Into the Deep [CD]?Into the Deep? is one of the deepest meditations available in the Brainwave-Sync range of brainwave entrainment. Pure Binaural Beats 2 [CD]Pure Binaural Beats 2 features four individual brainwave frequencies, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Pure Binaural Beats [CD]For the ultimate meditation experience, binaural beats are the perfect choice. Chakra Awakenings [CD]Featuring seven distinct tracks, "Chakra Awakenings" is the perfect meditation aid. Classical Music: Strings with Brainwave Entrainment [CD]From Bach to Vivaldi, rediscover some of the most famous composers combined with a unique blend of brainwave entrainment.

Didgeridoo with Binaural Beats [CD]Rich, deep and evocative, the didgeridoo is one of the best known musical spiritual instruments.
Higher Balance [CD]Higher Balance "Higher Balance" will take you into a higher state of mind with its powerful Gamma Frequencies. Journey of the Cosmos [CD]"Journey of the Cosmos" is a hauntingly piece of beautiful music, which uses our brainwave entrainment techonolgy .
Meditation Music Volume One [CD]Meditation Music Volume One is an album of profound music that you can afford to relax and meditate to. Meditation Music Volume Two [CD]Meditation Music Volume Two explores more profound music using Brainwave-Sync's powerful meditation technology.

Ardas Bhaee Mantra & Earth Gong - Satjit Singh CDEine ruhige und meditative Version des kraftvollen Mantras Ardas Bhaee, kombiniert mit der Kraft und Schwingung des Gongs.

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