At Spafinder Wellness 365 we recently released our Global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast, the guide to the top trends poised to shape the wellness, hospitality, travel and spa industries in 2016.
This year's trends show wellness stepping in to meet the challenges of today's major social crises, including a rising generation of stressed, anxious and overwhelmed children ("Parenting Well: Serious Spa & Wellness for Kids"), and adults that are suffering the effects of a hyper-connected workplace, demanding hours, and sedentary habits ("Workplace Wellness Wakes Up"). Our trends are unique in that we analyze not just the "what" but also the why, where and how the trend will evolve in the year ahead. Every kind of wellness is now explored, embraced and promoted, but sexual wellbeing, in a culture where sex is often about sensationalism and shame, has been left out of the equation. Shining examples: The new WOMANOLOGY+ RESTORE HIM clinics at Southern California's Hoag Memorial Hospitals and Shh Retreats, held in an European estate house, where women take a no-holds-barred dive into every aspect of sexual happiness. Poor diets, constant stress, and hours hunched over glowing screens are taking their toll on kids. Apps and on-demand services are revolutionizing dozens of industries, including spa, beauty, fitness and wellness. South Korean beauty products and approaches were an emerging trend in 2015, but that was just the beginning.
The idea of wellness in the workplace has been around since the '70s, but it remains a luxury for most global workers. 34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US. This entry was posted in Twin Fun, Twin Travels and tagged beach vacation, special moments with son, traveling with twin toddlers, twin blog, twin mom blog. Recent CommentsClare on 5 Ways to Keep Toddlers Safe at Easter Egg HuntsOUPA on Welcome 2014! Welcome to Northside Aikido - Setsudo Dojo Caboolture and thank you for considering Ki Aikido as a martial art for your child(ren).
Why do you wish you child to do a martial art and what do you expect your child to gain from doing Aikido? I will strive to ensure that each child has a positive experience in the dojo, that they enjoy themselves and that they achieve better communication skills, greater self esteem and respect for themselves and others. The main focus of the class is fun and games for the children, but they will also learn Japanese words, counting and fun exercises.

As this is a toddler's class I would ask that you put aside the half hour of your time and join in and participate on the mat with your child.
I would ask that you both wear loose comfortable clothing, have fingernails short where possible and that both hands and feet are very clean before entering the dojo. Now having her around and doing this, made me start to think about how many adults do the same thing. Secondly, what if it’s time to really GROW UP by recognising what we do and why we do it, so everyone else around us can live without fear that any moment someone is going to lose it and carry on in a VERY child-like way.
Whatever you choose, remember that it is never too late to change, it is never to late to apologise and it is never too late to realise that ‘You are The Miracle’ too!!! After each short trend description, you can access a detailed full report on the individual trend. Change is underway: more sophisticated sexual wellbeing and literacy programming at wellness retreats, spas, hospitals and fitness studios, and everything from new high-tech sex fitness trackers and "toys," to some out there touch therapies, to sex-forward hotels. This year look for more mindfulness and meditation in schools, kid-focused yoga classes, massage for toddlers, wellness-centric family vacations, or just an emphasis on local, organic eating, as parents reveal themselves willing to dedicate considerable time, attention, and, yes, money toward this niche that promises to be one of the industry's most significant areas of growth. These new on-demand options provide an unprecedented level of flexibility, immediacy, and convenience, and many established industry leaders are also adding or partnering with on-demand services.
Whether it's full-service spas, a seemingly limitless variety of facemasks, or intensive (even mindful)10-step skin-care routines, Korean beauty, for women and men, is much more than just a fad.
Forward-thinking companies understand that a culture of wellness has a positive impact upon productivity, and narrowly focused programs are giving way to all-encompassing healthy and caring work environments that fuse company welfare to employee wellness.
You look so much like Mummy with her straw hat, finding treasures with us every morning while on vacation. The games are designed that they have a lot of fun but also that they learn cooperation and respect for others, themselves and help improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.
This will not only encourage the children to attend but also allows them some special time to do something with one or both of their parents. Footwear is to worn to the dojo and placed neatly outside the front doors, heels together and toes pointed outward.
The respect and courtesy required when practicing Aikido encourages a growing sensitivity to our environment and the way we relate with others.

A training uniform (gi) should not be purchased until the child has made a serious commitment to aikido training. These controls allow for customized support and give tight hips an opportunity to relax and open. Providers are eschewing the extremes of sensationalism and shame to shape new models for exploring and developing individual sexual wellness and happiness ("Sexual Wellbeing: Taboo No More").
A couple trend leaders: The David Lynch Foundation's Quiet Time meditation program and family-friendly and wellness-centric Six Senses resort in Laamu Atoll of the Maldives.
Look for South Korea to become the global leader of affordable, innovative, and well-marketed products - and for more Korean-inspired spas, which combine spa and beauty with fun for the whole family.
In the next five years, expect to see more spa and wellness integrated into the workplace in unique ways. It is customary to bow upon entering and leaving the dojo and also upon going on and off the mat. It fosters an atmosphere of caring and trust, so that each child can meet challenges in safety, without fear. Maybe it’s time to change something about you by simply ACTIONING THE CHANGE and following through every day? When it's time for a break, the design of the sukhasana chair enables you to sit comfortably with feet on the floor. When you are interested in a uniform please let me know and I will be able to organise their special uniform for you. And if they really loved you and honoured themselves, and the behavior continued, then they would book into some kind of therapy or coaching ..

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