This kind of heart training is an exciting new technology in stress reduction, heart health, performance enhancement and overall well-being. If you are feeling frustrated, you can change your heart rhythm pattern by changing the way you breathe. Heart rhythm practices will put you in a state of heart coherence, which is the optimal state of well-being and health.Heart coherence practices will energetically heal the wounds of your heart and open you up to your own heart and life at an authentic and powerful level. One of the very best meditation technology training programs available is from a company called Wild Divine. The Heartmath Institute is the leading organization of the past 20 years to study the heart-brain interaction. We will be provided with an authorization token (please note: passwords are not shared with us) and will sync your accounts for you. The editor and reviewers' affiliations are the latest provided on their Loop research profiles and may not reflect their situation at time of review. The cardiac dynamics during meditation is explored quantitatively with two chaos-based non-linear techniques viz. In-spite of numerous popular reports, scientific research in the area of assessing potential health benefits of various types of meditation methods, is scanty in the domain of physiologic effects. Probably a first of its kind of analysis of the heart rate dynamics during meditation was reported by Peng and Mietus (1999) measuring the heart beat signals of subjects performing Kundalini Yoga and Chi meditation. The findings of Peng was interesting but conventional methods like Fourier analysis were used as techniques for analysis which had been challenged for quite sometime for non-stationary signals. In any signal the spectrum may cover wide range of frequencies and also includes the spurious harmonics which is generally left unattended during analysis with the conventional methods. In the recent years, we have witnessed a spur of interest in studying complex systems, natural or man-made in the light of rigorous chaos based non-linear methods.
In view of this we attempt to quantify the change of heart-beat patterns during meditation with data for Chi and Kundalini Yoga using two most recent and rigorous techniques.
Calculation of fractal dimension or rather measuring the self similarity had been a major area in the field study of chaos.
Multi-Fractal Detrended fluctuation analysis algorithm was developed for detecting the long-range correlation and the fractal properties in stationary and non-stationary time series (Hausdorff et al., 1996). If such a scaling exists log2(Fq(s)) will depend linearly on log2s, where h(q) is the slope. MF-DFA method is a robust tool to perform scaling analysis in case of non-linear time-series. A radically different but rigorous method named Visibility graph analysis is reported by Lacasa et al.
In a visibility graph each node of the graph represents a time sample of the time series, and an edge between two nodes shows the corresponding time samples can view each other. We should be converting the time series to positive planes as the above algorithm is valid for positive X-values in the time series. As per the definition of a degree of a node in the graph - VG is the number of connections or edges the node has with other nodes.
We say that two quantities satisfy the power law where one quantity varies as a power of another. The present work is devoted to the comparative analysis of the Power of Scale-freeness of Visibility Graph (PSVG) of normal heart rate time-series during different meditation states.
Figures 2, 3 show the heart beat time series of the subject C8(one of the eight subjects), before and during Chi meditation respectively. When your heart rhythms are rhythmic and balanced you feel great and your immune system is working great. Compare that with the heart rhythms of the same person with rhythmic and balanced heart rhythms on the right.
This state of low-coherence can be seen out in the world today as heart disease, stress, conflict, etc.High HRV is seen in the world with peace movements, the increase of spiritual practice among people, acts of kindness, and healing. This is a state of wellness and optimal performance.Heart Rhythm Meditation is a tremendous meditation practice that will help you heal the wounds of your physical, emotional and spiritual heart.
They have partnered with Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, and other leading experts to bring your the best in Heart Rate Variability Gaming and Meditation tools.What this means is you get to do meditation adventure gaming while connected to your computer with a heart rate variability ear sensor (called IOM).

This means that you will not need to remember your user name and password in the future and you will be able to login with the account you choose to sync, with the click of a button. This page doesn't support Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.Please upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience. Thinking of nothing or rather not thinking of something, is the most difficult challenge faced by every human being at different stages of life. We propose to analyse the non-stationary cardiac dynamics during meditation quantitatively, with two chaos-based non-linear techniques viz. In a further work by Peng and Henry (2004), it was suggested that different meditations evoke common effects on the heart rate, supporting the concept of a meditation paradox with a variety of meditative techniques producing active instead of quiescent cardiac dynamics.
As for example Fourier spectral analysis is based on linear super-positions of trigonometric functions. Fractal is a geometrical pattern which is repeated at small or large scales to produce self similar irregular shapes or surfaces that Euclidean geometry cannot explain. The latest addition in the above list is PSVG or Power of Scale-freeness of a Visibility Graph. The first successful application of Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (MF-DFA) method was done by Kantelhardt et al. Suppose for each sample signal x(i) for i = 1, 2, …, N, is the waveform of N time instants. The integrated time series is divided into Ns non-overlapping bins (where Ns = int(N∕s) and s is the length of the bin) and the fluctuation function is computed. The qth order overall RMS variation for each scale s, is denoted by Fq(s) which is calculated as per Equation 4 of Kantelhardt et al.
Multi-fractal signal have multiple Hurst exponents, hence τ(q) depends non-linearly on q. According to the logic the two sequential points of the time series can see each other hence all sequential nodes are connected together. The degree distribution P(k) of overall network formed from the time series is then the fraction of nodes with degree k in the network. Therefore, the visibility algorithm provides an alternative method to compute the Hurst exponent. The differences in how you feel are dramatic.We tend to just react to our emotional state throughout the day. This is how stress affects your heart and over time, it will weaken your heart and zap your energy. This is biofeedback that guides your mind-body practices and also tells you how you are feeling. An accomplished football player, a singer, musician, physicist or a medical surgeon: the performance of all of them depends only on their ability to focus or concentrate.
Additional harmonic components, as is common in most natural non-stationary time-series of which heart rate signal is not an exception, may produce a deformed wave profile.
Such fractal structures can be seen in natural objects such as a fern leaves, trees, snow-flakes and even clouds or galaxies in space.
For each s the local RMS variation is calculated as function F(s, v) as per Equation 2 of Kantelhardt et al.
Greater value of this width indicates presence of greater amount of multi-fractality in the series. The only limitation of this technique is that it requires longer time-series which is sometimes difficult to obtain from real dataset. Recently this method is extensively used over finite time-series data set and has produced reliable result in several domains of science and social science as well.
Thus if there are a total of n nodes the network and nk of them have degree k, we have P(k) = nk∕n. Also it has been shown, for example, that gait cycle (the stride interval in human walking rhythm) is a physiological signal that displays fractal dynamics and long-range correlations in healthy young adults.
Learning to change your own heart rhythms is one of the great practices you can learn to improve the quality of your health, your heart, and your life. Your average heart rate might be 80 BPM for example, but your heart rate variability might range from 70 BPM (beats per minute) to 90 BPM.HRV is not quite as common as a blood pressure reading, or your pulse rate or temperature in a patient chart.

It is a bio-feedback method for leaning ancient wisdom practices and centering in your heart.
The results show consistent differences between the quantitative parameters obtained by both the analysis techniques.
This concentration, in turn, is largely dependent on their ability to resist distraction and controlling of their impulses and emotions. Following are the steps for Calculation of width of mutifractal spectrum used here to analyse the heart-beat dynamics. This h(q) of MF-DFA is related to the scaling exponent τ(q) as per Equation 13 of Kantelhardt et al. In the present work we make comparisons between the multi-fractal spectral width derived from the heart rate signals and discuss the visible differences. Two vertices (nodes) of the graph, Xm and Xn, are connected via a bidirectional edge if and only if the below equation is valid. The visibility algorithm predicts gait dynamics slow pace, in perfect agreement with previous results based on the usual method of detrended fluctuation analysis (Lacasa et al., 2009).
The naming convention for the data followed in the subsequent texts of this paper are as per the website. But it has become a screening tool for many disease processes.Low or Negative HRV has been shown to be an indicator of possible future heart disease. This indicates an interesting phenomenon of change in the complexity of the cardiac dynamics during meditation supported with quantitative parameters.
An arbitrary region of a fractal looks very similar but not necessarily identical to the entire region. The reliability of this methodology has been confirmed with extensive simulation of artificial fractal series and real (small) series concerning Gait disease Lacasa et al. Especially if you have struggled to learn meditation and breathing practices on your own, these tools from Wild Divine will guide you by using your own heart rhythms and skin temperature to give live feedback as you practice.
The results also produce a preliminary evidence that these techniques can be used as a measure of physiological impact on subjects performing meditation. Meditation, though for a long time was avoided as a scientific theme due to its complex nature and religious connotations, is studied with different neuro-scientific experimental tools, in the recent times. In doing so, classic methods of complex network analysis can be applied to characterize time series from a brand new viewpoint. Moreover, it is often said to be influencing stress-dependent diseases such as anxiety, hypertensive disorders, tension headaches etc.
Mono-fractals are those whose scaling properties are same in different regions of a system.
Graph theory techniques can provide an alternative method to quantify long-range dependence and fractality in time series.
What you would like to have is a heart rate that has higher variability or a greater range.
Multi-fractals are complicated self-similar objects, consisting of differently weighted fractals, with different non-integer dimensions. The concept that each pattern and behavior in a fractal time series is repeated frequently, in different scales, has been proved by Ahmadlou et al.
Meditation has been described as a clinically relevant method for the cure of stress-related problems (Everly and Lating, 2012) and its clinical effectiveness is also established in different research works (Austin, 1998). Thus, the fundamental characteristic of multi-fractality is that the scaling properties may be different in different regions.
Many natural systems do not show mono-fractal properties and thereby requires a multi-fractal analysis of the data as proposed by Kantelhardt et al.

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