Our website author, Mr Perry Rabbitts, developed this Noumic biofeedback device invention. The Noumic Device invention is an electronic instrument developed to be a self training tool to enhance meditation practice. Meditation directs the mind away from the outside world, normally, it is accompanied by deep relaxation. In light or sound mode, it gives three basic signals only; after a short while, your mind learns to accept these with minimal disturbance. With our device, you get information in real-time showing precisely how your body and mind is responding. Our device shows progress being made, relaxation is no longer a a€?hit-or-missa€™ activity. It contains a computer processing chip which is programmed to measure the electrical properties of the human skin.
Many years ago, psychology-science discovered that skin conductivity rapidly changes in response to emotions and physical and mental activity.
In light-mode the eyes have to be open which some people may think is odd during meditation. For developing deep relaxation and meditation aim for the green or white light, and avoid the red. Our Device has an extra light (blue) or extra beep-sound that indicates when consistent (a few minutes of) relaxation or meditation has occurred.
However, the way it is programmed means that if you get good at relaxation then, reaching successive levels becomes a little harder as it re-calibrates itself to the skill of the user. This website will explain a little about the esoteric concept of human or personal magnetism and how it applies to spiritual development.
Because hand-grip pressure has a huge affect on the Noumic Device's ability to monitor the electrical properties of human skin, it can act as a hyper-sensitive hand-grip pressure monitor. Following my first two trails of using the Noumic Device for the hand-grip exercise there was a different feel to my hands and they were generally much warmer. Before, I used my hands in just quick bursts of muscle activity where nerve energy was directed to them and used up in an instant. Our biofeedback meditation monitor, GSR biofeedback and meditation tool can indicate altered states of consciousness. Psychology research shows that biofeedback monitors can be used to help people learn to relax properly and achieve some of the beneficial, physical and mental, states normally achieved during meditation practices. A Noumic biofeedback monitor can provide two types of bio information useful when learning specific skills in relaxation and meditation, and in itself opens up a range of new meditation technique possibilities.
Used in a different way, our Noumic invention is an incredibly precise biofeedback monitor of relaxation and tension changes in the muscles and nerves of the hand. Learning the skill of precisely controlling your hand nerves can have a profound affect on your whole body and mind's ability to relax.
Our biofeedback meditation tool can be used to monitor your nervous system, moment by moment, during relaxation and meditation exercises. Biofeedback Meditation Monitor with white light indicating when skin conductivity is completely unchanging.
Psychology research discovered something amazing that happens to skin conductivity when certain states of mind are induced by meditation. Only during very deep relaxation and successful meditation practices does skin conductivity stop changing completely. Our Meditation Monitor has a white light, or special sound, that indicates when your skin conductivity completely stops changing. If you get the white light, or no change sound, then you know something unusual is happening to your body and nervous system; it is achieving complete 'balance.' This could be an indication that you are about to having a special peaceful experience, or are near to having an altered state of consciousness! The following graphs show data recorded during the testing and development phase of our Noumic Biofeedback Machines. The above graph shows that, skin resistance gently increased as the user of the device relaxed; this is the normal GSR response when people relax. This graph shows the Galvanic Skin Resistance starting from a high point, achieved by an experienced meditator during a preparatory relaxation.
This graph shows the Galvanic Skin Resistance increased rapidly as an experienced meditation teacher deeply relaxed his body and mind.
Our data graphs confirm that Noumic Devices are capable of detecting changes to the human body that happen during meditation practices.
The 'Feedback Concept' is where you get information about some previous action and this helps you to decide the next action to be taken. You can try these techniques and, with information from a heart monitor, assess the affect on heart rate. Our Noumic invention is an electronic computerised biofeedback device that provides biological information particularly useful for training yourself in relaxation and mind, body, nervous system control; but, it is not a heart rate monitor. It can provide two different types of bio-information used during biofeedback techniques for self-development in relaxation, stress management, and meditation skills. When held gently, with unchanging hand pressure, our Biofeedback Device precisely monitors changes in skin conductivity; which directly correlate to tension and relaxation changes in the body and mind.
Using Noumic Biofeedback Devices you practice very gentle hand muscle exercises, increasing and decreasing in hand grip pressure extremely slowly.
The user of a Biofeedback Device tries some practice or technique to change his body or mind activity, and the device shows the result; it gives 'feedback' information.
In the 1960's, psychology research discovered that, when people had access to biofeedback information about their body, they could then learn to control their mind and body's performance in useful ways. Information from Biofeedback Devices is particularly useful when learning relax the body and mind, and to reduce tension. Noumic™ beautiful design Biofeedback Devices you can use in the dark, and relax with almost anywhere.

Meditation Techniques and the difficulties that arise when using electronic devices for meditation. Biofeedback and Meditation, certain types of biofeedback training are particularly useful for enhancing meditation practice. Biofeedback Therapy Professionals, introducing our Noumic Device to biofeedback researchers and GSR specialists, with some technical data graphs.
Stress is a part of everyday life, especially if you have to deal with difficult clients, stare at a computer screen for several hours of the day, or constantly reply to emails — not to mention the often horrific commute to and from work during rush hour, and various other things you have very little control over.
Meditation is a practice in which you learn to rest your mind and reach a state of consciousness that results in total clarity and calmness, usually achieved by sitting comfortably, closing your eyes, listening to ambient sounds and breathing deeply. It connects to an app on your mobile device via Bluetooth and once connected, you’ll be taken through a tutorial on how to adjust it to fit so that it reads and monitors your brain signals effectively.
After de-stressing you with relaxing music, Muse offers feedback on your meditation session by converting your brain signals into wind sounds.
Spire ($149) is a small stone-shaped activity and mindfulness tracker that fits easily on your waistband, making it ideal for those who are constantly on the move or need something they can take to work.
Spire displays your breath in real-time on your device screen, as if you were breathing on a mirror, and lets you know if you’re feeling stressed or lacking focus. Thync is a curvy triangular module that snaps onto two strips that then attach to your forehead and neck.
Buddhify 2 is an app which allows you to take a break and meditate wherever you are — awesome for those who are travelling to meetings or work, or during the stress of rush hour, or those that need a minute to breath during their hectic day. Available for both iOS and Android devices, Buddhify 2 is only $2.99, an affordable, minimalistic choice for those who don’t require all the bells and whistles. Meditation doesn’t have to require a secluded, quiet location or take a huge chunk of time out of your day; thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can meditate on your morning commute, in your office, and for as little (or as long) as you like.
I’m a nutrition and lifestyle blogger at Nomad Noms, currently writing nutrition guides for digital nomads whilst travelling the globe with my husband. Interestingly, just a few months ago, it was reported the US Air Force is considering helmets with built in ultrasonics, to allow pilots soothing inner peace in their extremely stressful environments. The biggest reason, unless you've been in the know, that you've never heard of the Neurophone before is it was invented far, far ahead of its time. The fact this crowd funder reached 100% of its funding goal in less than 35 hours is proof the world is ready for techno-meditation and the NEO.
A Word From NEO's InventorOut of my hundreds of inventions, the Neurophone is my proudest achievement, and nearing age 70 now, I've never stopped improving it since I was age 13.
My Neurophone won me the prestigious Gold Plate science award at the tender age of 17, way back in 1962.
At my Arizona based PhiSciences we've had amazing stories about what the Neurophone does for the betterment of the brain from many happy customers. Depending on how regular one uses the Neurophone, it might take up to a couple weeks to balance your right and left brain, entrain the ancient ear, improve learning skills and to see results of a smarter you. Spiritual teachers agree that deep relaxation and meditation are the natural methods for enhancing spiritual development, so this is why we say it is a spiritual development tool. Our Noumic Device is simple to use and designed as an electronic device that you can relax deeply with.
Now, when people do relaxation or meditation exercises, they can get valuable information showing whether the body and mind is responding in a way that signifies success. Several times per second, it takes a precise measurement of conductivity and performs complex calculations.
It monitors you and, in real-time, indicates whether in the last moment you have relaxed a little, become a little less relaxed, or if you have stayed unchanged.
Some people may feel that sound disrupts meditation, however, there are plenty of meditation practices that use sound to help. This, in affect, indicates a level of achievement; the device can show 10 levels of achievement. There is a techniques, called the human magnetism hand-grip exercise, that generates more nerve-force human magnetism energy. With the device I learned to build up the nerve energy in such a way that my hands felt energised. It rapidly and precisely monitors the body, yet it is easy to use, and its information out-put is simple. Psychology research discovered that changes in skin conductivity occur rapidly depending on physical and mental activity, emotions, and sometimes thoughts. This happens during deep relaxation, or during meditation when altered states of consciousness are achieved.
They show changes in galvanic skin resistance measured for a specific time as the machine users engaged in various meditation exercises.
Upon opening his eyes the biofeedback meditation monitor responded immediately, showing a drop in relaxation. During his meditation he experienced an altered state of consciousness, which lasted for 30 seconds.
Its 'white light' can be an indication that very calm, peaceful special states of consciousness are being achieved. However, our invention might help people in their meditation practices, especially during the early states! For example, you want to learn how to relax your body and decide that reducing heart rate will help. If a technique causes the heart rate to reduce you can continue with that technique; if the heart rate does not decrease, then perhaps that technique is not right for you. Learning better control of hand muscles and nerves can affect the whole body's ability to relax more efficiently.
With this bio-feedback information you know if you are successful or not, so it speeds up the self-training process.

How our Noumic Biofeedback Device is designed to minimise the impact it has on users who are trying to deeply relax or meditate. Psychology research discovered unusual results from biofeedback devices during meditation where special relaxed states, or altered states of consciousness, are achieved.
It’s free to download via Google Play or the Apple App Store, and once you login via Facebook or e-mail you can start a beginners session called ‘7 Days of Calm’. Its seven calibrated sensors (two on the forehead, two behind the ears, three reference sensors) detect and measure the brain’s activity. Before every use, because your brain is different on a daily basis, you will complete a 60-second brainstorming task. Calm winds indicate that your mind was settled; winds become stronger when the brain is more active.
Once it notifies you of your current state of mind, the app provides you with activities in order to achieve the best level of mindfulness. Like Calm, there’s a free course called ‘Take Ten’, but if you love Headspace you can subscribe for as little as $6.24 a month.
It connects to smartphones via bluetooth, and using safe electric vibes (low-energy wave forms), Thync interestingly stimulates the same nerves that are stimulated during kissing, a soothing massage, or when cold water splashes on your face. It includes over 80 guided meditation sessions for all times of the day, including travel, sleep, lunch breaks and work (even working from your computer), a fantastic choice for busy entrepreneurs. Dubbed the ‘Spotify’ of meditation, Omvana can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. If you google "brain ultrasound", you'll see universities only just now catching on to how great ultrasonics are for the mind, while a child prodigy named Patrick Flanagan, only thirteen years old when THE FLY and ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN played as double features at the local Oklahoma drive-in, had already invented his first Neurophone. Flanagan and his cutting edge company Phi Sciences, have been refining his profound Neurophone discovery first inspired by a 1911 Hugo Gernsback science fiction tale about a sleep learning tool.
Flanagan's Neurophone was kept under government lock and key for intense study for years before the doctor managed after great effort to free his Neurophone for the general public. Think about it, in 1958, people simply were not tech savvy, in fact, the portable radio had not even been invented. There I was, still wet behind the ears, sitting right beside the inventor of the Polaris submarine in Washington DC. We have many tales of the deaf hearing music for the first time, which got me my Neurophone patented originally.
Dolphins, which I studied working as a government scientist for a top secret project during the Vietnam War, have been safely using ultrasonic waves for millions of years. I do believe the Neurophone will eventually enhance every person that uses one in unique ways and look forward to hearing all about your NEO experiences!
Monitor your progress with different meditation techniques, body positions, breathing routines or guided meditations. To achieve level ten, takes about twenty minutes of consistent relaxation, for beginners it takes longer. Using it does not distract your mind too much when attempting to relax deeply, or while doing meditation exercises. They original called this the Galvanic Skin Response, GSR; today, more widely known as, Electro-dermal Activity, EDA. Gentle deep breathing during meditation normally brings relaxation; this type of 'Pranic Breathing' had the opposite effect, it energised the body and mind. The biofeedback data shows an unusual 'levelling off' where skin resistance completely stopped changing. Ironically, the main cause of the average entrepreneur’s stress (technology of course) can also help us find our zen.
It looks quite obvious that you’re wearing it, and it costs $249 (on Amazon) — if this doesn't bother you, the reviews are averaging at four stars!
Subscribers can enjoy hundreds of hours of content, including both guided and unguided meditation session ranging from two minutes to an entire hour. You can choose different vibes depending on whether you need to relax or energise, via the app. It features thousands of tracks, some even targeting specific areas such as sleep and productivity. The NEO Neurophone is the newest and most advanced model in a long series of Neurophones dating all the way back to the 50s when sci-fi was all the rage. Patrick's Neurophone impressed Hugo (for whom the prestigious Hugo Nebula Awards are named) deeply enough to extend a personal thank you to Dr.
You'll find many stories of the scientists of today catching up to where the doctor was in 1958, only now in 2014. It was a humbling experience that made me appreciate what a unique thing it was to be a child prodigy who began inventing at age 8. In other words, the ultrasonics of the Neurophone are a natural technology, far safer for the mind and body than new man-made Wi-fi or cellular technology in my opinion and I will be using some of the funds raised here for new research to prove that fact.
Let’s take a look at seven apps and gadgets that can help you meditate, a modern alternative to a practise that’s been used for thousands of years. Omvana also has a mixing board which allows users to mix and edit tracks, creating their own relaxing meditation environment. Flanangan for carrying out one of Gernsback's visions of the future, which included the prediction of television. It was one of those famed happy science accidents to later learn that its ultrasonics are indeed beneficial to the brain and now many other benefits have happily arose over time.

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