Using textures, video projections and ambient sounds, viewers are immersed in the world of Dumka’s textiles.
A BC based contemporary craft artist working in handmade felt, Deborah Dumka draws on the landscapes of her pan-Canadian childhood to explore our relationship to place and the role of Nature to our well-being.
I have lived 20 years on the pebbled edge of an Island in the Straight of Georgia, BC a rural and isolated location that offers the scents, sounds and sights of Nature in relentless abundance. Note: this mat is designed to biodegrade. Do not leave it in a hot car for lengthy periods as this will accelerate the process!
So what is it about mediation that does that to so many, this is the same question that many ask everyday. I have experienced the reverence of passers-by collecting and treasuring broken shell shards, rounded stones and polished driftwood tumbled by the beach and their reinvigoration with energy refreshed from challenging the wind.

The true answer is the mind like can be great but can also work against us from finding our spiritual self or meditative state. Drawing on her past as an engineer, Dumka incorporates animating electronics into her felted textile work that challenges us to invite the natural world into our urban day to day living. There is a deepening understanding of the importance of an authentic relationship with Nature to our human health, well-being and spirit.
By animating my landscape work through texture, sound and film from my homeland haunts, I hope to spark in the viewer a moment that verifies this.
It is amazing how small one feels when this is done often and it can really help shut up the mind quickly.Reality Check – Have you done one of these lately, imagine how you come across to others, are you like how you want or can you improve yourself, can you be more kinder? Nothing is achieved overnight, it takes time, meditating as well as quieting the mind is a process in a way like growing a flower or a fruit tree, it takes time, but is so worth it once it flowers or fruits.

Keep doing so and allowing thoughts to enter and go, with each thought just let it drift by and move on. I’ve always had good experiences, and it always seems to open me up in a positive way.

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