Even in the most hectic, most busy, most never-sleeping city in the world, comfort for the heart, mind, and soul is only a step away. Spiritual Places In and Around New York City: UPDATED EDITION ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. Maybe it is no surprise that a city notorious for never sleeping would also hold so many beautiful little tranquil spots of weary citizen asylum. This community garden hosts public art and culture events and celebrations, but it was created to offer a place of daily meditation to wandering souls of the East Village.
From 11 am to 6 pm, Thursday to Monday, for a suggested donation of $5, you can utilize this LIC waterfront gallery space of experimental sculpture art as a portal to your higher mind, through thought provoking exhibitions and general serenity of the minimalist space. There is a little sitting area off the beaten path at Amsterdam and 111th Street in Morningside Heights, from which you can sometimes get visits from the resident peacocks of Cathedral of St. Walter De Maria’s “interior earth sculpture,” as described by the artist, puts the weight of the world in 3,600 square feet in Soho, where it is has been quietly contained since 1977, and open to the public and maintained by the Dia Art Foundation since 1980. Wave Hill in the Bronx has long been a place of peaceful rest and recovery for affluent New York families, but today it is a public sanctuary. The humble Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art on Staten Island has verdant gardens and a koi pond with floating lotuses on its grounds.
Stroll the West Village’s smaller cobblestone streets, and many quieter blocks can felt special, shadowy, and all your own. Subscribe to the Atlas Obscura Newsletter and get our latest, delivered straight to your inbox. Present a healthy break from youngsters and husband, believing that she is practicing non-attachment.
Text is in fact solely a very temporary introduction to Mindfulness unfavourable Analysis Over the Course.
Chogyesa and Chogye International Zen Center At both Korean Zen Buddhist centers, stunning meditation rooms and friendly monks will immediately put you at ease. Greenhouse HolisticIndependent types looking for an alternative experience should try the instruction-free Open Meditation Circle, held every first and third Sunday of the month. Tibet HouseThe rotating schedule of teachers at this nonsectarian Tibetan cultural center introduces novices to a wide range of practices, and appeals to solitary and social practitioners alike.
Zen Center of New York City The community vibe at this center (which is the Fire Lotus Temple branch of the Catskills' Zen Mountain Monastery) inspires some to stay for months as residents-in-training. A Kadampa Buddhist Temple is a special, holy place, where we can receive blessings and powerful imprints on our minds that lead to deep inner peace in the future. Many Kadampa Temples are being built around the world as part of the International Temples Project. Others are adapted from existing buildings acquired for Kadampa Meditation Centers around the world, such as the Temples in Toronto, Le Mans, Berlin, Zurich, Texas, Melbourne and Florida.
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso explains that at first a Temple is a representation of a Pure Land, such as Tushita Heaven where Je Tsongkhapa abides, or the Pure land of Buddha Heruka and Vajrayogini.
Eventually, however, through the force of all the pure practices and sincere prayers performed in it and the blessings of the Holy Beings, the Temple becomes an actual Pure Land. Kadampa Temples all house beautiful shrines in which you can see magnificent statues cast in the Kadampa studio at Manjushri KMC. Kadampa Temples are international establishments and each year they host major gatherings such as Dharma Celebrations, National Festivals, and International Festivals. Wishfulling Jewel puja with tsog offering prayers are ceremonies that involve making offerings of food and drink to the Buddhas in conjunction with prayers and meditation of Wishfulfilling Jewel. Suitable for everyone this is a short class to fit into your lunch hour. Each class is self-contained so you can come to any class.
This sadhana, or prayer booklet, includes two practices revealed by the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri. Through this, we can overcome obstacles to our practice and create favourable conditions so that we can nurture and increase our Dharma realizations.

These two practices are the very essence of the New Kadampa Tradition of Mahayana Buddhism. It’s Friday night and time to put the stresses and tensions of the week behind you and enjoy an evening of relaxing meditation. Each class is self-contained so you can come to any class.  It is not necessary to have attended the earlier classes.
Often associated with Eastern-world practices, meditation has been making headlines and infiltrating the West. Best of all, there's no catch: Meditation is free, and you can take it anywhere (all you need is your head). We asked on Facebook the strangest place you've found yourself practicing, and from your answers it's clear: Meditation can happen in motion, and is often helpful in times we anticipate feeling tense. Kickstart your meditation practice with a 10-day starter program from Headspace, a free guided meditation app.
But human beings are known to short circuit without a moment of pause here and there to reflect. But when millions of resourceful New Yorkers are seeking out a transcendental corner of their own, what aloneness can still be found out there? Something to contemplate: According to the SculptureCenter's website, its building on Purves Street in Long Island City was a former trolley repair shop. The Earth Room is closed in summer, but reopens September 10, with hours from 12 to 3 pm and 3:30 to 6 pm, Wednesday through Sunday.
It boasts one of the most glorious views of the Hudson River, an impressive greenhouse, and a reflecting pool in the aquatic garden. This lovingly designed little shrine in a hillside was dreamed up back in 1945 by Madame Marchais, a former actress, who wanted the substantial garden and its pathways through her museum property to quietly invite meditation. Considered the borough's Central Park and designed by the same duo — Olmsted and Vaux — Prospect Park is just as geographically awe-inspiring and pleasurable to explore as its more famous Manhattan sibling. But then there is this old Episcopal church’s public gardens, separated into six areas of specific foliage and design, all of which are cell phone free zones. As a Queens resident a couple years back, I used to stop off the F train early at Roosevelt Island to decompress and process the day, usually right before sunset. Try Time Out World for great nights out and all that’s going on near you – wherever you are in the world.
Show up at 8:15pm on the dot (late arrivals won't be admitted) and use the hour to sit, walk or lie down in silence. Twice a month, an IYI-certified yoga instructor teaches various techniques (meditation for insomniacs, alternatives to sitting) at the Meditation I Workshop. A guided two hour meditation takes place on Tuesdays at 7pm, you can also turn up a bit earlier for silent, individual preparation. Some are custom built according to a special design developed by Geshe Kelsang based on traditional Buddhist architecture, such as the World Peace Temple at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre in England and the Temples in New York, Sao Paulo and Sintra, Portugal. Also in the UK the first NKT International School is located at Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre in Derbyshire and a further school will be opened in the USA in 2014. They are Pure Lands in our troubled world – offering doorways to inner peace for all who visit them.
Just seeing these blessed statues places powerful imprints on the mind to experience deep inner peace in the future. They are an excellent method for accumulating merit, purifying negativity and receiving blessings. Enjoy a short talk and guided meditation to refresh and revive your mind for the week ahead.
The first is a special Guru yoga in which we visualize our Spiritual Guide as Je Tsongkhapa, who himself is a manifestation of Manjushri. If we rely upon the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden sincerely, our faith in Je Tsongkhapa will naturally increase and we shall easily gain experience of the pure Buddhadharma transmitted directly to Je Tsongkhapa by the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri.

If we practise them regularly and sincerely, we shall reap a rich harvest of pure Dharma realizations, and eventually come to experience the supreme joy of full enlightenment.
Through meditations and exploring topics such as love, compassion, patience and cherishing others, children will learn the methods to solve their problems, keep a peaceful heart and become happy individuals. It's no mystery as to why: Just 20 minutes has been shown to decrease stress, help with depression and even lower blood pressure. We were curious where you take your meditation; while we might typically think it's a practice for stillness and silence, it turns out there's no place too loud or exclusive to find peace of mind.
Check out some creative and brilliant places to meditate below, then tell us in the comments where else you like to clear your head.
The comprehensive guided meditation sessions offer clear and straight-forward mindfulness instruction for beginners, who can continue to access hours of videos and audio meditations by subscribing for a low monthly fee. Spiritual Places In and Around New York City is your roadmap to the myriad spaces and places around the boroughs that soothe the psyche and gladden the spirit. No matter your religious belief or method of practice, meditation can be an incredibly healing mind-body therapy. Enjoy all the botanical whimsy and creative landscaping on a breezy afternoon, and strings of twinkling lights in the evening. The building is a little hard to find, making it the perfect door to slip into for slipping away from the daily grind. Take retreat in these carefully conserved grounds surrounding a noble estate where Mark Twain and the Roosevelt family once found respite.
While it has very public locations like the Picnic House, carousel, and bandshell, Prospect Park is known for being home to so many secluded spots; parkgoers report pleasant surprise in stumbling across new pastoral views, hidden nooks, and charming clearings upon each visit. In addition, the uptown Chogyesa offers a beginner's meditation class on Tuesdays and open meditation on Thursdays. Mix it up with other courses like Laughter Meditation (kind of like laughter yoga without the poses), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), kirtan (call-and-response chanting) and a free open meditation session six days a week. Tangka paintings from Nepal adorn the walls of the space, which also doubles as an art gallery. By relying upon this practice, we can purify negativity, accumulate merit, and receive blessings. One beautiful white peacock, named “Phil” by groundskeepers, brings to mind the legend of Lord Sananda, the “white magician” and shaman who was accompanied and symbolized by a white peacock. And if the gardens are a little touristy, head for the outlying wooded areas and take a trail somewhere a little more solitary. And what better way than to escape to this little island, separate from the boroughs and yet right in the center of it all, and take in a grand vista of Manhattan. Chogyesa, 42 W 96th St between Central Park West and Columbus Ave (212-665-3641, nychogyesa.org).
In this way, we shall naturally accomplish all the realizations of the stages of the path of Sutra and Tantra, and in particular we shall attain a very special Dharma wisdom. From restful gardens to quiet galleries to restaurants that feed both our corporeal and incorporeal bodies, and more, Emily Squires and Len Belzer share those locations-some almost secret, others surprisingly public-that help them maintain their sanity amid the frenetic pace of the city. The promenade is rarely bustling in the evening, mostly just a dog walker or two or a young couple.
In brief sketches of these spiritual respites, they reveal the insights they've come to while visiting each, and convey a palpable sense of the wise and serene essence each imparts upon us.
The East River laps gently up the rocks below and each time it recedes, you can let go of another grievance or stressor. Newly updated, with even more calming locales for you to explore and enjoy, this is a must-have for harried New Yorkers and curious visitors alike.

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