So I guess it goes without saying, that mediation plays at least some role in Cumberbatch’s life. Headspace is the brain child of Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk and all around likable guy (you can watch his TED talk here).
Study after study are confirming that meditation has immediate benefits, and can even lead toward better productivity. Filed Under: Apple, Meditation About Paul SpoerryI’m a groovy cat who’s into technology, Eastern Thought, and house music. I'm currently work for IBM developing web enabled insurance applications for IBM and support and develop a non-profit called The LittleBigFund.
DisclaimerSubmitted information is used solely for marketing purposes by RebrandOne and will not be sold to third parties for commercial purposes. There are numerous meditation apps available out there, but Price says the interactive check-in feature of the Stop, Breathe & Think app sets it apart from the rest of the field.
The app is also unique in that it has two sets of meditations—one for adults and one for teens.
There is an audience well beyond the educational realm for the app, according to Price, who believes meditation is beneficial for anyone who works in a creative field. Meanwhile, a study conducted in 2012 by researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands showed that certain styles of meditation do indeed foster creative thinking.
ReWire attempts to help you maintain focus by making sounds randomly vanish from whatever you are listening to. For those who like guided meditation or apps with all the bells and whistles possible, Mind is not the app for you.
However, if you want a gorgeous iOS meditation timer with no frills and no fluff then Mind is excellent. I’m a proud and dedicated father to the coolest little guy on the planet (seriously, I'm NOT biased). The organization, which is based in Pasadena, California, does most of its outreach via classrooms, after-school programs and summer camps for teens. Tools for Peace has already integrated use of the app into all of its school programs, and the students enjoying using it, Price says. The technique is pretty straight forward, it’s a one word acknowledgement of experiencing something.
You then tap the screen to indicate that you weren’t lost in though, the faster you tap the more present you are I suppose.
The main UI is easy on the eyes and with the exception of a few odd settings it’s well thought out. This concept has been in circulation since the 1960’s and is most commonly binaural beats, monaural beats, etc. I am a sceptic when it comes to most things that aren’t based on some hard scientific evidence (meditation actually really appears to have some measurable benefits), and some years ago I would have straight out refused to even try to meditate. I had to realize that my mind had started to spiral out of control again, that I was often desperately unhappy and on edge and that I never really achieved any kind stillness anymore.
I’m currently checking out HeadSpace, and will review it sometime in the near future.
Moving the colored slider in the middle of the screen left or right will increase or decrease the amount of time displayed. Yes, you could just use the timer on your phone, and there would be nothing wrong with that.

I’m fascinated by ninjas, the Internet, and anybody who can balance objects on their nose for long periods of time. But, now, Tools for Peace is expanding its efforts into the digital world, aiming to serve its base and reach a wider audience with the creation of a meditation app for iPhones and iPads called Stop, Breathe & Think. Then the recommended meditations are meant to be a support, to help you deal with whatever is going on. During the interview Mike Redmer, the creator of the app, and Vincent Horn discuss meditation apps and where contemplative, meditative technologies are headed.
It’s not that longer times or higher scores have any real meaning, but they can help you leverage your ego to stay on target with your practice. I found the exercises incredibly relaxing and accessible and soon started to feel a lot calmer.
The point being that I’m a fan of using technology, which is usually meant to speed us up, to help slow down.
Imagine how different our interactions with family, or people at school or work, would be if we just took a few minutes to shift into a more calm and compassionate state of mind," says Jamie Price, executive director of Tools for Peace, which created the concept for the app in-house, then worked with One Long House, a cooperative of designers and programmers, to produce it.
Each person is different, so your mileage may vary, and it’s a free download so you should check it out and make your own decision. You can share your progress via Facebook and Twitter, though it’s not immediately evident HOW to do this.
I started to enjoy quiet moments more and learned how to stop my mind from spinning out of control.
I’m also a data junky so I like apps that track my progress, provide statistics, provider reminders, etc. He is a full-stack developer and designer, an O’Reilly author, as well as a mentor at 500 Startups. The problem with this meditation app is that the randomly vanishing sounds are entirely to close together. Instead there is a little arrow in the activity section that if you click will give you the option to share to Facebook, Twitter, or both.
It’s the reason some video games have that warnings that they can induce an epileptic episode.
They are absolutely sufficient to ground you and give you 10 minutes of calm to step back from your hectic life and overactive brain. I could never get an opportunity to get settled in as the track was constantly cutting out (or vanishing as they say) and I was constantly tapping my screen. That said, claims of the power of things like binaural beats aren’t conclusive and some say they could be flat out bad for you.
My mind was constantly working, coming up with worst case scenarios, telling me I was dying. I personally chose to sign up for longer daily meditation sessions (which I can access anywhere, via app or website) as I really felt like I would benefit from even more and longer meditation. And yes, at first it was hard and it took me a while to learn techniques to calm down my mind.
Don’t worry because you can now use your Android device to help you meditate, relax, and sleep. On the other hand, it requires years of training and commitment, which can be difficult for busy people. Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation is an app that teaches Qi Gong, which is a basic form of Tai Chi, through video tutorials.

It teaches the three methods of relaxation, namely breathing, muscle relaxation and guided imagery. The app also comes with relaxing audios, such as the sounds of meadows, a mountain cabin, a day on the farm, a magical forest for children and a rainbow of emotions, letting you experience tranquility. This could end up in a mess as you begin to jumble things in your mind when you don’t even know what to do first. It has a meditation timer to measure the duration of your meditation and it features 10 levels of enlightenment.
The app does this by providing sound tracks which have been professionally designed to help the mind find its way to different states of meditation and relaxation. Metaphors and suggestions are also used by the app to train your mind and your subconscious to be at peace.
All that needs to be done is to follow the step by step instructions and to posses the commitment to achieve relaxation. Zen music claims to help the mind reach a state of inner calm that cannot be achieved while meditating even in absolute silence.The app has a timer which you can set based on how long you would want to meditate. The app currently has eight meditation tracks and four of which are available in this free version.
This app guides you through your meditation as you listen to a sweet and peaceful voice throughout your session.
It also provides you with written meditation tips to enhance your experience and make it more effective.This app is flexible because you can use it depending on the available time you have. It has a 5-minute Breath Awareness Guided Meditation for your short breaks while you’re on the job, a 13-munite Deep Rest Meditation if you feel like sleeping, and a 24-minute Whole Body Relaxation for a complete meditation that you can do at home. It’s not like what you see in the movies where people get hypnotized by watching a pendulum swing in front of their eyes. Calming Music to Tranquilize is an app that gives you several choices of tranquil sound tracks. Whether you want to do your Tai Chi session or you just want to meditate, you can listen to these tracks to to relax and refresh your mind.This app introduces you more to the Chinese culture with its Chinese style interface. Deep Sleep also gives you guided meditation, designed to relax and clear your mind to get you to sleep. All you have to do is listen to the voice audio and you’ll hardly notice when you have fallen asleep. It has several variations and Yoga Nidra Meditation is an app that lets you experience yoga in a different way.
Yoga Nidra has several benefits, including relaxation, the reduction of stress and anxiety, improving the immune and lymphatic system, detoxifying your body and more.Yoga Nidra Meditation is easy to learn, and it can be done anywhere. You can use your own background music and choose to measure your sessions with your own alarm. Try it now, download an Android app that would help you relax and unwind from your stressful day.

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