All the items are brand new ORIGINAL.SynopsisIt is a story about a common man, who takes pride in his honesty.
Today, before starting the satsangh, Bhagavad Gita, the Third Volume, 12th to 18th Chapters in Hindi, the book is ready, and  I am releasing it.
So, please understand, the first priority should be knowledge transferring, educating apparatus, tools, systems, methodologies, accessories, things necessary. Jeeva Samadhi is a place where an enlightened master enters into Samadhi while he was breathing.

His needs and wants in life are less, he has a small close knit family and he believes that his work is his worship.
Saranjeet Singh 'Sunny' is a simple man who loves his family and values truth and believes in its triumphs.
He has lived his life endorsing the good and its strength over evil.The corruption, injustice, confusion due to inefficient system in the society has always bothered since his childhood and so he has become a collector so that he can bring in the change in the society and put things in order. But life takes its turns and he pays the price for doing no harm to anyone individually but for standing up for honesty.

Amidst all this turbulence he meets an old time friend who comes to the same jail as the jailor.

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