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The class in a sentence: Saturday night at da club in sneakers with no alcohol but lots of girlfriends. The class in a sentence: A 75-minute meditation in a room full of attractive TriBeCa women that encourages yelling and closed eyes to compliment the MULTIPLE MINUTE sequences of burpees. The class in a sentence: Ballet minus the headache-inducing bun plus a lot of standing in constipation pose kicking your legs back and forth. The class in a sentence: College girls getting ready to go out while listening to Katy Perry.
I’m just waiting for a higher intensity water aerobics movement to hit because swimming albeit a little more dangerous, is the best exercise out there.
Seriously, this subject is a pain in the ass (or rather pain in my ass!) I’ve been strugling to find energy and will to work out for some time now.

I took up spinning classes about 3 months ago and it is the best cardio I’ve ever tried. I spent a long time until I feel ready to start working out, but it feels cool, it’s part of my life! Your mind feels more like an alphabetized book shelf than it does the remnants of a library-post-explosion.
So I won’t attempt to wax poetic on the ways in which exercising will make your life better but I will say that it will never get easier if you rely on a soulless treadmill.
I constantly mention this, but it frustrates me so much that the fitness industry keeps selling the idea that we use sneakers to run and exercise, not our muscles. After 3 months I feel (and look) much better and most importantly, I am guilt-free about not caring for my own body. I tried Tibetan rites once, for my posture and to lift my energy level, but gave up after 15 days.

So consider this edition of Get Your Shit Together the baby steps that turn you into a regular Jane Fonda, spandex notwithstanding. Here are five classes you should totally try and five gifs to prove that you can take the moves with you wherever you go. I guess some workout rutine that doesn’t demand regularity and consistency, would do for me. There are no complicated moves in spinning classes, which is great, because I’ve got two left feet!

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