Join tens of thousands of doctors, health professionals and patients who receive our newsletters. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reports that researchers from the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital have discovered that adults with memory impairment and memory loss may benefit from mantra-based meditation, which has a positive effect on people's emotional responses to stress, fatigue and anxiety. For their study, the researchers enrolled 15 older adults with memory problems that ranged from mild age-associated memory impairment to mild impairment, with Alzheimer's disease on a Kirtan Kriya (KK) mantra-based meditation course, that involved 12 minutes of meditation, per day, for a period of eight weeks, and a control group to listen to classical music for the same amount of time over 8 weeks. Preliminary findings revealed a substantial increase in cerebral blood flow in the patients' prefrontal, superior frontal, and superior parietal cortices, and also better cognitive function. The findings demonstrated that participants in the meditation group showed some improvement in fatigue, tension, anger, confusion and depression, and whilst the researchers noted a substantial improvement in tension and fatigue, compared with the control group, they did not observe significant changes with regard to spirituality scores.
They examined the participants' brains and other regions of interest (ROI) by using single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scans at baseline and at 8-weeks. The results showed an important relationship between the change in CBF and the change of the patients' reported mood states.
The fact that researchers observed substantial associations between improved scores for confusion, depression and change in verbal memory indicates that improvements of depression and confusion are linked to cognitive improvement. For any corrections of factual information, or to contact our editorial team, please see our contact page.
Please note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional. Taking a close look at dementia, a broad term for a progressive deterioration in cognitive function. Try this groundbreaking audio technology that transforms your headphones and CD or MP3 player into a powerful meditation training tool that makes deep meditation incredibly easy to achieve - even for a child with ADD or ADHD.
Suddenly a number of independent studies have come out signaling that meditation (not medication) may be the key to dramatically reducing the negative symptoms of ADHD in school age children. Meditation calms the mind and nervous system, and is also showing profound results where practiced, according to proponents: better grades and SAT scores, less bullying, longer attention spans and happier kids. Angela Haick, the principal of Piedmont Avenue, said she was inspired to try it after observing a class at a local middle school. Yolanda Steel, a second-grade teacher at Piedmont, said she was hopeful that the training would help an attention-deficit generation better manage a barrage of stimuli, including PlayStations and text messages. There is growing concern about the health risks and side effects associated with the common ADHD medications, including mood swings, insomnia, tics, slowed growth, and heart problems. When Jason from 37 Signals saw Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship he said, "Seeing Tiger Woods in person was incredible. Hits the ball, crowd goes wild, head down, walks to the ball, takes his next swing, crowd goes wild, head down, walks. It used to to take years (even decades) to accomplish the deepest levels of focused meditation, but now a new technology has come out that allows even a novice or a child to reach those levels in just minutes.
When Harvard researcher Sara Lazar recently compared the brains of American meditators to a control group, she found that parts of the cortex responsible for attention were, on average, 5 percent thicker.
Another study showed meditation can help improve symptoms in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Dr. The Australian-based study of 48 children aged under 12 diagnosed with ADHD found that meditation led to an average 35% reduction in symptom severity over six weeks, and enabled many to reduce their medication. Improvements occurred in behavior, self-esteem levels, of anxiety, and in sleeping patterns. Rutherford, his teachers and his students began meditating in the classroom twice a day for 20 minutes. Seventy-eight percent of participants reported a reduction in total ADHD symptoms, with 30% reporting at least a 30% symptom reduction (a 30% reduction in symptoms is often used to identify clinically significant improvement in ADHD medication trials).
This CD Audio Set brings together technologies from brain research with innovative recording and sound-processing techniques, for an audio induced experience unlike anything that has come before. This Immersive Audio Experience is designed to trigger your brain to produce brainwave patterns that match the brainwave patterns of expert meditators. It used to take years of discipline to develop the ability to rapidly shift states of consciousness and achieve peak meditation states at will. This groundbreaking audio technology transforms a simple pair of headphones and a CD or MP3 player into a powerful meditation training tool that makes deep meditation incredibly easy to achieve - even for a child with ADD or ADHD. Today, using the latest in psycho-acoustic audio technologies you can shift your brainwaves to your desired state of mind simply by listening to these brainwave entrainment audio programs on your CD or MP3 player. With this amazing technology you can reliably and consistently enter profound states of consciousness - at the touch of a button - unleashing your power to focus, learn, create, meditate, sleep and heal. This is your opportunity to discover the astonishing power of the latest in brainwave and Psychoactive Sound™ technology.
This breakthrough Psychoactive Sound™ technology lets you induce any mental state you wish, instantly with just the touch of a button. Imagine, if you will, immersing your brain in a sonic environment containing powerful, but safe, audio frequencies and strobes that put you into an incredible experience of alert focus, passionate creativity or deep meditation. With this technology you can be alert, focused, creative, calm, or deeply meditative - any time you want to - all by choosing your CD and pressing play.
The Psychoactive Sound™ process has been scientifically proven to work by naturally synchronizing your brainwaves to embedded carrier frequencies. We have become a drug dependant society, using coffee and energy drinks to wake us up, Ritalin and Adderall to help us focus in school or work, alcohol to help us unwind, anxiety medication to calm our nerves and sleeping pills to help us overcome the effects of all the stimulants we take during the day.
Chemical stimulants, drugs and alcohol are clumsy, unhealthy and dangerous tools for helping us choose our brainwave states. If you believe in the power of your thoughts to attract positive or negative experiences into your life, then you understand how destructive it can be to use stimulants that suppress the very brainwaves that offer you a sense of peace and well-being.
The other notable downside of chemical stimulants is that they tend to stay in your system for many hours longer than you want them to, resulting in restlessness, irritability, inability to unwind at the end of the day, and insomnia at night. Finally, many of these stimulants have been shown again and again in studies to be bad for your heart, because they force your heart rate to accelerate beyond normal functioning levels causing unnecessary stress and wear & tear on your body's most precious organ.
Studies show that the brains of many people, when confronted with certain kinds of problems, instead of shifting to an alert focused state, will switch to patterns of frustration or emotion.
Researchers have mapped the brainwave patterns of the highest-functioning most intelligent 1% of the population; then used this brainwave audio technology to guide lower-functioning peoples' brains to those same states. Michael Tansey used brainwave entrainment to treat dyslexia and other learning disorders, reporting a 19 point average increase in IQ score post-treatment.
Your brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons, which use electricity to communicate with each other. With the discovery of brainwaves came the discovery that electrical activity in the brain will change depending on what the person is doing.
Researchers have found that not only are brainwaves representative of a mental state, but they can be stimulated to change a person's mental state, and even help treat a variety of mental ailments. Our CD audio guides and stimulates your brainwaves through a complex neural process using Psychoactive Sound™ brainwave entrainment. When the brain is presented with a rhythmic stimulus, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses. The predominance of brainwave activity is between 2 and 20 Hz; so normal audible frequencies cannot directly entrain brainwave activity, because the human ear cannot effectively hear frequencies below 20 Hz. If a 315 Hz sine wave is played into the right ear and a 325 Hz sine wave is presented simultaneously to the left ear, an amplitude modulated standing wave of 10 Hz, the difference between the two tones, is experienced as the two wave forms mesh in and out of phase within the superior olivary nuclei.
This new frequency is not heard in the ordinary sense of the word (the human range of hearing is from 20-20,000 Hz). To summarize, by using very carefully designed sound signals you can entrain your brainwaves into a desired mental state. Synchronizing your brain hemispheres using our Psychoactive Sound™ can lift you to much higher levels of effectiveness in your life.

After using this meditation program regularly for a few days, you or your child will find it easier and easier to quiet the mind and focus on tasks throughout the day. With a unique combination of psycho-acoustics this 10, 20, or 30 minute experience immerses you into meditation as deep as expert meditators who have taken years to master this state. Using a rich combination of Alpha and Theta brainwave triggers, your mind will be guided into a state of alert but peaceful rapid cognition.
One study showed that as novice archers trained over many weeks, their improved performance corresponded to gradually increasing surges of Alpha waves just before their best shots.
With a unique combination of The Tomatis Method, Psychoactive Sound™ and Brainwave Entrainment frequencies, this 70 minute sound experience elevates your brainwave state and stimulates your nervous system. Using a rich combination of alert Alpha and Beta brainwave triggers in conjunction with elements of high-frequency cognitive stimulation of The Tomatis Method, your mind will be guided into a state of alert but peaceful rapid cognition. This is a unique combination of some of the finest Mozart music pieces (determined by the legendary Dr. This CD audio is designed to be the most beautiful and effective Theta brainwave entrainment audio on the market. Theta brainwave state experiences include heightened creativity, deep tranquility, eidetic imagery, divine inspiration and mystical experience. Simply relax as you listen to the Psychoactive Sound™ stimulating parts of your mind probably not touched in years. You love that graceful, time standing still feeling experienced during a rare moment of love. With this audio, you can enjoy those moments of refined awareness usually reserved for those momentary peak experiences we all long for. As soon as you press 'play,' the Psychoactive Sound™ will automatically begin affecting your mental state, and you'll soon realize the benefit - an elevated mood and an increased presence.
What I found was that after using the CD through my headphones for just half an hour I felt centered, peaceful and way more resourceful.
Out of all the different types of brain waves there is a very interesting range called the Alpha-Theta border. Without these outside functions for the brain to control, the brain expands its functioning powers. Make Friends with the Sound (Surat Shabd Meditation): “O surat [soul], the darling of Sant Satguru! Here you will find Words of Light and Love for the Spiritual Journey – Bhakti (Love) of the Inner Light and Sound of God – This Living Gnostic School of Spirituality from INDIA is called Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters. The location of the scans was based on regions that the researchers earlier found were affected during the meditation tasks, and that are involved in various cognitive and affective responses. For instance, whilst regions like the amygdala, which impact memory formation and storage linked to emotional events, as well as the caudate, which is thought to be strongly involved in learning and memory related to depression scores, areas like the prefrontal cortex, inferior frontal lobe, parietal region, and cingulate cortex were related with tension. But how close are scientists to developing effective prevention and treatment strategies for the disease? After three months, researchers found an over 50 percent reduction in stress and anxiety and improvements in ADHD symptoms. And a slew of recent medical studies are cropping up to back up these claims including research and voluntary in-school programs for more than 2,000 students, teachers and parents at 21 U.S.
In 2006 the FDA required manufacturers to place warning labels on ADHD medications, listing the potential serious health risks. Most agree that being able to keep your focus while playing competitive golf can be more difficult than keeping focus on algebra. Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the first evidence that meditation can alter the physical structure of our brains. Now all it takes is your headphones and this revolutionary Brainwave Technology Meditation Program. When you are having trouble focusing or you are having trouble sleeping it is because you are in the wrong brainwave state for what you want to do. Whether you want to be in a state of alert focus, calm, creativity, deep meditation or sleep; all of these states can be quickly and easily achieved by using this new technology to control your natural brainwave activity. This is so powerful it will immediately begin to create profound, positive changes in your life!
Now there is much better solution - Psychoactive Sound™ embedded music containing this subtle but extremely powerful new brainwave state guiding technology. You also may have noticed that while you may get a lot of tasks done at first while you're on these stimulants - WHAT you're getting done may not be the wisest choices.
Accessing and harnessing the genius brainwave states used to be a rare and difficult skill, but now almost anyone can do it easily with the assistance of this Psychoactive Sound™ technology. Most people are not familiar with the mental states of intense concentration and laser-like focus that come so easily to great thinkers and achievers; so they have not trained their brain to shift to the higher cognitive ability state when it is needed.
After undergoing audio brainwave stimulation (just like our product), the students outperformed a control group and significantly increased their GPA. He observed improvements in reading and a half year advancement in grade level as well as substantial improvements in attention. The combination of millions of neurons sending signals all at once produces a large and measurable amount of electrical activity in the brain, which can be detected using sensitive medical equipment (such as an EEG).
For instance, the brainwaves of a sleeping person are vastly different than the brainwaves of someone wide awake. When the brain is given a stimulus through the ears, it emits an electrical charge in response, called a Cortical Evoked Response (shown below).
If the rhythm becomes fast and consistent enough, it can start to resemble the natural internal rhythms of the brain, called brainwaves. For example, a 4 Hz brainwave is associated with sleep, so a 4 Hz sound pattern would help reproduce the sleep state in your brain. This has traditionally served as a barrier between the outside environment and a human being's inner brainwave state. It is perceived as an auditory beat that can be used to entrain specific neural rhythms through the frequency-following response (FFR mentioned above) -- the tendency for brainwaves to entrain to or resonate at the frequency of an external stimulus. This can provide you with an easy high-tech shortcut to help you wake up, focus, relax, meditate, sleep, etc.
Theta is best known as the brain wave state of dreaming sleep, but it is also associated with a number of other beneficial states, including increased creativity, varieties of superlearning, increased memory ability, and miraculous moments of integrative experiences where you make broadly-based positive changes in the way you perceive yourself, others, or a life situation. In the slower Theta brain wave pattern, the brain makes lots of relaxing endorphins that melt your stress away — as you will feel when you try it for yourself.
Generally people are asleep in Delta, but expert meditators are able to remain alert in this state — and now people who use CD#3 of this Psychoactive Sound™ Suite can as well! When you have whole-brain sensory integration, you become less self-conscious and function more intuitively. You get a 10, 20 and 30 minute versions allowing you or your child to gradually build your ability to quiet your mind for extended periods of time. Not only will your ability to meditate improve, but the benefits will be felt in all aspects of your life as your mind begins to work more efficiently. One key difference between the kind of focus this audio meditation program develops and that produced by caffeine, Ritalin or other stimulants, is that this state of alert focus is not made by suppressing your Alpha brainwave functioning - in fact this audio meditation experience actively triggers Alpha activity. This Alpha-Beta brainwave-stimulating audio can wake you up in the morning and keep your mind clear, sharp, and highly focused throughout the workday. The natural enkephalins and catecholamines released by the brain suddenly make your memory and learning skills so much more powerful.
One key difference between the kind of focus this CD audio elicits and that produced by caffeine, Ritalin or other stimulants, is that this state of alert focus is not made by suppressing your Alpha brainwave functioning - in fact this Psychoactive Sound™ experience actively triggers high Alpha activity. It is called Theta Wave and your downloadable track is two 30 minute MP3s, (which you can loop for unlimited immersion in a Theta experience).

Listening to this audio using stereo headphones for just 30 minutes is a powerful replacement for drinking and drug use, as a way to calm yourself and reconnect with your own soulfulness. This is at approximately 7.8 Hz - the Schumann Resonance (The fundamental background frequency that fills all natural atmospheric environments on planet Earth).
This state of mind brings about creativity, intelligence, and a host of other abilities the brain is capable of doing when properly stimulated. Many of the world's religions were founded on reaching this state and devised strict disciplines to do so.
Turn around and prick up your ears to the resounding reverberations of the Unstruck Melody. Why we should love and hate, why vegetarianism and why not drug, alcohol etc.     PEACEFUL LIVING PROGRAM - in pyramid cottage -    For mental, spiritual, internal peace and nature living in pyramid cottage with lush green peaceful atmosphere, unrestrained daily routine, voluntary yoga, pranayam, meditation, cleansing acts, spiritual class, personal chintan-sadhana etc. The long-term health effects of ADHD medications are not fully known, but evidence suggests risks of cardiac disorders and sudden death, liver damage and psychiatric events. Brain scans they conducted revealed that experienced meditators boasted increased thickness in parts of the brain that deal with attention and processing sensory input.
When this happens, the brain responds by synchronizing its own electrical cycles to the same rhythm. The same concept can be applied to nearly all mental states, including concentration, creativity and many others.
Since 10 Hz is in the Alpha brainwave range, which is associated with relaxation, this has a relaxing effect. This state is a very deep, trance-like, non-physical state you'll have to experience to believe. The Psychoactive Sound™ experience will automatically begin effecting your brainwaves, and you'll soon realize the benefit - amazing clarity of mind and 100% pure focus. Just before his best free throws, an elite basketball player will produce a surge of Alpha waves in their brain. As the noises swish around inside your head, you gain a total sense of clarity and harmony. From here you have access to the inner inspiration available through Theta awareness and the outer charisma and grace of Alpha functioning. It is a state where the central nervous system reduces input from the peripheral nervous system. The Alpha-Theta range occurs during reverie, hypnologic imagery, meditation, and prayer. Your stay in this phenomenal world is short-lived (literally four days [the four stages of life, namely, Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, and finally Sanyasa]); why do you take on such a heavy load (of karmas, bhramas, attachments, greed, lust, anger, ego, hostilities, enmities, hated, revengefulness, jealousy and envy). However, the rain, while falling on all, tends to collect in deep pools just as the grace of the saints while showering on all flows rapidly and collects in the deep pools of the aspirants who are devoted. It has also been found that children on long-term medication have significantly higher rates of delinquency, substance use, and stunted physical growth.
Even hyperactive children are able to meditate quickly and effectively, and do it easily with the use of this technology. These and other extraordinary states of mind correspond to unique patterns of your brainwave activity - activity that can be chosen at will using this breakthrough sound technology.
In a one year follow-up, trainees showed major improvements in self-esteem, concentration and self-expression. We use some of these patterns in our our Lucid Creativity CD or our Deep Meditation CD audio.
The guided meditations contain voice cues that will help the especially distractible meditator maintain focus on their meditation. Just before their best strokes, elite golfers will produce surges of Alpha waves in their brain. You can even play this one on your stereo, so others can hear, for refining the mood and increasing the intimacy in the room. But you also gain something much more powerful than just those two functions (Alpha & Theta). The lowering of sensory input normally serves to protect the central nervous system from sensory overload caused by stress or physical damage.
These high risks and growing concerns are fueling parents' search for alternatives that may be safer for their kids.
When you can shift your brainwaves into your desired range of activity, you can quite literally control your state of mind. This new brainwave activity is conducted to the cortex where it can be recorded by an EEG monitor.
Just before their best shots, elite marksmen and archers will produce a surge of Alpha waves in their left brains.
This Alpha-Theta stimulating session heightens your emotional sensitivity and fosters communication, openness, and intimacy. Together they suggest the surprisingly similar patterns found in vastly different phenomena.
Voluntary fast, meditation in pyramid cottage with swar vigyan practices unrestrained daily routine. Comfortable stay, satvik naturopathy food-drinks and minutes of the day will be followed as desired by the participants. People with Alzheimer's disease function more normally if they listen to Mozart and Mozart music even reduces the severity of epileptic seizures. You feel like you're in a breathtaking movie scene, experiencing that quintessential moment of your life. It is clear that the word 'conscious’ is used to denote intelligence, tendency related to knowledge, tendency related to memory, and awareness. This very Sound has been variously referred to by rishis (sages) as Om, Sfota, Udgeeth, etc… Subsequently, Sants called it Ram Naam (name of God), sat-naam or satya-naam (True Name), sar-shabda (Quintessential Sound or Word), sat-shabda (True Word) as well. Nature cures for physical fitness, body tone up, memory improvement, mind development and mental peace. Consciousness is that element in human beings which differentiates them from other inanimate objects.
Nature cures herbal retreat. USEFUL IN - Stress, depression, hopelessness, sadness, sleeping disorder, anxiety, insomnia, mania, fear, suicide tendency, physiological disorder, hypertension, general weakness. Consciousness basically refers to that power which helps one in understanding and evaluating one’s surroundings and environment. INCREASE - Mental power & peace, efficiency, energy, cheerfulness, self confidence and concentration of the mind.
By the terms 'Spiritual Consciousness’ is meant the relationship between individual Spirit and God. In Nadavindu Upanishad it has been said about the Nada Dhyan that, 'Sidelining all worries and all efforts… one should mainly focus on the exploration of nada. Rejuvenating oiling-herbal greasing of the full body and nine doors of the men and ten doors of the women body. Thus, getting hold of several Sounds, one after the other, one finally gets hold of the most captivating Quintessential Primordial Sound…. It exists in the mental sky in the form of Light, while it exists as Sound in the void…. Hence to gain the maximum benefit  in first detoxification is must Help your body for normal and regular bowlGet toxins out   &  attendbest detoxification colon cleaning program Advance internal cleansing 9 Am to 5 Pm.

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