When you are able to disconnect from the outside world and delve into your deepest inside, a new window can open into a more spiritual universe that often helps resolving emotional and personal conflicts. Nowadays, you feel very often inside a rhythm of life that does not allow you to stop and take a moment to dedicate to interior reflection. If you do not dedicate any time to tranquility and inner peace, it can happen that you forget the reality of the present moment.
Meditation cannot only be done for spiritual purposes, but also to help maintaining physical and mental health. Essential Retreat Organizer proposes you programs where this meditation and spiritual deepening is done by professionals who will guide you according to your knowledge and goals.
Our Guiding Teacher, Chan Master Simon Child, Chuan Fa Jing Hong, is the second Western Dharma heir of the late Chan Master Sheng Yen of Taiwan, receiving Dharma Transmission in 2000.
I was walking along Porth High Street and I noticed two photographs advertising a woman's hairdressing shop. We have all done it; watch somebody skimming stones across the water and many of us have tried it ourselves. This is the first of two articles edited from retreat talks by Simon Child introducing koan-practice and explaining how to penetrate koans. I had never been on any kind of retreat before I arrived at the Western Zen retreat at Maenllwyd in November. The articles on this website have been submitted by various authors and the views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the Western Chan Fellowship. Norman Feldman attended his first Insight Meditation retreat in 1971, while traveling in India.

As well as leading formal retreats, Norman has offered forms of practice that facilitate the integration of meditation into daily life.
Molly Swan has been engaging in spiritual inquiry and meditation practice since the 1980's in North America, India, and England, primarily with teachers in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Molly's path has been primarily the teachings and practice of the Buddha because they speak with such clarity and possibility of liberation from suffering and struggle that is possible right here, right now - allowing the heart, and life, to truly flower.
Although Molly has been teaching and supporting the Dhamma whole-heartedly for years, she is enjoying a much-reduced teaching schedule now, allowing time in semi-retirement for supporting others in the meditation teacher role, for pursuing other interests, and for simply a€?beinga€™. Some meditation techniques help to improve concentration, memory and the immune system, as well as to relieve stress and tension.
We have select programs conducted in beautiful environments and accommodations where you can get the most out of this experience. The Western Chan Fellowship is an association of lay Chan practitioners, a lay Sangha, based in the UK. It is made of many bits of material which are in the shape of the letters of the alphabet, all stuck together to make an image of a person sitting. Since then he has practiced and studied with many teachers in the Theravada, Tibetan and Zen traditions of Buddhism, as well as with teachers in the Advaita-Vedanta tradition of Hinduism.
These have included canoe retreats, study classes in the Buddhist texts, non-residential retreats that emphasize the integration of meditative awareness, insight and inquiry into daily life, and pilgrimage to the sacred Buddhist sites of India and Nepal. He is reducing his teaching schedule and giving more attention to mentoring and supporting the next generation of dhamma teachers. Since 1997 she has been teaching Insight Meditation retreats as well as mentoring individuals and groups.

Other sources of inspiration for Molly have been months of pilgrimage in India, and living 'on the road' where the experience of stepping into the unknown as a daily experience is a powerful teacher.
We are registered as a charity in England and Wales, but we also have contacts in Europe, principally in Norway, Poland, Germany, Croatia and Switzerland, and also in USA. However, it is not always possible for people physically to come together either for short meditation sessions or for longer periods on retreat. I knew I was searching for a path, and I was increasingly convinced that this may help me to begin walking it. He has spent long periods of time without a home, practicing intensively in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka, and in the West.
A part of Molly's practice has been supporting others in accessing the precious gift of the Buddhist teachings.
She is a co-founder and past Guiding Teacher for True North Insight Meditation Centre, and organized and managed retreats for many years in India, England, and Canada. Norman began teaching Insight Meditation retreats in 1986, and since then he has taught throughout Canada and the US, as well as in England, in Bodh Gaya, India and in Israel.

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