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The site is extremely informative and tackles issues in meditation in a very beautiful way. However, I have a small suggestion that is if you could add problem specific meditation, like treatments and special online meditation for problems like depression, sugar, anxiety, concentration problems or chakra specific meditation for example like one for hot liver etc.
Sahaja Yoga has been a lifeline for me and I have mixed feelings about the way it is treated by Western medicine. We could embrace Sahaja Yoga more quickly,as the site says today,the Queen mentioned meditation in her Christmas speech(2013). Thank you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this site.

Sorry for the big delay in replying, I have been told we use WordPress and it appears to work pretty well. Meditation can be an effective form of stress reduction and has the potential to improve quality of life and decrease health care costs. If you have little or no experience with meditation, "Our Online Meditation Course" will get you up and started quickly and easily. Share your success storiesWrite your success stories and let others know how you benefit from Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Even if you only read and follow what it reccommends, you could well experience sahaja yoga. Everyone must visit this if he or she wishes to have a glimpse at the wonderful life Shri Mataji has introduced the world to. Me parece maravillo la oportunidad que nos ofrecen a traves de las descargas de material que este sitio maneja!

Meditation involves achieving a state of 'thoughtless awareness' in which the excessive stress producing activity of the mind is neutralized without reducing alertness and effectiveness. Here you can find wallpapers for all types of Hindu Gods and Goddesses wallpapers including Mantra, Temples and more photos. Los felicito porque tenemos al alcance de nuestros corazones la sabiduria para consultarla libremente, sin egoismo ni secretismo! It surrounds each breath and each knock of out hearts.You laugh happily when hearing birds and wind in leaves. Features:No spyware, no viruses Timeless Meditation Vivid Colors Flowing Environment Glowing screen MAGic Features Amazing Trance!

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