Sister Jenna is a spiritual leader, author, radio host and TV personality, renowned speaker and founder of the Meditation Museum I & II in metropolitan Washington, DC. Despite the many life challenges that we face on a global scale, Sister Jenna has an uncanny ability to connect us back to where our problems originated and shift our awareness toward the solutions. Sister Jenna has traveled to over 80 countries where she continues to provide practical life tools and solutions that empower people to foster and build stronger relationships. Sister Jenna is the recipient of numerous awards and proclamations including, the President’s Lifetime National Community Service Award, Every Day Hero Award by the Foundation for Better Life and the Friendship Archway Awards, to name a few. The first public Meditate The Vote event gathered individuals from the arenas of education, media, government, and religion. Photo by Kris Connor This week I attended a screening of Concussion, a new Will Smith movie about the impact of repeated head trauma in the National Football League (NFL). At the base of any positive transformational work has to be an understanding of the relationship between one's awareness and actions; through that becomes an impact on our world. It has been a few months since the beginning of my journey with "Belief," a new TV series to be aired by the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) on October 18-24.
I would like to briefly share with you the moment that I was introduced to Belief, and the journey I have been on since. Like it or not, we are all energies moving around; taking, giving, bouncing, reacting, and absorbing.
As technology accelerates our lives, many of us feel an urgent need to get off the grid, slow down, feel safe, and loved.
It is January 11, 2015 and world leaders from over 40 countries gathered in Paris, linked arm to arm to march in peace for unity.
What is it about the coming of a new year that makes us reflect at a deeper level than we do in the middle of the year? PaniPuri with Sister Jenna The United Nations declared June 21st as International Yoga Day, just three months after India's newly-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi used some of his valuable minutes during his address to the U.N. It seems we can't go a day without hearing something new about the health benefits of meditation.
During the summer of 2013, I was looking to get in shape using some different methods which did not involve constantly lifting weights at the university rec center. Now obviously I had heard about yoga before, but I didn't know much more other than it was an Eastern practice with ancient roots that now featured more sorority girls wearing Lululemon than the robe-wearing Yogis of the Indian Peninsula.
My first practice was a guided hour of Vinyasa Yoga, an ancient style rooted in Hindu origins and Hatha Yoga. After some 45 minutes of a challenging practice, our guide instructed us to lie down on our mats, relaxing our muscles and facing our palms to the sky.
My mind kept racing with the menial tasks and errands I had to complete before the day was done.
Mindfulness Meditation originated in Buddhism and, for beginners, consists of one sitting or lying silently, focusing on the inhale and exhale of the breath, and maintaining a passive state of mind.
Practitioners of meditation often say the mind is like a muscle, it must be worked again and again in order for its strength to develop and the effects of meditation to transcend quotidian experiences. I now find myself sounding like a long-haired hippie, going up to friends or family and saying, "Dude, I'm telling you, you have to try meditation." The initial reaction is always surprise, as if a jolt of energy was just sent up their spinal cord. Practicing meditation after a fit amount of yoga will leave you tired and more receptive to the transcendence of meditation. Selected by EBW2020 as one of the 100 most influential leaders for 2015, her mission is to decode critical current issues and offer a perspective for folks to find clarity, power, and insight.
Her voice of influence is particularly needed in the wake of tragedy and increasing violence in our world. Her wisdom, peace, and compassion for humanity are expressed through the variety of initiatives she spearheads for youth, women, governments, and communities. When we speak of change in our environment, systems, cultures, and more, we look towards long lasting change.

We use it as the right thing to say in a speech or the right weapon to use when you want someone to submit to us.
All of it reveals who we think we are, how we expect people to treat us, and frankly, what we are presently. In the twentieth century alone an estimated 160 million of our brothers sisters died because of war.
Earlier last week, researchers from the Department of Defense and Georgia Regents University found that Transcendental Meditation could be used to treat veterans suffering from PTSD, suggesting further research into using meditation as a supplementary treatment. Different forms of meditation have the capacity to reduce blood pressure, relieve anxiety, and improve responses to stress. Not because I am reborn celebrity or a famous CEO, but because I was a curious student in need of exercise and some stress relief and I was awestruck by the possibilities of meditation. After some months of trying bodyweight workouts, I discovered Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes were offered free of charge to students at my university. The term vinyasa itself holds many meanings in Sanskrit, but generally translates to "arranging something in a special way" or "connection," emphasizing the use of breath when moving between different asanas, or poses.
My foray into what is called Mindfulness Meditation had left me addicted to a completely novel feeling, alien to anything I had ever experienced before. If you find yourself wandering, as I often do, on thoughts other than your breath, simply return your awareness to your breath and let go of all other thoughts.
If you are anything like me, you often find your mind on ten different things at the same time, calculating how and when you can complete your daily tasks. Daily meditation is the best manner in which to develop the muscles of the mind, maintaining a daily practice, if only for 10-15 minutes.
For decades, she has demonstrated an extraordinary level of improvement in the quality of lives of people ranging from heads of government to children in villages. She has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies on key issues and her syndicated radio show, America Meditating is a popular global online show. Therefore, the many deals among nations at conferences and summits are not truly effective until we implement methods to shift our awareness and feelings at a deeper level. We've also heard countless testaments from celebrities, businessmen, and everyday individuals talking about the interconnectedness of abundance, peace, rediscovery, and meditation. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the 45 minutes of yoga and resolved to go twice a week to these classes. My everyday life was affected by the daily practice of meditation, instilling a feeling of satisfaction and peace I have failed to find anywhere else. This is called "noise." While it might not have a measurable wavelength of sound, it can be piercingly earsplitting within the confines of one's own psyche. Add 15 minutes next time you're at the gym, play a guided meditation on your phone and sit or lie down on some mats.
Our lives have played out the way they were meant to, and now we're in a powerful position to consider how we would like to steer them from this point on.
Leaving an exhausting yoga class was like leaving the massage parlor: I was refreshed, invigorated, and tranquil. For the first time, rich and poor countries across the world have agreed to take steps to limit and adapt to climate change -- from reducing their emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to helping one another adapt to rising seas, devastating droughts, food shortages and other impacts of global warming. This means our entire world is suffering not only from a lack of inner peace but also from a loss of awareness as to how much love actually resides inside every soul. The new year is about more than ritualistically setting resolutions before the clock strikes midnight. The thousands of random thoughts that constantly bombarded my mind soon dissipated, and I could control the rate at which these invasive ideas attacked. We have all inherited the current conditions of our world as well as contributed to its decline of resources needed to sustain generations to come. It seems to me that our holding on to old stories of the past with bitter interpretations percolates more hatred, and prevents us from walking into a new one.

This annual transition of time is an opportunity for our stage of consciousness to transition from dark to light; to let go of our past and invest in our future by living fully and lovingly in the present. We have traded a healthy, breathing earth for bigger cars, faster planes, fancier clothes; even fruit from the earth is bigger and greater in multitude, with chemicals instead of flavor. As more than three million people participated in unity marches throughout various places they proclaimed their solidarity with the phrase, "Je Suis Charlie," "I Am Charlie," also translated as "OM Charlie." OM, while translating to "I Am," is also a sacred sound, connecting all through a vibration of peace and love. It is all about the choices we make, which are rooted in our attitude and attachments to unfulfilled desires. Perhaps turning more to this meaning of "I Am," will bring us back to who we truly are, beyond our excuses for war.
Will the escalation of tragedy eventually become a means for us to review our humanity and recognize that we all come from One God, and we will all return to the same one? Our individual choices have led us here, and our collective decisions are creating the future. Jew, Christian, Hindu." So is it man's attachment to these labels that creates the conflict? This entry of a new consciousness was so significantly more meaningful than my nightclub lifestyle that I had no choice other than to surrender to it. The elements that make up everything we see smell and touch are in need of pure vibrations and a peaceful energy that can restore rather than consume and destroy.
What if we really did come from the solidarity of 'We are all Charlie?' Not only post-terror, but every day. Looking back, I realize how enormous a transformation the soul went through; it shifted my way of speaking, walking, dressing and essentially being.
I showcased an incredible short movie, Admissions at the Meditation Museum during the holidays. Like our guests, I came away with a deeper encouragement to get the knowledge and experience of Je Suis, OM, I Am, out and in to our communities worldwide. We may not all surrender to God or living more from inside out, what I tend to say, "paying attention" instead of living from tension, but to think of surrender as breaking our attachments and finding the courage to love more, we could all make that a resolution. What then would be our excuse to impose hurt on another and justify acts of violence as one's expression of God's will? When we take an honest look at our inner thoughts and feelings, we slowly begin to accept the reality of this habitual pattern. Observing the movement of the Brahma Kumaris, and witnessing a culture of creating a system of trust and service within their own body of thought, I have seen the sustainability of its fortress, and their traditional pillars consistently holding authenticity and purity. The path of spirituality is about examining the percentage we spend in the consciousness of our truth. When we hold a similar purpose and are very invested in making our lives and world a better place, I feel quite confident that a new era is approaching.
And this drink of knowledge holds no fear of driving under the influence where you might hurt yourself or someone else. Instead, you might feel strong enough to pick someone up who is down and share a thought that will awaken them for the new year. There is no hangover, just the happiness of being ready to continue your journey, renewed and lighter.
Instead, we gracefully, and powerfully glide ourselves into a new year with eyes that sparkle with enlightenment, a smile as soft as a child, and heart of pure gold.

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