Most of the music on this site is composed by the meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy, and is performed by him, or by musicians from all around the world who study meditation in the Sri Chinmoy Centre. Sri Chinmoy plays the Indian esraj, bamboo flute and harmonium in this classic recording of meditation music. Adesh Widmer, a Swiss sitarist who studied in Sri Lanka for many years, creates haunting melodies from this beautiful instrument. British group Shindhu offer soulful and peaceful music – ideal for relaxation and meditation. In Sri Chinmoy’s native Bengali, Bhagaban is a very sweet and intimate way to adress God. A selection of free meditation exercises and resources, created by experienced meditation class instructors. Read more » “Music of the Aspiration Heart” by Sri Chinmoy One of Sri Chinmoy’s most popular flute recordings. Read more » Temple-Song-Hearts XIII Temple Song Hearts XIII – The latest album from the European music group.

Read more » Vedic Fire, June 6, 2014 The group Vedic Fire offer a soulful, mantric rendition of some of Sri Chinmoy’s songs. Read more » Meditation-Sun A much-loved recording of Sri Chinmoy on esraj, harmonium and vocals. CopyrightThe contents of this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. You can make and save your own playlists of meditation music by clicking on the settings icon () next to music that you like. This is the first album released by Agnikana’s Group, a female instrumental ensemble from the Czech Republic. These exercise are a useful tool for those interested in starting to learn how to meditate.
And like a tuning fork, and without effort, your own middle pillar will pick up on these powerful vibrations, and resonate as ONE with them.
Something you must experience! Deep Sleep Meditation Music CD This is a special request soundtrack that will make you fall into a deep, restful sleep.

The binaural technology synchronizes your brain hemispheres, lowering your brainwave frequencies and gently pulls you into the deepest state of delta you could possibly desire. Elan Meditation Music CD If you have ever found yourself distracted and needing help to regain the focus on the chakras, or you could use some help finding or feeling a particular chakra then here lies your answer. Active panning and retro drum samples. Quickening Meditation Music CD An epic journey through the fabric of your mind. It creates an accelerated focus that easily pushes past the babbler and intensifies energy flow and the circulation of prana. Shangrila - Deep Sleep Meditation Music CD A journey between worlds and what lies in-between.
Light and uplifting it delivers a sense of hopefulness with moments of heroic sensations and powerful energy movements throughout. Solace Meditation Music CD This album is specifically designed for times when you are feeling anxiety and stress. Specialized binaural technology, and orchestrated music that is directly targeted towards stress and anxiety relief. Valley Of Light Meditation Music CD This ablum creates soft and delicate ambience that gradually gives you a sense of floating gently through time and space.

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