About 10 inches tall x 6 inches wideBeautiful Golden ColorBuddha statue serves essentially the same function--to inspire meditation and reflection upon the tenets of Buddhism.
Once you are mentally settled in the moment, continue to remain seated quietly, preferably in a spiritual state of mind, and stay still. The third-eye chakra or brow chakra, as it is popularly known, is Indigo in color and communicates with the pituitary gland in the endocrine system. A balanced third eye ensures adequate intelligence, promptness of thoughts, envisioning beyond the present, future planning, healthy upper respiratory tracks and sinuses and strong intuition of the unseen and unknown.
You could imagine yourself or others happy, successful, and accomplished in family life, at work, in education, in relationships, in public interactions; if there is any important event that you wish would happen successfully, in a particular way, imagine that event within the white light at your forehead, as if it were actually happening the way you want it to be. The empowerment and positive effects of White Light Meditation on your thoughts and aspirations are unimaginable. At the end of your meditation, thank the Almighty whole-heartedly for bestowing upon you the many beautiful people and opportunities, big or small, you have in life.
White Light Meditation can be practiced by anyone irrespective of his or her age, socio-cultural background, nationality, religion, or belief.
Although I have mentioned earlier, I feel it is worthwhile to reinforce to my readers the fact that in order to start White Light Meditation even for the first time you do not need the physical presence of a trainer, teacher or a guru.
I have gifted White Light Meditation to numerous individuals who have not done any spiritual course as such, and have not been initiated or attuned into any other spiritual energy field. Meditating on the White Light during pregnancy, visualizing a normal and healthy conception, pregnancy, delivery and a normal healthy and happy baby can do wonders by nourishing the mother and the foetus with the divine grace of the White Light.
Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members. According to research conducted by Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania, people who meditated daily for at least four years had longer elomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes, than people who do not meditate.
Other studies found that meditators had thicker prefrontal cortexes, an area of the brain associated with attention and planning that grows thinner as we age. Stress management consultant Barbara Stevens says Giering’s story is common among her clients, who are often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD due to their short attention span. Stevens is not surprised by recent studies citing the established work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer of scientific research on meditation since the ‘70s. With regular practice any form of meditation can have a wonderful effect on the body, mind, emotions and spirit, says Charlene Robbins, an ordained minister and meditation teacher.
Tobin believes new research involving meditation’s anti-aging effects is quite promising but still in its infancy. If you can’t imagine yourself sitting still for more than a minute or two, England suggests starting with yoga. One frequent visitor to US once commented, "A few decades back if you saw someone sitting in contemplation or Meditation in one of the yogic posture in park or by the riverbank in US they would exclaim, 'What's wrong with this man? Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari is one of the very few organizations in Bharat who have developed multiple techniques of mediation keeping in view the needs of the modern man.There was a demand for a comprehensive guide book for the learners and trainers.
The book, after giving the conceptual basis of medi t a t ion, which includes a brief introduction to six Bharatiya schools of Philosophy and Patanjal Yoga Darshan, elaborately explain 4 techniques of mediation.
A very elaborate definition of Yoga way of life as a prologue adds to the conceptual clarity of the reader.
On the whole, the book is a very practical handbook for the teachers and learners of the Meditation techniques.
The Process of Engendering Responsibility The problem is that no person is a perfect exemplar of all the qualities of a True Friend. Close your eyes and focus on your heart while mentally acknowledging it to be the center of your existence. Think of something that relaxes you: Mentally visualize the image of God, or repeat a short spiritual phrase or mantra that comforts you, for example, “Aum”, “peace”, “Our Father in Heaven”, “Our Lady”, “Bismillah”, “Sairam”, the face of your child, of your parent or your Guru – any thought that gives you peace and helps you relax. Handling thoughts that come to you during the meditation: Don’t think about anything at this point.
As I have mentioned briefly in Chapter 1, we have a wide subtle existence enveloping our physical bodies.
In our discussion we shall try to stay focused at the third eye chakra since it is relevant to white light meditation.

Activating this chakra through meditation or other spiritual exercises opens our ability to communicate with higher forces and frequencies of the universe. Imagine there is a circular white light at your Third Eye Chakra located at the center of your forehead. Visualize it happening inside the circular light, like a movie running on a white circular screen.
If there is disease or an imminent danger in your life, watch the person(s) involved getting healed, rejuvenated, and getting back to normal life, staying healthy, happy and safe.
Do this meditation every day for a minimum of ten minutes and find out for yourself all the blessings it unlocks for you! You do not need to get specially initiated into the white light meditation or to the white light energy to be able to seek and channelize it through you. Most of them have noticed amazing changes and turnarounds within a few days of starting White Light Meditation.
I advice children to start the meditation between ages eight and ten years depending upon individual maturity level. However, finding a relatively silent place would be conducive to the meditation process, especially for those new to meditation, since it would help them concentrate. A thicker prefrontal cortex means greater brain blood flow, a sign of vigorous brain activity that improves memory and focus. The 40-something IT support specialist just started meditating several months ago and says she already feels more like her “young” self.
Ann Tobin’s own experience with colleagues and patients, while not scientific, suggests a strong connection between the stress reducing benefits of meditation and a “graceful aging” process. While research continues on whether or not mediation can reverse the aging process, the experts agree meditation will put more life in our years even if it doesn’t actually turn back the clock. Vivekananda Kendra Prakashan Trusts new publication "Meditation Concept and process" fulfills this demand. It is therefore necessary to have tactical friendship starting with those around us, to maximize the amount of goodness exchanged.
Don’t get impatient even if you cannot usually stay still for long because you do not have to do that in White Light Meditation. Every chakra is associated with a color, a syllable, and, has a separate endocrine gland interacting with it.
It is coming to you from the spiritual realm of the universe, from the energy belt that stores positivity. Then slowly open your eyes and feel happy with yourself because you have taken the first step towards manifesting your dream. There are no rigid rules that if not followed stringently would affect the meditation or its manifesting power. It is important to remember that white light meditation is a spiritual practice and does not accrue to any religion or sect.
Recent studies suggest this ancient practice of quieting the mind can also slow down or even reverse the aging process. We’re beginning to understand that it affects all organ systems within the body, including the immune system and how the brain activity functions under stress and under difficult situations,” says Stevens. Authored by senior life worker of Kendra Shri Satish Chowkulkar, the book gives all the essential material on meditation in a very lucid narsation.
It is always easier to choose the method most suitable for ones own bent of mind.
Realizing that responsibility and the instilling of responsibility are the key factors in society, the question arises how responsibility and core values can be engendered. Think of your soul as a tiny baby, a divine being dwelling within your heart; ponder upon its subtle presence inside you and mentally intend to send it love and affection.
It should help you calm down and to gather your consciousness back to you, so you can focus within. It shows things actually happening, it portrays future events as they should happen for reaching your goals. You have sent a huge dose of divine white light energy, and with it all the essentials required to convert your endeavors into accomplishments.

Besides, the meditation relaxes you so much that you tend to doze off when the stomach is full.
I was less likely to emotionally react … quicker to hit the pause button and find a calming breath.” By stepping back before we react, England says we can reduce the aging stress hormones such as cortisol that flood into our systems, which over time can wear us out. He has quoted the original texts profusely to give the inner meaning and intent of taking up the venture of mediation. Responsibility was never a virtue to arise by accident-and this is only too true of the sorts of responsibility already mentioned-responsibility for the human dignity of ourselves or others, responsibility for ethical economics for ourselves or others or responsibility for personal or social peace.
Make sure you are away from phone calls, alarms, door bells, other devices and any other source of disturbance or distraction during your meditation time.
While doing so, if you get into a spiritual state of mind, then that is even better for you, though not required for the meditation. You are going to spend the next few minutes thinking about your most desired dreams and aspirations. Visualizing your dream at the third-eye and empowering or charging it up with the white light brings together all the universal energies - inspiration, will power, resources, health, tenacity, and accomplishment, and actually manifests it in real life.
See all the things that you have always wanted - health, happiness, success, peace, intimate relationships, affluence; whatever it is that you desire. On the other hand, meditating on an empty stomach is not a good idea since the mind would naturally crave for food!
Flow charts and diagrams give a visual expression to some very complex processes of the mind. Responsibility can only arise in a person as the result of intentional and extended cultivation and training. Keep aside your concerns for just a few minutes; tell yourself that you will definitely come back to them in a short while.
If you get busy worrying about not to think then that will take you away from the purpose of the meditation. You are going to imagine your dreams at your third eye, that is, at the center of your forehead, just above the brows. The energies vibrate at different frequencies at the seven chakras and transmit energy to the physical body. Imagine that the light beam is shining on you, has entered through your head and gathered at your third eye. Realize that to wake up and to find yourself and your loved one(s) intact is also a great blessing from above! It is therefore best to do White Light Meditation when you are neither hungry nor too full. It could be for you or for others: wellbeing, prosperity, success, career, fame, fortune, family life, marriage, friends, and relationships, anything you aspire for. And, most importantly, practice white light meditation every day to keep the flow of the divine light on, and to ensure that the progression of your dream continues with equal vigor right up to completion.
Choose a time at least twenty minutes after a meal to two and a half hours after a meal, that is, before you are likely to be hungry again, depending upon how often you need to eat. Just observe them like a third person; watch them come, watch them change and merge into other thoughts, watch them go away. The seven major chakras are neatly aligned along an invisible perpendicular meridian running through the center of the physical body parallel to the spine. As you imagine it at your forehead, mentally cover it with a sheet of the divine white light. Listen to the sounds playing within you – listen to your heart beat, the sound of silence in your ears, your breath, blood circulating through the veins, and the like.
If you let it play, then after a short while it is bored with the toy and ready to let go of it.

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