Yoga and Meditation blog (for viewing on mobile, scroll down past menu)Insights, news and (our) opinions on the topics of yoga meditation. There is an old joke… a man asks his friend how his son is doing since he has been unemployed.
Enthusiasm isn’t enough for the average person to learn a meditation technique for beginners. In order to get started on the right track, we strongly suggest taking a beginner’s meditation course. At the same time, you might want to try a few sessions on your own before you invest in a course. Begin with 20 minutes where you can sit uninterrupted and won’t be worried about rushing to do something else. For the last couple of minutes, try this; choose something in your life that you want to think about (see this blog post for suggestions).
After the everyday stress of school, work and trying to fit 25 hours into a 24-hour day, you might want a way to alleviate stress through relaxation and meditation. You may have driven or walked by The Baha’i House of Worship, but have you ever stopped in for some quiet meditation and contemplation?
Do you want to embark on guided meditation, but aren’t sure which type of meditation is right for you and can fit your individual needs? Located in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, Meditate Yoga & Meditation Center offers several meditation classes for student of all levels.
If you’re looking for a way to combine low-impact exercise with meditation, then consider participating in a tai chi class at the Tai Chi Center of Chicago. For those trying to seek time to meditate before the day gets started, consider incorporating the freestyle meditation hour offered at Zen Life & Meditation Center. Megan Horst-Hatch is a runner, reader, baker, gardener, knitter, and other words that end in “-er.” She is also the president of Megan Writes, LLC. Meditation Classes for Teenagers start in the Summer of 2015Beginning in July, we will offer a 5 week intro course in meditationStudents attend class once a week. For several years following puberty, teenagers are gaining more confidence in their emotions and how they truly feel about life. Even more difficult is the volatile emotions of the teenage years while still living under the parents’ roof.
Meditation during the teenage years is one of the best ways to come into a more mature way of handling your emotional states and the frustrations of being in relationship with parents who see things differently.
Fifteen is an ideal age to begin meditating as this age can be thought of as truly being a young adult. Today's Zen Buddhist Temple building began in 1915 as a Freemason's temple, so as a structure it's come full circle.
Public services are Sundays at 10 am ($5 suggested donation), plus monthly courses and events. We have a full schedule of daily and weekly practice, train students and members, and seasonal meetings for the community.

Residential Opportunities: The temple offers the Visitor's Program for people who want to spend some time living in the temple to cultivate their practice. In fact, there is a lot of effort required when you begin the challenge of retraining your mind.
Meditation is an active process of disciplining the mind and finding the benefits in having greater control over your thoughts. It is a rare individual who can watch a few free YouTube videos and really begin with a solid foundation. It should be quite comfortable and offer back support but not lend itself to you falling asleep (such as a Lazy Boy chair). What makes this meditation real is that you will note the separation between you (the observer of your thoughts) and the thoughts themselves. CBS 2 has joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Chicago to give you the best Chicago has to offer as CBS Local. While you can meditate in the privacy of your own home or by yourself in a public venue, perhaps you need a place of solitude, where you aren’t bombarded with distractions. Then consider having a look at the classes offered by Chaturanga Holistic Fitness, which offers an assortment of meditation practices that include Samatha Meditation, Shambhala Meditation and tai chi. Guided meditation and guided visualization classes are offered, and drop-in meditation classes are also on the schedule. Tai chi features a series of movements and poses, and, according to Tai Chi Center, has health benefits that can include muscle toning and alleviation of stress and anxiety. While they lack worldly experience in comparison to adults, we must think of teens as souls with great depth of feeling, intense passion and latent wisdom. It is a time of turbulence as they acquire an individualized identity separate from their parents and other long held family values.
If these things are not there, when it gets tough or frustrating, most will allow those age old despairing thoughts to come in and convince you it’s not worth the effort. Have your back right up against the back of the chair so your back is straight but don’t go overboard and get too stiff.
Opened in 1953, the temple looms above the homes on Sheridan Road, making it both an eye-catching landmark and a quiet refuge for inner contemplation. Courses are available during the week and on weekends in the evenings, making the classes the perfect after-work activity. The Tai Chi Center offers classes for all skill levels, including a four-week class for beginners. More structured meditation is offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and includes meditation periods with five minutes of walking meditation. Meditation is a vital way for teens to come into a deeper understanding of themselves and quickly gain social skills to help navigate a traditionally difficult period in their lives. Teenagers need the freedom to consider what they have been taught and what feels right for them. Meditation for teenagers will help them calm the high strung ways of thinking and feel what they are feeling in order to make or mature and responsible decisions.

Teenagers at least sixteen often have the consciousness and the desire to practice on their own without being told repeatedly by teachers and parents. Purchased in 1992 as a rundown Pentecostal church, it took two years of almost-entirely volunteer labor to become the modern building it is. This meditation technique for beginners works because you don’t avoid your mind but you take it on. If that’s the case, then participating in a guided meditation course may be an option to pursue.
In addition, the center offers yoga classes, including yoga just for runners and prenatal yoga.
Other classes offered include seminars, advanced courses for those with experience and private classes.
You don’t need to purchase any special clothing to participate, and Zen Life encourages participants to wear comfortable clothing; for more information, consult the center’s website. This is why conflicts are predominant in households with teenagers; their independent identities are getting stronger and this generally creates tension with parents. The goal is not to sit is a weird way and then force yourself to relax even if you feel strained. Essentially go through your entire body and relatively quickly, try to relax the muscles consciously.
The Score is partners with CBS 2 TV and WBBM 780, and they give you the best Chicago has to offer. Consider checking out the following five meditation centers in the Chicago area to find one that fits your needs. Chaturanga offers more than meditation classes, with courses on yoga, Pilates, Zumba and belly dancing among its class selection. Located in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, the center is located near several CTA bus stops and the Irving Park stop on the Brown Line. You’ll find meditation easier and more enjoyable if you feel comfortable (but not sleepy). All Rights Reserved.Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices FOX 32 Live newscasts and replays.
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