There is information about publicity and getting a venue here, but for now leta€™s tackle our first class. Be aware that every class is different, the seekers that come all have completely different needs and your role is to respond to that. Visualise the whole class, the exercises that you will do, what you will say and see yourself being inspirational and your students being inspired.
The exercises are the best teacher, because after all you are trying to teach your students to be their own guide. The best way to do this is to introduce yourself very briefly and then ask each person to say their name as you go around the group. This is a good time for the first exercise so ask if there are any questions, and if not, ask if they would like to try a simple meditation exercise to get them started. Everything that you have done or will do does not matter right now, all that matters is now, this moment and in this moment all that is, is your breath, going deeper and deeper into your breath. The peace is like a light that is flowing through you, rising up from the earth and relaxing you. Breathing peace into your chest and shoulders a€“ everything is dropping and relaxing, while your mind is becoming clearer and more focussed. Your face is relaxing as you release tension from your jaw and ears, your nose and mouth, your forehead, relaxing deeper and deeper and breathing in more and more peace.
You realise that the peace you are breathing in is flowing through your heart, it feels like a light, an energy that is flowing through your heart to every part of you. I am going to leave you for a moment but I would like you to relax more and more into this peace. The group will definitely help in creating the right atmosphere and the discipline to do our meditation, but in the end we must have faith in our own inner voice. You might describe again that our meditation experience just as we explained goes from superficial thinking, to analytical (just one thought) to the intuitive a€?aaha€™ moment.
Our awareness is moving from superficial mind to deeper, analytical mind to perception from our heart.
This is a great time to spend a few minutes explaining that we have all had meditation moments in our lives, probably very often.
Leave your students for a minute or two and then ask them to come back and open their eyes and ask if anyone would like to share their a€?aaha€™ moments with the room.
Every a€?aaha€™ moment people have in their life will come at a time of crisis or great focus so make sure you make it clear that it is the concentration, the one-thoughtedness, that is the doorway to meditation.
Go through a few of the examples people give you, ask them do they recognise how they have got to the a€?aaha€™ moment in the past and how important the meditation experience is to their happiness and to their sense of themselves. Then explain that so far these experiences have been by accident, imagine what would happen if we could have these experiences when we chose. Imagine how much more in tune with ourselves we would be, how much more in tune with our lives.
It will be easy to get an intellectual understanding of what meditation is and perhaps some people might say that is a start, but everything really begins when the seeker understands that he or she is the ultimate teacher, and that to really learn one must practise daily.
The highest experience in every endeavour is an 'Aah' moment which is of course the moment of meditation. The Meditation Society of Australia exists to help people learn to meditate without any other religious or other agendas.
I sometimes meditate on specific issues in my life and using a per-written or per-recorded meditation script, helps me keep my attention focused on the goal I have set forth. Meditate Today is dedicated to provide information about meditation and other spiritual practices.
The content of this website, including all music, all text, all downloads, all music samples and all other material are owned or controlled by Meditate Today. Featured ContentMeditation Exercise; Letting go of limiting Beliefs Part 3This part of the series may seem a little daunting but I assure you it is necessary to see all of the connections with your limiting belief so that you can easily transcend it. 5 Meditation Breathing Exercises Using VisualizationUsing your breath as a focus point is the first step in learning how to meditate and controlling you conscious thoughts. Stress & Worry Breathing ExerciseStress Worry Breathing Exercise We cannot control life.
Breathing in Peace and Joy; Breathing Exercisepeace joy breathing It is up to you on how you feel.
Cosmic BreathingListen to or read the script below and enjoy cosmic breathing cosmic breathing This breathing exercise can create healing, well-being, or inspiration for greatness. Meditation Breathing Exercise; Breath AwarenessExpanding your awareness through breath work is easy and very pleasant.

Meditation Exercise; Manifest Your Desire Part 2It can take some time finding your true desires and chances are they will change, as everything in life is forever changing.
Meditation Exercise; Manifest Your Desire Part 1Manifesting your deepest desires comes from knowing what you really want. Meditate for Insomnia ReliefInsomnia relief normally comes from a pill you can get from your doctor. Credit that to Meng Ong’s script, based upon his own story, which deals with the themes of love, loss and letting go with (pleasantly) surprising nuance. On the other hand, Lee balances his time with Ng against that with his own son alone, as Ong portrays how their unconventional trade has come at the expense of Boy’s friendships with his classmates (who shun him for being someone who consorts with ghosts) as well as that of his time needed for homework and preparing for examinations. That is a lot to go on for a 97-minute movie, and the fact that Ong manages to develop each of these overlapping but largely separate plotlines is praise-worthy in itself. What few commentators have touched upon, but what we feel deserves special mention here, is its delicate handling of a possibly homosexual relationship between Ng’s son Peng (Wang Po-Chieh) and Ryan (Kenji Fitzgerald).
Wayne Dyer has a prayer that he repeats before his presentations a€?how may I serve?a€? You may try something similar.
In any kind of public speaking, you need the practicalities of a joke or a story or an exercise to reinvigorate or help pace the session so work those out as well, have a couple of plan ba€™s should everything not go exactly as planned.
You will need some explanations and theory in the beginning but as the classes progress, the theory should succumb to more and more practical meditation exercises. So be on time, smile, make eye contact where possible and really concentrate on radiating love to everyone in the room.
You can only do this practically with small groups of no more than 30 people but if you have more than that just ask each person to shake hands and introduce themselves to the person either side of them. When our mind is focused completely on one thing, we are the most efficient and purposeful in our thinking. Explain that the most important part of the classic lotus position is to get the back straight and breathing relaxed. And you feel the source of the peace more and more is your own heart, it feels as though you can dive deeper and deeper into your own heart and there is more and more peace. As though every cell of your body has been illumined by the light of this peace, that every darkness, every worry, every doubt, every fear has been transformed by the light of peace from your own heart.
If your mind wanders just repeat the word peace to yourself and feel as though the power of the word is coming from the innermost recesses of your heart. Now I would like you to come back to an awareness of this room and the people here and when you are ready take a few deep breaths and open your eyes. In the exercise we just did, we thought about peace, we imagined it, we concentrated on it and for a moment or two, we experienced it (a€?aaha€™) a€“ we become peace and then most of us would of said to ourselves a€?is this it? Explain that the process is very simple, it is not mysterious, we think, we concentrate, then comes the a€?aaha€™ moment of meditation. Perhaps even ask them to close their eyes again for a moment and find one a€?aaha€™ moment in their life.
Usually someone will respond so just hear their stories and try and relate their experience to the process of focussing on one thought and then the a€?aaha€™ moment comes. If still no one speaks than move onto the next exercise which is to explain that we already meditate in every field, in every endeavour of our lives. Then show that in every endeavour we go through the process of training the body and mind and then concentrating the mind so that we can have an a€?aaha€™ moment. And then will come a moment where we will see a leaf or a tree or even just a raindrop and we will have the a€?aaha€™ experience, and for a moment we will stop being tourists looking at a forest and start actually experiencing the forest, participating and becoming the forest. Show how we start with the body and mind, learning to place our fingers in the right places in the right ways. It is crucial that you are sincere and committed in your recommendation that people meditate daily.
Anything less than daily will be like trying to read a book and rereading the page over and over again because nothing is sinking in.
Emphasise the importance of coming to your class to learn the guidelines of self teaching, to gain the empowerment from the group to keep motivated and the discipline to meditate every day.
I hope you found these meditation scripts helpful please feel free to share this web site will your favorite social media sites and help spread the word on the benefits of meditation.
Many things happen to us and to others we care about that trigger the feelings of stress and worry.
If you would like to attract feelings of peace and joy than all you have to do is put your attention on it. When you use the visualization of bringing comic energy into your body, mind and spirit the sky is the limit.

You may think you know what you want such as a new car, more money, a bigger house, a better relationship but what if I were to tell you that those types of wants are not your desires.
Using an old Chinese matchmaking ritual, the three of them embark on the search for a perfect bride. Each of them coalesce beautifully around the central themes mentioned earlier, and it is towards the end when we see Ong tying them all together for a climax built on a wedding ceremony between the living and the dead that we fully comprehend Ong’s intention for the movie as a whole.
Indeed, this is one of the very best local films of the year that boasts a multi-layered yet well-developed script, solid direction (without any of the glaring continuity errors we so often see), and engaging performances from a regional cast – most significantly to us, it tackles several complex subjects with confidence, thoughtfulness and nuance. Hand positions arena€™t strict, they can be resting palms up together in your lap, folded in prayer, etc. Relaxing your hips and stomach and lower back, breathing out tension and breathing in peace. The important things to emphasise are that we all meditate differently and that the best teacher of our meditation is our own experience. Let them relax with the notion that it is not a trance, it may only be a second or two but that there is a lot of power in these a€?aaha€™ moments.
Am I doing it?a€™ and of course at that point we are not doing it a€“ we are thinking again. Ask them to smell the fragrances, hear the sounds, see what they were seeing, it might have been a beautiful sunset or the smile of a little baby or the first time they really experienced love and so on. But then if our teacher is any good she will say a€?now concentrate, really focus, this music is the only thing that exists whilst you are playing ita€™ and you will focus. It will deepen everything we do already but the discipline of meditating every day is extremely important to keep these skills tuned and honed. This is what I like to call a 60 second meditation that can bring forth positive change in your life. One side affect I have heard many people complain about is waking up the next morning feeling less than yourself.There are many ways to meditate but if you’re seeking a better night sleep then I would suggest a guided meditation. However, the situation becomes challenging when they move from place to place and yet, the right bride cannot be found. But that doesn’t mean you should simply dismiss this first pairing between Ng and Lee, for what it lacks in terms of humour, it sure makes up for in thoughtfulness and poignancy. In Ng and Lee’s relationships with their children, and in that of how Ng and Chan deal with the absence of a loved one, Ong meditates on how our tendencies to dictate the way that we love, whether is it by clinging on to the ones we love or freeing them from the confines of our biases and mindsets, ultimately makes not just us miserable but also the very people we love. We can use a number of meditation techniques to achieve this, and they will be explored in further classes. These moments are where the deepest moments of revelation and intuition are born, and where we reveal our real self. Your body is so relaxed it is as though it is falling asleep but at the same time you are becoming more and more alert, filling with a powerful dynamic energy that makes you more and more aware. Again in time, our teacher will say a€?now stop thinking about the music and become the music, feel ita€™ - and there will be the a€?aaha€™ moment.
The audio productions on this site are for personal use only and may not be redistributed or republished without written permission. Ng has good banter with both Lee and Chim, and the choice of casting a Hong Kong actor next to Ng as her husband is an inspired one that makes for a more natural delivery in the former’s native Cantonese tongue. When the search takes on an unexpected turn, MASTER WONG insists that the match is legitimate but MRS WU strongly disagrees.
We start our walk with all sorts of rubbish thoughts thinking about our rent or an assignment that is due or whatever, but then as we enter the forest and really enter into the experience of the forest we focus on just one thought a€“ the forest. As MRS WU charges head on to organize an elaborate wedding banquet for PENG, the fight between her and MASTER WONG escalates.
At the wedding, MRS WU encounters one problem after another as all Chinese ghost wedding hell starts to break loose. As secrets are revealed, it turns into a fantastic night of shocking revelations and both families are forced to face up to the lies they have all been living with. But will they be able to overcome their own limiting beliefs to come to terms with their loved ones and most importantly, their own personal truths?

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