I am almost 5 months into the New Year and my goals I set at the beginning of the year have started to fade. My word for the year is authenticity and I found I was not leading an authentic life in those two key areas.
But what I have found in the last week since ending both of the relationships, is that I feel whole again. For me I chose to leave the space empty until I knew that I was ready to have the space filled again.
Today I got a call for a wonderful opportunity connecting with some people that I admire and want to help. My one piece of advice is to do what my best friend did for me…she loved me and listened to me. Melissa is a Productivity Consultant living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure.
Melissa Schmalenberger is a Productivity Consultant living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. John WelwoodBio: John Welwood is an American psychotherapist, teacher, and author, known for integrating psychological and spiritual concepts. Lynxxx Writes About Learning To Let Go Of That Soulmate That Doesn’t Care About Your Soul… Read!
Lynxxx has been dropping a lot of relationship gem advice on his Instagram a lot lately and here’s the latest he shared. The rapper explained what he thought about people who try to keep a relationship at all cost despite the person not being meant for you. So much of our mental and physical energy is consumed by holding on to negative thoughts and painful memories. This day course will help us all to develop the qualities of patience, forgiveness and compassion, so that we can set ourselves free from the burden of our own negativity.The day will consist of teachings, guided meditations, a vegetarian lunch and time to relax and enjoy the World Peace Cafe. Subscribe now to get your copy of 10 Essential Tips Every Improvisor Needs to Know absolutely FREE!
Like Neo in The Matrix and Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai, we too can learn to control our thoughts and free our mind to make way for our creativity. Too much conscious thought during performance impedes our ability to perform at our optimum level.
Believe it or not, this skill is something that we actually all tend to do quite naturally. In his excellent book, Developing a Jazz Language, Jerry Bergonzi calls this the difference between spotlight-consciousness and floodlight-consciousness.
He suggests that you use spotlight-consciousness during practice and floodlight-consciousness during performance. Most people fall flat on their face when they surrender to the moment and let go because they lack the necessary preparation. Spend time thinking about chord changes, jazz language, and concepts during your practice sessions, to the point that they are ingrained in your mind. We tend not to have too much trouble relaxing and freeing our mind in the practice room, but the second we walk out on stage it’s a different story.

As described before, preparing the necessary elements for performance with spot-light consciousness is the first necessary step toward freeing your mind during performance.
The second step is to know how to keep your mind and body in a relaxed state during stressful situations.
Learning to achieve a calm mind and body state during performance is a skill you can practice just like practicing your instrument, or daily ear training. As you become more mindful of your breath, you’ll become more mindful of each moment and consequently, be able to keep your mind and body more calm.
By understanding how much Buddhism emphasizes learning to live calmly in the moment, it makes sense that both Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock specify a Buddhist affiliation.
In the last decade, more and more musicians have adopted these techniques to help free their mind during performance.
Even with all the great resources available, you don’t need anything to get started down this path of mind-control. Learning to relax your mind and body in this way, coupled with diligent prep-work in the practice room, will result in your ability to truly let go during performance: your optimum state of performance. I really didn’t realize how much of my day was consumed with thoughts of trying to make both situations better. And yesterday I realized that I wanted to start taking part in events in our community again.
Now, I can spend time on my clients and if (or when) I want, I can add designs to the society 6 shop and you can still shop my pup mugs, cards, and now a LOT more! Everybody is welcome, and the day will be suitable for both newcomers and those with some experience  to meditation.
Film writers know that this message plays an important role in reality and that we relate to it on an intimate level, hence they include it in many movies. How many times have you gone to the practice room and just played for hours with no specific direction?
At the end of your practice session, after you’ve accomplished everything you set out to do, then you can spend twenty minutes or so free-playing, observing how what you just practiced affects your improvising. Spotlight-consciousness highlights one specific concept or idea, whereas floodlight-consciousness illuminates all of them equally. In this way, you deeply explore concepts you wish to integrate into your playing, and when you go to perform, they spontaneously arise. It makes perfect sense: to not think during performance, we must think a lot during practice.
Practice what you need to in advance and you’ll feel like you have plenty of options at your disposal. Getting up in front of anybody, be it 10 people or 1000, is nerve-racking, even if you’re not playing an instrument in front of them. Thich Nhat Hanh as well as many other Buddhist writers teach many excellent techniques and approaches to calm the mind, which you may wish to explore further.
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Most nights I had been too tired and simply wanted to stay home and zone out in front of the tv. We all need to look within and realize what situations we are surrounded by and do the needful.
I tried to be the home maker, the perfect mom, the entrepreneur, the volunteer, and anything else anyone needed from me… but this past year there has been a shift in my perspective. Spend too much time not thinking during your practice sessions and there will be nothing for your creativity to draw from.
But doing something as simple as sitting silently for ten minutes a day and observing your thoughts while returning to your breath, a change occurs. We are sharing anything that continues to inspire us as musicians and creative individuals alike. I have been able to say yes to things I never would have had the energy to say yes to in the past.
I was stressed and annoyed that I didn’t have more hours in the day to do all the things.
Our time is so valuable friends, and spending it being busy just for the sake of busy is silly! You could spend your whole life trying to tame your mind, and it will never stop producing thoughts. But seriously I would think so much about how to make the situations better that I couldn’t move.
She reminded me that as soon as I removed the cups from the table something wonderful would take their place. As quoted in "A Treasury of Laughter: Consisting of Humerous Stories, Poems, Essays, Tall Tales, Jokes, Boners, Epigrams, Memorable Quips, and Devastating Crushers" (Simon and Schuster, 1946), p.
You have to get down to the very root of your business (or your main priority) and keep your focus tightly on it.
You have to be okay with letting go of projects so that you have time to be there for the people you love.
This little design business of mine is really quite simple… I am a freelance illustrator and designer for boutique business and creative brands. I adore working with small businesses to create just the perfect graphic or illustration for a project.
I love knowing that I can turn someones creative idea into reality… and I also still love doing portraits (like these). I really didn’t want to spend any time comparing pricing for manufacturing, packaging, packing and shipping, line sheets, etc. I loved creating the pup mugs and had ideas for other designs I wanted to create, but I always seemed to be spending the time trying to find good pricing, good printing, fast service, and more….
I let go of all of those things that went with it too, so that I could focus more intently on my freelance clients.

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