If, from time to time, one has the opportunity to spend a few days in the mountains or by the seashore, in meditation and contemplation, that is most renewing and advisable. Meditation, which utilizes both observation and concentration, entails contemplation and investigation of a subject. Meditation  is more passive (than exercises or visualization), as it involves reflection and introspection. We are fundamentally opposed to any system of exercise adopted by Westerners which create a division between the mundane and the Divine and a gulf between a meditative state and a normal waking state. Question: I infer then that you feel uncomfortable with Systems which require meditation periods of several hours a day, and retreats that span months, even years. I have seen many, too many, who have severely damaged their nervous systems through excessive meditation. Exercise and meditation at higher levels mean exploring, attuning to, and eventually becoming unified (at-one-ment) with the Causes, Principles, Ideas, and Laws. Here in our audio meditation room, you will find a variety of mp3s, including meditation instruction, and guided meditations for relaxation, stress reduction, restful sleep, transformation, higher guidance, awakening your chakras, and more. Two meditations for tuning in to higher guidance -- one for connecting with your Higher Self and one for contacting your spiritual guide. River of Tranquility's mode of transformation is rooted in the ancient art of Temple Sleep, which combined music, altered states of consciousness, guided imagery and affirmations, to produce profound transformation. Your chakras are circular fields of etheric energy, located at various points along your spinal column, from the base of your spine to your crown.
Track 1: Healing Pool ~ In the first meditation you will commune with your spiritual guides in the temple garden.

Track 2: Lifted Into the Light ~ In the second meditation you will visit the temple garden again. Your Inner Self - also known as your Inner Spirit or Pure Awareness - is that part of you which is eternal and unchanging. All text, graphics, HTML and contents of this website are protected by US and International copyright laws and may not be reproduced or distributed in any manner without the explicit permission of The Worldwide Online Meditation Center.
As mentioned before this is just one of the Efflearn Meditation Audio Programs that is available, many more can found if you visit their site. Learn Out Loud offer a wid varety of meditation related tapes including this interview with Thich Nhat Hanh in which he offers many concrete ways to practice mindfulness.
This enjoyable video program from Learn Out Loud displays the warmth, simplicity, and extraordinary depth of Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings and way of life. The Love of the Absolute Beingness is at the very heart of the cosmos and the Source of all Creation. It is not healthy, nor respectful, to annihilate either the natural world or the lower body belonging to it. Each individual who awakens spiritually adds to the collective awakening now taking place on our planet.
Then they will escort you into the temple, where you will immerse yourself in the blissful waters of a celestial healing pool. On this visit a group of radiant, loving beings will encircle you and elevate you into the light of a higher state of consciousness. The nature of your Inner Self is peace and happiness which is not dependent on external circumstances.

The secret to being able to achieve your goals, is to be able to visualize the end result on a daily basis. Guided by Noel Fox's questions, Thich Nhat Hanh explores the crossroads at which Eastern and Western spiritual traditions meet. It is the same Love to which we owe our Source, and the same Love which lives in our hearts. There are seven major chakras, each having a specific role to play in your life, from fulfilling your most mundane needs, to opening you to the highest spiritual experiences.
This cleansing is ceaseless work and even so-called Masters must keep constant vigil against the emergence of egoism.
The meditations contained on this tape will help you tap your creative potential and master the art of visualization and learn how to use this technique to make positive changes in your life. But if you decide to put it in the hot midday sun, or water it to the point of  drowning its roots, it will surely shrivel up and die.
Remember, we teach that the sum total of all elementals which we create, assimilate and re-energize, compose our present-day personality.
By exercising too much there is a danger in over-meditating,  creating an extreme division between the periods of meditation and your normal waking state.

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