As with any relationship, begin by making an effort at simply getting to know your mind.  Know, first and foremost, that YOU are not your mind. You are a human being with thoughts, with the capacity to think, BUT you are not your mind. Again, as with any relationship, observe patterns.  In beginning to make friends with your mind, notice its patterns and how it operates.  Does it dwell on the past? On a recent rainy Tuesday night, about 800 New Yorkers packed into a sold-out concert hall on the Upper West Side—co-workers rushing from the office, groups of girlfriends chattily catching up as they found each other and crowded into seats in anticipation of the start time. This is The Big Quiet, an event series that kicked off in June in Central Park and has since been growing, bringing simple, modern meditative practices to huge groups of people in non-traditional spaces. After 1,500 people signed up for the first meditation in Central Park, The Big Quiet hosted an event with 525 people at the farm at the former Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn.
Overall, the numbers are pretty staggering when you consider the social scene options in New York City, and they’ve shocked Israel, who managed MGMT as sophomore at NYU and went on to run his own record label for nine years.
After Israel left his company, he found himself in the midst of some serious soul-searching. So he created Medi Club, a core group of mostly experienced meditators, which has now grown to 800 members, about 100 of whom show up to monthly meetings and special events.
Out of Medi Club came the desire to build something bigger, to bring the practice to people who weren’t already sitting on Zabutons every morning. The celebrity's new book, Longevity, takes a super brainy look at how society perceives aging, and how much control you have over how you look and feel as you age. Braving the wind and rain this past Wednesday, I forced myself to leave my cozy bed and trek my way over to the chapel for an evening of Buddhist mediations. I had told a few of my friends that I was planning on attending the meditation that day and had received some troubling responses. When I finally scurried into the Chapel, the space seemed to have been transformed from the backdrop for lively a cappella concerts into a peaceful, serene expanse. Surprisingly, my high school training came back to me and I sat with the best posture I could, eyes closed, trying to relax my body and clear my mind of any thoughts.
At the end of the meditation, as everyone helped to put away the various plushy objects and package up the mood lighting, I got to talk to Nick Luce ’14, the sophomore who runs the group. Overall, both the atmosphere of the group and the meditation experience itself shattered some misconceptions I had and were greatly affective in helping me mellow out after a tough week. In New York City, where silence is sacred, Medi Club and Central Park SummerStage invite you to join thousands of New Yorkers to sit in a shared moment of meditation. This event is hosted by Medi Club – several hundred young self-starters and creatives that share meditation as a common thread. Like music, food, art and other cultural beacons that connect people in profound and inspiring ways, meditation acts as a leveler for deeper human interactions to exist.
Today we’re going to look at the self-development side of English, exploring the different ways in which the practice of MEDITATION can help you improve your English.
I’m also going to provide some resources for people interested in learning more about meditation.
Before we talk about more English and meditation, it’s important to give a general overview of what meditation is. Sitting down in a quiet place (for optimal energy flow, cross your legs, but that isn’t always necessary.
Focusing your attention on your normal breath, a mantra, prayer, or even a candle or some other physical object.
A psycho-technology that is scientifically proven to dramatically improve mental functioning and psychological development.
If you’re interested in learning more about the specific technique, you can find more information at the bottom on what it is, how to do it, and other articles on meditation and language learning. When you first start meditating, one of your first realizations is that you have difficulty concentrating.

The first skill you develop with meditation is concentration, and this will gradually calm the many conflicting voices and help you remain present and focus on what’s happening around you. This is extremely important for speaking and listening to people in English and for the next advantage, a strong memory.
I have one student that was so spacey and fairly inconsistent with her English, sometimes speaking well, and sometimes really having difficulty. The English learners who benefit the most in this way usually have a problem with attention, and the byproduct of that is a poor memory. This is great for every area of life, but if you apply it to English, you no longer feel constrained or scared to speak. As an English teacher, one of the biggest barriers I see (especially in women) is that people are controlled by their fears.
Because you choose to sit down and look at your mind, you start to understand how it works, and over the weeks, months, and years, you will experience immense growth in your ability to understand your mental processes, and those of other people too.
In the meantime, it would be really cool to see you participate with thousands of others in the Real Life English International Community. I attribute a lot of the success I’ve attained in other areas of my life to all of the meditation I did when I was younger.
Meditation especially helps with your ability to stay focused while trying to understand someone speaking a foreign language. In September, 1,200 people showed up for a meditation and sound bath event on a boat on the Hudson River, and 500 people had to be turned away (the boat only held 700).
First, he created a biking club called the Cyclones, which brought together New Yorkers for mass bike rides. That’s when The Big Quiet was born, with the continued help of many Medi Club members. I had done a little meditation in high school as a part of our physical education requirement, but I had a feeling this was going to be a somewhat different experience from laying on a dirty gymnasium floor while my overweight male gym teacher yelled, in a less than soothing voice, that everyone was to immediately imagine themselves on a beach. I was left with the overall impression that I would be trapped in the chapel for the next few hours, in painful silence and led through this meditation by a nondescript, ageless man who coughed a lot and made it impossible to get into the zone. As soon as I passed through the foyer I felt a deep urge to take off my rain boots, the incessant squeaking from the wet soles seeming to destroy the quiet sanctuary. As I sat, at first struggling to keep my body upright yet unstressed, I felt a peculiar feeling running up my spine and washing over the back of my skull.
He told me his first exposure to meditations was a Buddhist teacher in high school who guided his class through some meditations. On June 20th at 4:30pm in Rumsey Playfield, The Big Quiet will bring together community members from all five boroughs in the first official mass meditation backed by City Parks Foundation.
Medi Club and The Big Quiet aim to make clear that modern people can have a practice of meditation in their busy lives that aligns with their everyday passions. Meditation provides me with better sleep, more energy, lower blood pressure and an overall sense of calm and clarity that I’ve never experienced before. Together, we will all play a part in making history as we sit together to inspire healthier relationships, smarter businesses and a more aware New York City. Her previous clients have included corporate heavyweights such as Johnson & Johnson, Disney, and Ann Taylor as well as leading nonprofits such as the David Lynch Foundation, Headstrong Project, and Bent on Learning, among others. If you think of your brain as the hardware, and the mind as the software, it’s as if you’re running a super sophisticated program that actually changes the hardware. They don’t speak fluently because the program (English) is currently too heavy, and their brain just can’t work fast enough.
There are many techniques, and although I’m not a meditation instructor, I’ve been practicing almost every day for 7 years. Improved Concentration: Meditation helps you develop a razor sharp concentration for whatever you’re doing. Your mind is full of thoughts about the past and future, desires and fears, things you’re excited and worried about.

Improved Memory: With increased concentration, and other aspects of improved mental functioning that meditation brings, you will drastically improve your memory. Her mental software was functioning so much better, and she didn’t have to think nearly as much about the words she was about to say. These are people who have a natural inclination to be “spacey” (very distracted).  They space out (think about other things, daydream), they get distracted really easily, and this does not help your English.
Improved Self-Confidence: With consistent meditation, you develop the capacity to observe your thoughts and emotions, and with time you learn to stop reacting to them.
Improved Self-Awareness: A final area where meditators improve their English is their own self-awareness. We also send regular updates, inspiring quotes, and new guided meditations to you regularly. When the weather turned colder, he was looking for ways to engage the same crowd of active Millennials, and thought there was a demand for a community around meditation. As I walked past the pews I was drawn towards the subtle smell of incense and the soft flicker of nine golden flames, arranged in groups of three and surrounded by tiny pebbles. I felt as if my vertebrae had been turned into cement and suddenly it wasn’t so difficult to sit upright, it was as if I had unlocked the secret to perfect posture. He found it quite enjoyable and a great way to “wind down from the stress of day-to-day life” so when he saw an advertisement for the group at Conn he decided to check it out.
Organizers will share a simple meditation technique to welcome people of all experience levels to participate.
It’s amazing to be part of a group of modern meditators coming together to make Central Park history and removing the stigmas attached to meditation. Since 2010 Harper has worked with small business owners and individuals with a focus on communications.
Actually, both the hardware and the software become more sophisticated, faster, stronger, and less problematic. With meditation, you’ll be able to learn more and express yourself better because you’ll be more present and your thinking more focused. With this attitude, confidence will quickly grow, and you will stop listening to the voice of fear.
For signing up, you get the first two chapters of our popular new e-book “101 Words You’ll Never Learn in School” for free. The cushions from the pews had been organized in a rectangle around the candles and small colorful pillows that were vaguely reminiscent of oversized smushed gumdrops were placed intermittently on the velvety padding. Yet this feeling did not last for long, so I turned to an alternative method of meditating, allowing thoughts to cross my mind uninhibited but with no judgment and as little conscious thought attached to them as possible. Having taken over the group this year he explained, “The amount of people that attend the meditation varies from week to week, but a small group of employees of the college attend on a regular basis,” as well as students who come periodically. Today she uses her own journey in health and well-being to inspire, motivate, and drive people in the direction of their dreams through one-on-one lifestyle management coaching. I took my seat on a small yellow pillow and, with very little instruction other than an initial greeting from the group leader (who as it turns out is not a strange man with whooping cough) closed my eyes and did my best to mimic the four fellow mediators in my midst. He is also greatly assisted by Amy Hannum, a former staff member and part-time student at the college, who joined the group when John Bitters in Counseling Services started it six years ago. There’s nothing better you could do to improve your life and improve your English at the same time. I won’t deny that at times I got a little fidgety, opening my eyes at one point to stare at the woman across from me and wonder how she could possibly cross her legs like that in such tight jeans, but overall I felt refreshed and rewarded in my efforts. She has found that “meditation helps to maintain a connection to healing energy and a tranquil state of mind that makes life less stressful” and so has continued to come on Wednesdays despite having left the college.

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