Just like exercise or learning a new language, you do not need to be of any particular faith to meditate. This is the 'classic' learning meditation to begin with, that can be expanded into most of the more advanced meditation practices. As you move into your day, it provides a perfect opportunity to practice what you have learnt. Meditating while walking can sometimes be seen as a minor, or side practice to sitting meditation. Transcendental Meditation is a type of mantra meditation, that finds its roots in Northern India. A traditional use of meditation would be to first calm the mind, then to focus it on a wise phrase, idea, or concept, so that it may be realised more deeply. It is all very good to develop compassion for the world when we are alone sitting on our cushions.
A more advanced version of the technique of following your breath shifts the observation of your attention to your mind. We are collecting some of the most common meditation questions - and answers - on this page.
We have a motivation behind everything we do: playing sport it may be to win a game, and perhaps not to make a fool of ourselves! In order to sit comfortably and deeply in meditation, you want to have a posture which is relaxed and attentive. If your knees are up off the zabuton, your back will want to curl forward and your posture will tend to collapse. If you cannot get your knees down to the zabuton, try raising your bottom higher with a support cushion or two under your zafu – that will roll you forward so that your knees are closer to the zabuton. If that doesn’t work, try putting a support cushion under one or both knees so that your knees have something to push against.
Finally, if you’re more comfortable in a chair, by all means pull one up – you’ve still got the three points of your tripod – 2 feet and bottom. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the Burmese position, you can try moving to Quarter Lotus, in which either the left or right foot is off the floor, tucked into the bend of the knee. Next you might imagine you have a string coming from the top of your head, pulling you up as you sit (or for that matter, as you stand).

Another way to get to a straight and relaxed posture is to give some attention to your chest. When told to 'sit up straight' many of us, whether we’re aware of it or not, pull ourselves up by our shoulders. During meditation your hands are come to rest in a “mudra” of some sort – a hand position. Meditation plays an important role in various religions and spiritual traditions, and has always been practiced everywhere, from ancient times until the present day. There are many forms, techniques and traditions, which are practiced and followed for various reasons and aims, for relaxation and health, for mental mastery and inner peace, and of course, for attaining spiritual awakening and enlightenment, and for discovering who you really are. Its constant practice reduces the number of restless thoughts in the mind and brings inner peace, happiness and bliss. In order to obtain results meditation has to be practiced every day, at least once a day, twice a day is better. Below, you will find several things you can do to improve your ability to meditate, reduce the inner resistance of the mind, and improve your chances of success. To relax even more, for a few moments focus on a pleasant memory, or a mental image of a place that makes you feel calm.
Think for a few moments about the benefits of meditation, how it will strengthen your focus, calm down your mind, ease stress and tension, etc. Before you start to meditate, tell yourself that all thoughts, ideas and plans will have now to wait until you finish, and that nothing is going to distract your mind. Peace of Mind in Daily LifeLearn to free your mind from stress, worries and negative thoughts, and enjoy a state of inner peace in your everyday life. Use walking to the bus, or washing the dishes, as an opportunity to practice your mindfulness.
Started in Japan in the 13th Century, it has grown popular with celebrities such as Orlando Bloom and Tina Turner.
With your eyes open, and unlike the breath always present, external objects can be much easier to keep your attention on. Previously on a new site, we are moving across to fulfill all of those who were looking for us on this domain name! Next comes Half Lotus, in which one or the other foot is brought up to the opposite thigh.

Your zafu and support cushion will help tilt your pelvis forward, allowing your torso to sit up straight and strong. Breathe in and out naturally, and notice how your ribcage rises and falls with your breath. Our company name is 'Still Sitting' but in truth no one sits perfectly still, nor should you try. It is a method for gaining freedom from constantly nagging thoughts and worries, and for quieting the chatter of the mind.In its higher levels, meditation leads to inner peace and happiness, and to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. There have always been people, who had the desire to go within, beyond the mind, and to discover who and what they are, and attain a higher spiritual consciousness. One that requires focusing the mind on a certain activity, such as on the breathing process, or on a concrete object, mental image, a word, thought or a quality of character.The other form, requires that you do not focus on anything in particular, but to empty the mind of thoughts, and merge into the inner silence within you, into your Real, Inner Self.
Read these suggestions attentively, and apply them to any technique that you choose to practice.
The more focused the attention is, the easier it is to ignore thoughts and other distractions. Practicing the lessons in this book, even for just a few minutes a day, will calm your restless mind and create inner peace in your life.Click for DetailsDid you like the article? He is the author of articles and books, teaching how to use your mental tools and inner powers to create a life of happiness, success, fulfillment and inner peace. Everyday we will offer a new reading regarding meditation practice and the spiritual path, all infused with a fresh perspective on traditional spirituality. Ben writes extensively about Buddhist & Christian spirituality for Elephant Journal, and The Web of Enlightenment. If your shoulders get stiff, one trick is to pull them way up, level to your ears, hold them there for a few seconds, then let them drop naturally down around a strong sternum. Sit on the ground or on a zabuton and pull your feet towards your bottom as far as is comfortable, with the palms of your feet together. This pose loosens your groin muscle, which allows your leg to rotate more easily into one of the lotus positions.

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