Find your path: Moving through our lives can often seem as if we are adrift in a sea of chaos. Focused on the LGBT Community, these Meditation and Mindfulness classes are intended for people who are living and working in todaya€™s active and chaotic world.
They're for people who seek to find more peace within themselves and integrate that peace into their everyday lives. Anyone can practice and benefit from meditation: students, people taking care of children, those working 8-to-6 in corporate America, activists, non-activists, vegetarians, military and law enforcement and anyone who has been interested in or curious about meditation but who never seem to have found the time to learn about it. What to expect: The class will consist of a brief explanation of meditation, the review and practice of a specific technique and discussion about mindfulness and mysticism.

What to Bring: A desire for greater happiness in your life, a willing heart and an open hand.
I have extensive experience with mindfulness meditation and holistic health practices which I incorporate into your individualized psychotherapy. Practitioners that attend range from absolute beginners to those who have been incorporating a meditative spiritual practice into their daily lives for years. He teaches by incorporating the profound wisdom from a variety of traditions including Zen, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Tantric Mysticism. I am certified in a mindfulness based psychotherapy and have assisted teaching in professional trainings, .

I also have professional training and experience teaching the Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program. Meditation and mindfulness, of any kind, are tools that can help you feel centered and experience your life with greater clarity and ease, regardless of the situation. It can provide a compass with which to find peace within yourself as you are and navigate your life (path) unobstructed.

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