With this Buddhist Meditation plan for beginners, you will learn the best Buddhist meditation techniques for quieting your mind, cultivating inner peace and achieving sustained happiness. The first step in our meditation plan for beginners is simply to acquaint yourself with the different types of techniques.
In a moment we will look at how to use these techniques for beginners in an ideal meditation plan.
The really great thing is, that whatever the reason for starting, all the other benefits tend to manifest as a natural consequence. Having a daily meditation practice encourages free-thought, gives you access to powerful inner-guidance, and allows you to perform right-action in your life.
Your attention determines your thoughts > Your thoughts determine your emotions > Your emotions fuel your actions > And your actions determine your results in life.
These little moments of choice will become more and more frequent in your day-to-day life, and you will exercise your choice to create your life in the way that you want it – rather than in the compulsive, unconscious way we were raised to live.
Select a gentle piece of music without lyrics (new-age stuff is good) or a playlist that lasts for 20 minutes. If a thought comes into mind (and they will, relentlessly!), simply return your focus to the breath without judgement. Now, depending on the emotional point you are starting from, there is a chance this process will completely frustrate and annoy you. Sure, you can listen to the guided meditation as many times as you like, but you’ll quickly get the gist of it and be able to do it for yourself soon enough. And if you need extra help, there’s always the Accelerated Meditation, which is what I use every day.
Brooks, director of the Austin Psychology and Assessment Center, says our thoughts are like a river.
Brooks says meditating is like exercise; a full workout is preferred, but there is value in short bursts. While walking your dog, taking a hike, or simply getting the mail, focus your attention on one item, such as the sound of the cicadas, the feel of the ground beneath your feet, or the color of the tree. As you eat or drink, focus on the various flavors, textures, and sensations of the particular food or drink. There are many meditation techniques that you can use when you are first starting out that can really help you establish a strong foundation. Bullied at school and living in a home where my father’s alcoholism was the cause of much fighting, I was paralysed by fear. Meditation: The practice of focussing the mind on the present moment to produce focus, calmness and inner peace.

There are a great many techniques that can be used to cure fear and “Laziness.” They include Zen, Transcendental Meditation Technique, Buddhist techniques and more. Nothing is so free as water, so perhaps it is only fitting that water meditation be so effective at freeing the mind.
6)      Afterwards, say to yourself, “I will flow freely as water.” Make this your mantra for the next week. Breathe into your stomach (this stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, or a relaxation response).
Whatever comes up for you in meditation, just know that that is what is supposed to be happening for you at that moment. You’ll only know how worth it it was when your life is how you want it to be, and not some sad rerun of today. Having everyone close their eyes, Miss Dunn would ask the class to tell her what they heard. Drinking a cup of tea or enjoying a piece of chocolate can be a form of meditation, says Brooks. For example, washing your hands, folding laundry, taking a shower, washing dishes, or brushing your teeth can serve as mini-meditations if you focus on the experience and stop your mind from wandering.
I have taught classes, have a private practice and have opened up past businesses to support the community in reaching their highest potential within health, fitness, and spirituality. Calling someone “Lazy” is, ironically, a “lazy” understanding of a person’s emotional state.
When we meditate on water, we encourage our minds to let go, to live in the moment, to be free and, as water, to find stillness in motion. If you do so, focus on the feeling of the water on your body and ask the water to carry away your stress and concerns. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! In this article we prescribe a set meditation training plan, suggesting when to do each technique, but feel free to meditate according to your own plan. Read through these descriptions and click the link for more detailed information on each technique.
After a little while, you begin to become aware of what your attention focuses on, a process that is usually completely unconscious, and deeply ingrained. I played video games because they occupied my mind, preventing me from thinking about what might have been said to me at school, the fights I might find myself in the next day, or how my father might behave. There is always a reason for so-called laziness, and more often than not the reason comes down to fear.

One of the oldest ways, dating back more than four thousand years, is the practice of meditation. But there is one technique which is so effective at treating “Laziness” that it merits additional coverage here: Water meditation. Water is one of the most powerful forces in the world, constituting more than 75% of the planet and powering nature and life.
Some are afraid of being judged by others—the inactive overweight person we call “Lazy” is likely afraid of being insulted should they attempt to exercise. Find the essence of water in your spirit and you will likewise discover the true power within. Because ultimately this repetition words or sound is training your mind to be focused on a single point.The most commonly know mantras used for meditation or yoga are usually derived from sanskrit.
Which helps create a connection with the little I (you) to the big I (the divine source).Mantras are great for you to use because they help break up your mental patterns.
And we have all witnessed what comes out of that horse's mouth)So ultimately meditation helps you be less of a Donald Trump ;)One thing that people sometimes wonder when meditating is if its a religious thing. But since my background in ?meditation comes from a Kundalini Yoga, Naam Yoga, Kabbalah, and Tibetan traditions I will only teach you from these sources.Ways to use mantra during meditation are to repeat them silently, whisper them, or chant out loud. Meaning you'll here it at the beginning of a longer mantra or set of mantras.If you take a deep breath through your mouth and listen. This powerful mantra also corresponds to the conscious, unconscious and subconscious.I am a big believer in practical spirituality where experience is the greatest teacher. Enjoy!Conclusion?Using meditation techniques for beginners such as mantras will quickly help you focus your mind and enjoy meditation when starting out.
You’re not looking to just talk to someone – you’re looking for guidance… for solutions… for change. What if you could tap into your own inner wisdom, hear that part of you that leads you to the life you want?
Listening to this voice is how your true potential emerges… it unleashes the power within you to live your most authentic dreams, achieve your highest goals, and live deeply in your fullest passion.

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