was there that I learned the basics of prayer and meditation, though I felt as if it did not really pertain to me. I had to go two weeks without drugs, the longest it had been in the better part of a decade. I don’t even know what compelled me to do something I hadn’t tried in years, but really, I had nothing left. I no longer use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism, and in their place I have found a different, far more effective spiritual solution.
Truly, if you were going to make one simple change in 2015, you couldn’t do much better than meditation. I just personally prefer to pair my meditation with at least some degree of technological unplugging. We have just gotten over the holiday hump and we’re ready to experience some austerity, focused intention setting, and hard work. So you might start with the simple goal of setting a timer for at least five minutes (or ten minutes, or you might build up to ten, or only do ten when it feels right) and then just sitting there until the timer dings. Most of us can spare five minutes, even if it means staying up a little later or waking up a little earlier.
I was in an extremely strange place with even stranger people and I couldn’t quiet my mind. I've got plenty of inspiring and informative resources on the site, so please come on over and explore any time.
You can work up to ten minutes or more if you want, but I think five as a minimum is good, because it won’t deter you from giving yourself that wonderfully precious time and space. It can support you in removing the rigidity and judgment and replacing it with gentle encouragement (always a more effective mindset).

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