In my vocation, God has blessed me with what John Paul II named the feminine genius…the blueprint to love imprinted in my heart.  And so God has gifted me and countless others with the key to the kingdom…to be loved as a child and , in turn, to love a child.  May God continue to share His gifts with us all! The arch pope gets close to salvation and then drops the ball - failing to clearly share the Gospel of Grace that provides eternal life.
Ultimately, what Heaven costs is to leave this world and everything in it, to go and possess God and Heaven.
Jesus is being playful here in the sense that He continues with the flawed premise of the man: that he can attain to Heaven by something he does. With My Meditations on Saint Paul, follow in the missionary footsteps  of Saint Paul from Damascus to Rome. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. He alone can take these tortured hearts of ours, so rooted in passing things, and make them willing to forsake all things for the kingdom of Heaven. Pope who serves in an archdioceses and one would presume is informed about the Scriptures, but is not. He wonders what he himself must do to attain eternal life.The problem is, none of us has the holiness, the spiritual wealth, or the power to attain Heaven based merely on what we do. Only God can take our disordered love and directed it to its proper end: the love rooted in God and the things awaiting us in Heaven. Only God can remove our obsession with the Titanic and place us squarely in the Noah’s Ark that is the Church, the Barque of Peter. The Monsignor is being playful here in the sense that he is trying to explain the Messiah's words to his readers.
The misguided question of the rich man betrays two common misunderstandings that people bring to the question of salvation and the need for redemption.The first misunderstanding is rooted in a minimizing of how serious our condition is. We suspect that a few sacraments, occasional prayers, and some spiritual push-ups will be sufficient.

No man with such a debt is going to be able to work a little overtime or get a part-time job to pay it off. Perhaps it is because the Lord recognizes that the man does love God, for he is seeking the Kingdom of Heaven and how to enter into it. Thus, the Lord focuses on the Second Table of the Law, which is in evidence in this man’s life, at least in this interaction with the Lord.
Hence, the Second Table of the Law, fleshes out the First Table of the Law.Now, mind you, the Lord is not affirming here that the keeping of the commandments can save us or justify us.
Even if we consider ourselves blameless, Scripture says, the just man sins seven times a day (Prov 24:16). We can affirm with Isaiah that, I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips (Is 6:5). Having heard Jesus quote the Second Table of the Law, he announces that he has observed all of these from his youth!To be fair, his self-analysis was not uncommon for a Jewish man of his time.
If justice comes to the law, then the law must have limits, defined in such a way that the keeping of the law remains within my power.Jesus sets aside such thinking in the Sermon on the Mount, (Matt 5-7), in which He calls for the law to be observed not in a minimalistic sense, but in a way that fills it to the full.
Jesus says that it is not enough not to kill; we must also reject anything that ultimately leads to killing or wishing people were dead. The commandment not to kill requires not only that we not take life, but also that we banish from our heart and mind, by God’s grace, hateful anger, retribution, and revenge. Jesus sets aside the usual manner of the people of His day to reduce the law to something manageable and then declare that they have kept it. To have Heaven, we must set aside this world; not only its life, but its pomp, its ephemeral glories, and its passing pleasures. Then you gotta leave here!And though we know this, we often live in a way that seeks to postpone the inevitable and to ignore the joke that this world is ultimately playing on us. We’re like the gambler who goes to the casino thinking he will be the exception to the general rule.

The only way to keep it unto life eternal is to give it away to the needy, to the poor, and to allow it to advance the kingdom of Heaven and its values.Otherwise, wealth is not only not helpful it is actually harmful.
There are many texts in the Scriptures that speak of the danger and the harm of wealth, how it compromises our souls and endangers our salvation:1. But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and hurtful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction.
Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. But in the end, we give everything back, because it was never ours to begin with, it only seemed that way.How foolish we are, how blind! And speaking of blindness, note that the Lord looked at the man with love, yet the man went away sad.
Powerful Possibility – So shocking is this teaching that even the apostles, who had in fact left everything to follow the Lord, are shocked by it. They see, and are in touch with, how deep this wound is in the human heart, how deep our delusion that the world and its goods can satisfy us. I preferred her to scepter and throne, and deemed riches nothing in comparison with her, nor did I liken any priceless gem to her; because all gold, in view of her, is a little sand, and before her, silver is to be accounted mire.
Beyond health and comeliness I loved her, and I chose to have her rather than the light, because the splendor of her never yields to sleep. Yet all good things together came to me in her company, and countless riches at her hands (Wisdom 7:7-1).

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