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Singing is part of my dharma, my spirit, my purpose in life, and a gift that I can freely offer out to the benefit of others and myself simultaneously. This album, which I finally made after years of being asked to do so, is a collection of mantras. However, though there is ancient tradition in all of these songs, many are original mantras in the way the words are combined, and all of the musical arrangements (i.e. Disclaimer: Attempting to explain the full potential and extent of the meaning contained in these songs would be a lengthy book. This song dances with a tribal beat between these two different phrases, all describing different attributes and expressions of divinity. Sarasvati ~ Goddess of beginnings, learning, self-study, music, art, purity; the one who flows. Lakshmi ~ Goddess of abundance, beauty, benevolence, prosperity, generosity and wealth on all levels; light, good fortune, fertility, wisdom, and courage.
Kali ~ Goddess of time, transformation, destruction, great shifting; benevolent Mother Goddess. Durga ~ Supreme Warrior Goddess; self-sufficient, invincible, overcoming obstacles with ease, equanimity, and a sense of humor.
Krishna ~ Embodiment of God; Divine love, limitless power, wisdom and guidance, strength and surrender, skillful play and daring, music and dance. Om Gam Ganapate Namaha ~ This mantra invokes the loving assistance of Ganesha, who is the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles.

Hokule’a ~ Hawaiian for “Star of Gladness” or “Delightful Star,” and the star that guided them on the long journey across the Pacific Ocean. Get out your rattles, this is for the community of shaman and those who draw from the practices of this lineage.
All sweetness and love, this song sings to the beauty and nurturing power of the Divine feminine and Mother Goddess energy. Lakshmi ~ Fullness, wholeness, Goddess of abundance, beauty, benevolence, prosperity, generosity and wealth on all levels; light, good fortune, fertility, wisdom, and courage.
Om Shri Lakshmi Namaha is an invocation of Lakshmi specifically, and a deep bow to the sparkling nature of wholeness that is the truth of who we are. SHIVAYA comes from the word Shiva, which literally means “auspicious.” Shivaya describes the intrinsic goodness that exists within all things, because it is the Nature of the energy that pulses and penetrates, creates and absorbs, All That Is. This song is a metta mantra—one that engages your heart and being in the vibration of compassionate loving-kindness. To purchase the album “Gratitude” and listen to the music, please click to download from iTunes .
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It feels good to sing, just as it is a joy to receive a song full of the purest, sweetest meaning. One of the purposes of mantra is to take you into the heart of yourself, and also to help you recognize yourself in all that is around you.
This is also my middle name, signifying the individual. This verse goes from the most expansive part of the Universal aspect of consciousness (Varda ~ Star Mother) to the most personal while acknowledging the star-self that each of us truly are. It invokes and embraces love, radiant illumination, and Divine Grace of Universal consciousness. Truly, at the essence of every being and every part of creation, there is this auspiciousness. Gratitude is the highest vibration next to love, and invokes love, awe, respect, and incredible connection.

For example, if the words God or Goddess don’t do it for you, substitute whatever word you prefer to use when you describe that which is beyond description. It is simultaneously the sound from which all things came, the sound that sustains, and the sound that dissolves everything lovingly into itself. It is an ancient hymn that is used to bring protection and blessings to those who sing it with devotion. It is extremely effective to use in meditation and is a powerful phrase to recall when you need support. It’s the awe you feel when you see great beauty like an ocean sunrise or a sparkling mountain lake.
Physical CDs are available locally in Kamloops at Nature’s Fare, The Art We Are, Golden Buddha, and from Jenami at Vital Point Acupuncture.
It is a feeling that shifts completely the experience of life. It describes my appreciation of my unique voice and the songs themselves, which come spontaneously into being.
You’ll hear beautiful vocals with occasional hints of tribal beats, blues inspired moments, and enchanting tranquility.
The whole point of these songs is to lead you into your own heart and the truth that shines within. It is the gratitude within Divine love, or the wonder and miracle of a perfect starlit night. It describes my thankful respect of all who choose to listen and receive whatever the song carries to their hearts.

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