Dennis Kelly – After 40 years in the corporate world Denny now has more time to pursue his passions in the area of travel and connecting with people. Judy Olson – Recently retired after 38 years of public school teaching, Judy is now enjoying the time to pursue other passions, such as music, writing, healing, and meditation. Sandy Eimers – is stumbling through the labyrinth of life, sometimes following a path and often wandering in search of answers. Mary St Onge –  ERYT and yoga therapist, received her yoga teacher certification in Colorado and advanced designations at White Lotus Foundation and Ananda Seva Yoga and Meditation Center in California. Deb Jennings – Deb Jennings has studied many different methods of meditations from various traditions. Moira Leu – Moira Leu is a Certified Nia® Black Belt teacher and the Director of Music at First Unitarian Church of Des Moines.
Fred Nelson – is co-leader for the Des Moines Meditation Group which meets every Tuesday night at the Friends Meeting House on 42nd Street and Grand. Faced with progressive disability after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, she took back her life and vitality by shifting the way she eats, drinks, moves, breathes, and thinks.
She is a Reiki Master with a keen interest in the human energy system and how nature, music, art and personal relationships can enhance the human experience and connect us with that which is larger than ourselves. She recently spent 90 days in southern Brazil working as an assistant to her mentor, Joseph LePage, founder of Integrative Yoga Therapy. Her love for the practice began nearly two decades ago while she studied and trained at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA. Every Tuesday at noon she leads a sacred sound mid-day meditation at Unity of Des Moines, 414 31st Street.
I’ve been a student of Thich Nhat Hanh for 10 years, and have attended two week-long retreats with him. As the founder of Yoga in the Park he now enjoys bringing people together with Meditation Around Town.

She practices energetic clearing modalities such as Spiritual Response Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Drum Washing, and Sound Healing. In meditation the pairing of breath with slowing the whirl of modern life and releasing the tethers that so often hold us back. She is fluent in Western and Eastern modalities of healing through her experience working as a pharmacist, yoga therapist and owner of balance yoga and balanced breath school of yoga. Deb’s passion is to share transformational sounds, created with an intention of unconditional love and gratitude.
I recently completed the Mindful Schools training, and I’ve taught meditation and mindfulness to clients, friends, and children involved in the court system. He believes that Iowa  is a very special place and that the people of the Des Moines community are a true reflection of that. Kim supports those who are struggling to find their center, connection with their own inherent wisdom and that invaluable inner peace by serving as a guide in the development and maintenance of the nourishing life balance that is necessary to truly live well and SHINE ON! Judy has led meditation groups for several years and has produced a variety of meditation CD’s. Robin’s earliest exposures to yoga included learning to do headstand and lotus from her father and her mother’s Yoga Nidra-like practice for helping her fall asleep. From a home base in Ankeny, she is available to all health care practitioners interested in learning how therapeutic yoga can assist in managing dis-ease and works one to one with students in search of healing through unity. Mary finds that through meditation and mindfulness of action we can begin to observe our thoughts and notice what we spend our time thinking about that perhaps we wouldn’t discovery until we slow down to witness.
The sounds Deb shares from Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, Native American flutes, percussion instruments, and keyboards, help people relax and release, promote calmness, and enhance feelings of connecting with the infinite source of inner peace, taking you within to a place where you feel at one with all that is. Moira says this about her personal practice, “In my personal practice I explore many kinds of meditation. I love being a peace-maker in my work, and good food, good films, running, yoga, weight-lifting, laughing and smiling.

Using Tachyon Energy Healing, Health Coaching and Yoga Teachings she has been able to help others to improve specific health issues and their overall well-being. She is an accomplished Native American flute player who teaches flute lessons and has a gift for connecting people with just the right flute. Yoga became her very own GPS for finding true north when her feet touched the mat at Unity Woods in Bethesda, MD. Brette is an E-RYT 500 instructor and continues to seek out teachers who challenge and inspire her practice and teaching.
Deb is owner of Sounds for the Soul and is available for private and group transformational sound sessions, leading meditations, public speaking and presentations at workshops and retreats, and providing distance sessions using Reiki and Sound. For me, meditation is a tool to help me cope with the stressors of and deepen my reverence for life. She was a little bit pregnant with her second child, and yoga helped her balance wellness with pregnancy, editing and writing, and caring for a toddler. With nearly 20 years on the mat and 15 years teaching experience she aims to offer classes and trainings that are skilled, dynamic and thoughtful. Completing her teacher training at Sun Moon Yoga in Mankato, MN, (2008), Robin is also a certified Yoga As Muse facilitator, combining two of her passions, poses with prose. Enjoy Robin’s classes, workshops, and clinics, open to your own inner light, and follow wherever your path may lead you.

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