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His Loving and Eternal Gaze and Intercession InshAllah- A prayer and a smiling face is also Sadaqa.
You have more than likely heard that meditation can be a key factor in reducing the stress of daily life, and for many of those with Alzheimer’s stress reduction is part of the primary treatment regime. But just what is the correlation between stress and Alzheimer’s disease? Meditation is simply the slowing down and observing of one’s own thoughts by using different techniques such as calculated breathing techniques. Research has shown that the regular practice of meditation, which is a stress reducer, can actually improve your health because it lowers the negative effects of high cholesterol, cortisol, and high blood pressure. Other great benefits of regular meditation include mental clarity and focus, improvement of memory, and overall higher level of mental performance.
Examples of types of eastern practices that have been helpful in Alzheimer’s prevention include; Meditation, Guided Imagery and Visualization, Hypnosis, Deep Breathing exercises such as in Qigong, Massage therapy, and prayer.
Extensive clinical research has been conducted by an organization called ARPF. Studies were performed on the effects of meditation on memory and cognitive functioning in order to help minimize the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.
There is a specific diet of healthy organic and raw vegetarian foods that is recommended in the practice of Kundalini as well.  Although we do not necessarily recommend a vegetarian diet for Alzheimer’s prevention, there are certainly some healthy recipes and food sources that can be incorporated into an Alzheimer’s nutrition diet. Healthy Vegetarian Recipe:Potato Curry Soup – a great soup to serve in winter, it tastes great and is energizing! Followers of Sultan Awliya Muhammad Nazim Haqqani should proudly display this Taweez or Similar to this . There are many different types of meditation, including Yoga meditation where meditation is incorporated into various Yoga poses.

The research indicated that Kundalini meditation reversed some of the memory loss experienced by those with Alzheimer’s disease. According to the study, there was an increase in blood flow, improvement in mood and a reduction of anxiety, tension and fatigue after meditation practice.
Add spinach and cook for ten more minutes.  Garnish when serving with small amount of green onion and a drop of yogurt. On Ones Self, family members personal property and homes, on the window right corner of each window . But the primary type of meditation researchers have studied most in Alzheimer’s prevention is Kundalini Yoga which focuses on healing through the 7 primary energy centers of the body. Also, sign up for the newsletter to get the latest updates in AD treatment and prevention news.

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