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If everything else vanishes from your life, you will always have left your knowledge and skills. Cultivating the tool and skill of meditation enables us to aware in the moment, and to make better choices as a result. So, while most people turn to look for gift ideas whenin need of a present for someone else, here is a super gift idea for what you can give yourself: meditation, the gift of a lifetime.
If you liked this post and want to know more about meditation, you can sign up to our newsletter below. Join our community, receive our newsletter, and learn how to improve your life with meditation. I know well how my own experiences of a broken heart have pierced the veil of selfishness and opened me to the needs, pain, and suffering others. One brain imaging study even showed that the pleasure centers of our brain that light up with sex, dessert, and money are just as stimulated when we watch someone give money as when we receive money ourselves. On the whole, we Westerners are driven by achievement, competition, wealth, and recognition. In this episode of the OneMind Meditation Podcast, we explore this all-important topic of compassion with Tibetan Buddhist and long-time meditator Richard Klein.
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That’s just one reason why students need the deep rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation of meditation. Whether your child is just entering kindergarten, or you are doing post-grad work, meditation is an ideal tool for students. I am just like you -- involved in life and work, seeking more serenity and calm in my life.
But do we have to live with a broken heart to recognize and care deeply about others and our world? And now a mounting pile of scientific evidence is lending weight to an assertion that monks and nuns from many traditions have made for centuries—the key to happiness is not in getting for ourselves but in giving to others with a compassionate heart. How do we start to elevate our motivations and root ourselves (and our relationships) in a truly compassionate center of gravity? In this interview, Richard and I explore the role that meditation plays in the process and practice of Tibetan Buddhist meditation.
This is true not only for those in schools beset with problems like soaring drug and alcohol abuse or unprecedented violence. To me, as well as many others, the word "meditation" conjures up the picture of a bearded man sitting cross-legged in front of an entrance to a cave or high on a mountain top. Control over these files can be maintained by the individual by deleting or blocking them, or notifying the user when such a file is stored.

Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. In every school, no matter in what neighborhood, students face challenges—from intensive study schedules to social pressure from peers. Yet there’s an even better reason to consider meditation as a learning tool for students: What better time to expand, deepen, and clear your mind when learning is your first priority? Give a student a taste of who they can really be, and why would they want to become anything else? Climbing the mountain and reaching him is part of the arduous journey toward self-fulfillment, self-improvement.
Once we find him we ask, "What is the meaning of life?" or "How do we achieve peace in ourselves and our lives?" This all-knowing man tells us the answers are "inside ourselves" and tells us to go and contemplate. Studies have correlated the practice of meditation with higher creativity, increased intelligence, and improved memory. That’s because meditation not only clears the mind, but opens a person to the deeper, silent, creative levels of thought.

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