RippleTunes is a daily release detector to help you find new music, which is no easy task these days.
Put another way, if none of the users who like A also like Z, the statistical model also assumes that any new user who likes A will also not like Z.
An alternative model is the curation one, which is the essence of radio stations be they tradional Hertzian services or the modern day online internet web radio. However there is a third domain, where users may be given raw access to the entirety of releases for them to make their own decisions and discoveries.
RippleTunes only provides 30 second previews of the iTunes catalogue and there are no download links to mp3s or any other format. RippleTunes is an official iTunes affiliated partner, which means we get all of our release data from Apple and stream previews directly from their server. If you are the creator of the music on this page, why not add a YouTube video with the 'suggest a video' box above? Studies suggest that regaining restful sleep may be possible without the use of hangover-inducing and potentially dangerous sedatives. A recent study, covered in US News, presented compelling evidence for the restorative benefits of meditation at the 2009 SLEEP conference in Seattle, in which the Associated Professional Sleep Societies gathered in scholarly discourse. Kriya Yoga is an introspective technique of directing attention internally through the use of breathing and visualization.
Two months after the Kriya Yoga training, the participants who received it revealed improved rest, improved time it took to fall asleep, and even recovery from depression. Insomnia not attributed to a medical condition is generally thought to be a result of hyperarousal throughout the day. A second study published in The Journal of Clinical Psychology examined the effect of mindfulness-based therapy for insomnia with similar results. For whatever reason we may be lacking sleep, learning to address the disturbance with mindfulness meditation is the opportunity we need to regain rest that would otherwise be lost.
Whether you have difficulty falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, or not feeling rested and refreshed after a night of sleep, this video with guided meditation will help you sleep better.
The first 20 minutes are spoken guided meditation whilst the final 30 minutes are beautiful healing relaxation music composed by artists C.L Clarke.
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According to an article (download here) by Thomas Roth, PhD in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine titled, Insomnia: Definition, Prevalence, Etiology, and Consequences, up to 30% of the adult population in the United States suffer from some form of insomnia or sleep disturbance. There are various causes for insomnia and it is beyond the scope of this short post to discuss them at any length. How meditation works for those of us who have insomnia is that it helps to stop the thinking that can prolong the episode of sleeplessness by allowing the mind to settle. How do we begin, then, to work with the mind that can either prevent us from falling asleep in the first place, or awaken us once we’ve settled down into a nice and cozy night’s rest? As we become familiar with meditation practice, it’s important to apply our practice to as many different situations as possible, sharpening our ability to practice under less than perfect circumstances.
If you wake up in the middle of the night, like I do, begin meditation practice immediately. To get you started, link to the Related Posts (below) on this site and to these links on the methods of meditation and how to use your breath as an anchor. Jerome Stone is a Registered Nurse and the author of the book Minding The Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind. The Nature of Mind, Nursing, and Rumi’s WisdomWhen Do You Allow Thinking During Meditation? Download TWO FREE CHAPTERS of Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind and a FREE E-Book! Sleeping difficulties are increasingly becoming a problem in our high-stress, fast-paced world. Over time, lack of sleep can have a very debilitating effect on your physical and psychological health. Using your Meditation Machine immediately before you plan to sleep will help to naturally quieten your mind and relax your body.
Simply sit or lay down in a comfortable position, put on the headphones and light-stimulation glasses and select a deep relaxation program.
After a few seconds, you'll hear soothing pulses through the headphones and at the same time, through your closed eyelids, you'll see the softly, flickering lights produced by the glasses.
The sensory combination of light and sound removes outside distraction, gently bathing you in a pleasant world of peace and tranquility.
The feeling of calmness and restfulness will stay with you as you gently drift into a refreshing sleep and you will awake in the morning re-energised and ready to greet the day.
In a more general way, using your Meditation Machine over time will improve the way you handle stress and and condition your mind to be quieter and calmer.
I, and my husband, find the machine very relaxing and the feeling of calmness last for a long time after. The information emails you send are very interesting and I have been very impressed by your after sales service.

During the Autumn, we are giving away three amazing guided visualisations with every Meditation Machine - Deep Relaxation and Meditation, Developing Your Intuition and Manage Stress & Anxiety.
Recent research by Dr Gregg Jacobs at Harvard Medical School on the effects of meditation-based relaxation techniques has demonstrated the link between meditation and brain wave activity.
These findings suggest that insomniacs will find it easier to get to sleep if they practice meditation at bedtime or after awakening during the night. I have tried endless remedies, some of which have helped but I decided to try the Mindspa Meditation Machine and it has been absolutely brilliant. Knowing how much lack of sleep has pulled me down in the past and in fact how ageing that is, I only wish I had known about and bought a Meditation machine sooner. Using traditional techniques, learning to meditate would take many months, or even years, of practice - with no guarantee of success. This is in the context of extreme cynicism to begin with (I really didn't think it would work and still don't know how it does) and the fact that the first 2 - 3 sessions left me feeling more tense than usual as I struggled to adapt to the unusual lights and sounds.
Using a Meditation Machine before you go to bed will help you relax both mentally and physically.
All our Meditation Machines include sessions that will lead you gently into a natural state of relaxation that will make it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. We especially recommend the MindSpa system as being particularly useful in dealing with sleep problems.
Please phone us on 020 8371 0436 or email us for further advice about our products, or if you're not sure which Meditation Machine would be most suitable for you. I had put it down to my age, 52, but I do seem to be getting a better quality of sleep.My problem was a very active brain which wanted to think of all sorts of things as soon as I laid down in bed. From simple lifestyle changes to breathing techniques and relaxing poses, these tips can help you sleep soundly. When it comes to preventing or curing a headache, there is no substitute for a thorough, daily yoga program. Photographer Robert Sturman honors and celebrates American veterans of war by featuring several active duty and retired service members practicing yoga. Water-loving yogis play with balance, focus, and core strength by taking their practice offshore.
Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank offers her favorite bedtime ritual to settle the nervous system in preparation for deep sleep.
Beat your holiday hangover with this relaxing practice to decompress before bed for a super-satisfying night’s sleep. As an alternative to recommendation algorithms and music curation, both of which are great for finding new music, RippleTunes provides a different angle on music discovery by showing you everything released today, each and every day. Although recommendation algorithms do a great job of suggesting new music on the basis of what you already like, there is an inherent difficulty in making statistical extrpolations based on the proportional incidence of the listening habits of even a large sample of users. This is of course a very reductionist point of view as it assumes that if none of the people who like Skrillex also enjoy Mahler's 2nd symphony, then you as a Skrillex fan also will not and so that symphony will not be suggested to you. Once again, generally very effective in delivering what you want by subscribing to a channel which contains a family of musics which resonate well with your musical profile, or at least some component of it.
Such a large body of releases represents a considerable daily volume, so we at Rippletunes try to make that discovery process much easier for you in two ways. There is, however, a download on iTunes button on each album page, which directs users to the album's corresponding iTunes purchase page where the artist earns the exact same amount as if a user went there directly. RippleTunes does not store any music itself, nor does it provide music for download, but instead directs you to the right page of the iTunes store. Whether it’s due to stress, depression, or restlessness, insomnia is an unfortunate, yet common byproduct of living in the modern world. Unlike body yoga most known in the West (think downward facing dog), there are many styles of yoga in the East that focus on seated meditation. Both stress and depression catalyze a kind of mental restlessness, which result in compulsive thought processes centric to those emotional tonalities.
The subjects in this study were taught to respond to sleep disturbance with mindfulness rather than react to it by trying harder to sleep. It will put you in a deep state of relaxation where you will learn to let go of all your thoughts and worries, so that you can have a restful and relaxing sleep. This site is intended for educational and commentary purposes only, both of which are strictly protected by Free Speech. Some people experience sleeplessness due to primarily psychological stressors or disorders, while others experience insomnia with physiological factors as their primary cause. This progression of thinking and worrying becomes a ruminative pattern that worsens the sleeplessness. After you’ve settled down, begin your meditation practice and continue until you fall asleep. He also has over thirty years in a variety of health-care settings and is a long-time practitioner in meditation, with an emphasis in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and Christian and Kabbalistic Contemplation. Often it can lead to feelings of irritability and this can have devastating effects on relationships at home and at work. The sounds and the lights start to slow down in synchrony and, without any effort, your mind and body will  automatically start to slow down and relax.

When the session ends, (or before the end of the session if you start to feel drowsy), take off the headphones and glasses and go to sleep. It's not surprising, therefore, that practicing meditation, with its effects of quieting your mind and relaxing your body, has been found to be an effective treatment for insomnia. This has been due to a number of reasons but stresses, over-tiredness, a cluttered mind which won't switch off have all contributed to my anxiety. Shrink Session founder Erin Stutland combines the mindfulness of yoga with heart-pumping cardio. Although this adds up to a lot of albums we do try to make things easy with the point-to-listen feature. The basic principle of suggestion algorithms is that if a lot of the users who like A also like B then a new user who likes A is also likely to like B. The first is to organise this immense corpus of daily releases into over 400 distinct categories, genres and sub-genres. The famed spiritual teacher Yogananda first brought the practice of Kriya Yoga to the United States from India in 1920. Relaxation and restorative techniques such as meditation will help in regaining equanimity of mind and restful sleep, regardless of when they are practiced throughout the day. By learning to unclench rather than tense up in the face of sleep disturbance, half of the participants learned to reduce their time with sleeplessness by 50% over the six-week period.
From an early age she developed psychic abilities, but likes to class herself as a guidance councilor.
Enlightened Consciousness is not responsible for the opinions or content written by its writers. Whichever type of insomnia one suffers from, there are basic meditative methods and practices that can be used in finding relief from loss of sleep.
I’ve heard other insomnia sufferers say that the worry about sleeplessness can be as bad as the actual event of not sleeping. In the same way, if we wait until we’re bug-eyed awake during the middle of the night, trying to practice at that point might be ineffective at best. Constant tiredness can also affect your performance at work and you may experience difficulty in concentration and focusing on tasks.
Greggs has said that "75% of long-term insomniacs who have been trained in relaxation and meditation can fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed.
This 14-minute practice eases stress by boosting endorphins and dopamine—right at your desk.
Just leave the pointer over artwork (or touch it on mobile) to start previewing the newest New Age music releases.
However this model breaks down very quickly because the reason for which the users who like A do like A are very personal, human, individualistic and emotional reasons that resonate with a large set of parameters related to unique elements such as childhood experience, previous partners and so forth. Rippletunes is very careful to adhere to these stipulations by way of respect to the artists who sell their music through iTunes. Half of the participants received education in health and stress management while the other half was taught the meditative practice of Kriya Yoga. The information on this website is not intended to replace your relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. These pictures have been collected from different public sources including different websites, blogs considering to be in public domain. I’m not sure about cure, since underlying factors are usually to blame for sleeplessness. What I can say is that by practicing meditation during periods of insomnia, my meditation practice gets stronger during other parts of my day and my life. Leave it running in the background and RippleTunes will play through the entire grid of artwork as a playlist. For pointer devices (mouse, touchpad, etc), simply hover the mouse over the album artwork in question and it will immediately begin to play. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned here are the property of their respective owners and are not used here for commercial purposes.
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