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In short: chakra meditation is one method of meditation, which involves tapping into your seven chakras and accessing the power associated with each chakra. I love this form of meditation as I feel that it builds a beautiful strong spiritual connection within oneself.
The way that chakra meditation works towards inner-spiritual connection is that the more you strengthen each chakra (through meditation) you are able to benefits from each particular chakra and its power.
As chakra meditation allows us to build up strength from the core outwards we are able to develop an immense amount of willpower.
Practising chakra meditation enlightens us to open our minds when a negative situation arises. With the combination of the benefits of chakra meditation you’ll finally feel like you can do anything you want. Another awesome benefit of chakra meditation (or even meditation in general) is that your level of concentration, memory and focus improves tenfold. Even just practising it just a couple times a week can help ease anxiety so you can get more enjoyment from the day! If you’re looking for the best meditation music and at the same time calming music or even meditative music, then you have to shift your focus on new age music.
You may have heard about New Age music before, but it probably didn’t peak your interest until now. Still, you may have heard a relaxing, positive song that probably didn’t have any words and was not classical, yet you enjoyed how it made you feel. Well, technically speaking New Age can best be described as down-tempo music designed to create inspiration, optimism and relaxation. The harmonies associated with New Age music often include a drone bass, modal or consonant that brings about the feelings of warmth and satisfaction. Although many people associate New Age music with synthesizers, there are acoustic forms that are utilized as well, particularly the piano, flutes, acoustic guitar and other non-western instruments.
The best meditation music is often used during meditation and yoga to help relax the body and focus the mind during these tasks. There are many notable New Age artists that have achieved mainstream popularity thanks to their talent, prowess and imaginative use of this unique form. Perhaps the most famous of all New Age artists is Enya, an Irish singer who has won numerous Grammy awards with songs that have sold over 75 million albums worldwide.
If you are considering purchasing New Age, the finest relaxation mediation music around, then it certainly pays to listen to Enya, Kitaro or Vangelis and see if their works appeal to you. Its a very subtle chakra, but opening this chakra opens door for us to connect with our higher self, our very source. Chakra Awakenings [CD]Featuring seven distinct tracks, "Chakra Awakenings" is the perfect meditation aid.

Classical Music: Strings with Brainwave Entrainment [CD]From Bach to Vivaldi, rediscover some of the most famous composers combined with a unique blend of brainwave entrainment.
Didgeridoo with Binaural Beats [CD]Rich, deep and evocative, the didgeridoo is one of the best known musical spiritual instruments.
Higher Balance [CD]Higher Balance "Higher Balance" will take you into a higher state of mind with its powerful Gamma Frequencies. Into the Deep [CD]?Into the Deep? is one of the deepest meditations available in the Brainwave-Sync range of brainwave entrainment. Journey of the Cosmos [CD]"Journey of the Cosmos" is a hauntingly piece of beautiful music, which uses our brainwave entrainment techonolgy . Meditation Music Volume One [CD]Meditation Music Volume One is an album of profound music that you can afford to relax and meditate to. Meditation Music Volume Two [CD]Meditation Music Volume Two explores more profound music using Brainwave-Sync's powerful meditation technology.
That’s why the best meditation music is available for beating anxiety and also to beat depression. When you properly know about the anxiety disorder symptoms you will get to know that the problem is same but expressed in different manner.
Even though there is no reason you need to make a habit of smiling for at least 2-3 minutes once in an hour then it will definitely help you out in beating your depression. If you don’t already know each chakra has a special power and is located in a specific place in your body.
Giving you access to your inner-spirituality, and of which these are the benefits of chakra meditation. Case studies have shown that meditation has led to the ability to quit smoking, and has even seen cases of substance abuse cured. The ability to see that good in the bad gets easier, and your ability to deal with the bad gets easier. Plenty of people go day to day, week to week, year to year without realising their self-worth. With your mind clear from meditation and your emotions all in check you’re able to concentrate on the more day to day stuff! Overly-paranoid about all the avalanche-like outcomes of each situation? Start practising chakra meditation. It works wonders for anxiety. That’s understandable as this kind of meditative music can be considered an acquired taste as you experience other types of popular music.
It is warm, calming music that creates a peaceful atmosphere that helps people to relax and focus on the moment while putting aside the troubles of the day.
Many New Age pieces use the sounds of nature as well, incorporating them into the track or as an introduction to the song. While vocal arrangements are relatively rare, they have become more common in recent years, usually as chants or repeated lyrics.
However, most people put on New Age because it is the best meditation music that helps take their cares away.

New Age also features plenty of variety in terms of the instruments and compositions that are created as well, offering relaxation mediation music at its best. Kitaro is certainly one of the most popular, bringing with him an electronic approach from his Asian background. Her enchanting vocals, powerful Celtic themes and ethereal atmosphere created for her songs has made her the most recognizable of all New Age artists. The physical disorders include bowel problems, fatigue, skin problems, digestion problems, constant colds and allergy type problems.
The first thing you must do for curing it without any medication is to change your daily diet. If your mind is cool then no point in thinking about having stress, anxiety and depression.
By the way, you can follow us also on our Youtube Channel, meditationrelaxclub and there is a special section with guided meditation.
Like the most common method of meditation all you need is a yoga mat, a quiet space, the perfect music and a dedicated set amount of time for meditation! I can guarantee this one thing, after one week of chakra meditation you will find yourself less stressed and enjoying each day more and more.
Chakra meditation makes it easier for you to pinpoint your emotions and the reason you feel the way you do.
If you want to discover more about chakra healing and meditation check out Meditation Relax Club series on the seven chakras, beginning with the first chakra, Muladhara.
While you may not want to listen to New Age music all of the time, it can make for a relaxing break from time to time. This is because the smooth sounds, peaceful rhythms and enchanting harmonies or vocals that create calming music to reach into the soul. Vangelis is a Greek composer who has created numerous soundtracks for films, most notably “Chariots of Fire” for which he received an Oscar. I suggest that you eat a healthy diet which includes plenty of vegetables and fruits and cut down the habit of consuming fast foods. Hence you need not have to think about how to beat depression, beating anxiety so on and so forth. Of course long term depression needs a clinical help but if you are capable of smiling several times in a day.
Take the maximum benefit of advises I have suggested you in the article and it will definitely help you out in overcoming the aspects which you are suffering now.
Avoid the stimulants like nicotine, alcohol, caffeine which will surely benefit in beating anxiety.

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