A wonderful calming exercise is to create a meditation visualization to use as an anchor for later recall whenever you wish. Simply enjoy a beautiful moment, be it lazing on the beach, sitting among nature, watching a sunset, observing animals or anything that brings you deep and peaceful relaxation. Once you have remembered your meditation visualization in all its incredible beauty and detail think about how you can deepen and enrich every single one of your present moments. Below is an example of a meditation visualization I use with the recollections I have of the moment; often the recall is only brief, yet it is enough as a reminder to help feel instant calm. A warm day, sunlight and shadows, light pouring through tall trees yet still a cool shade and slight breeze. You can visualize the experience as a silent movie or you can recall events with an internal commentary. The questions can continue in order for you to drink in your surroundings in full and vivid detail. When you experiment with seeing each moment of your life as mini meditation visualizations; noticing within and without, you’ll enjoy greater moment by moment calm and presence. I hope you enjoy viewing my Mind Maps – there are hundreds more planned here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog plus ongoing creativity and drawing tips. Also available: E-Books designed to help you create stylish and artistic mind maps of your own. If you know someone who could benefit from this post and others here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog please share with them. The system of creative visualization taught in this guide relies on tried and true methods. Read my review of the " Make Your Visualizations Reality" program and take your creative visualization practice to the next level! First published in 1991, this new edition is twice as long and includes all the original meditations as well as those from more recent works that focus on intuition and prosperity. Relaxation meditation script explore, Read or download this free relaxation meditation script which gently guides you through breathing and physical relaxation.. Meditation helps practitioners appreciate what they have and who they are in any given circumstance. Some of the meditations include learning how to have compassion for others by remembering others in their meditations. As gratitude and compassion are developed in the practice of meditation, the practitioners’ attitude is improved and they feel more at peace with themselves and the world around them. Feeling gratitude for what they have, being more at peace and having compassion for the world around them can bring happiness to those who regularly practice meditation. In addition, practicing meditation can also bring you closer to God or whichever higher power you believe in. As the meditation is put into practice, many people will have intrusive thoughts about the problems in their lives. Once someone has become familiar with practicing mindfulness of breathing meditation, the next step is to learn how to meditate using Metta Bhavana, or the Loving Kindness meditation.
This form of meditation is the one that is most commonly practiced in Tibet and some other Buddhist countries. As a means of getting into the frame of mind for Zen-style meditation, you might find the following exercise useful. Now gradually expand your attention so you are aware of both your left and right hand simultaneously. Transcendental meditation was popularized in the 1950s by the Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, based on ancient Vedic traditions, yet designed to be suited to the Western mentality. Many advanced meditation techniques involve visualizing or focusing on something in your mind, whether specific imagery or mantras.
Basic breathing meditationWhile you sit comfortably with the eyes closed, try to focus on your breathing. Present moment focus meditationWhile sitting comfortably and focusing on your breathing, imagine as if you have no past. For those who are new to meditation there seems to be a lot to learn, but they can learn much by attending meditation centers and seeking guidance from the teachers.
After acknowledging my tooch, I immediately went about correcting it and will now share my process in hopes that I can help those others who are similarly afflicted. I then went on to strengthen my lower abdominals in an attempt to correct the tilt of my pelvis.

Lastly, to avoid going from riding with an arched, hollow back to riding with a rounded back, it is important to strengthen your mid-back and shoulders. Because of my conformation, I will always have to be aware that a lack of vigilance could easily cause my position to revert back to complete toochitude, but for now, these exercises have really helped me reshape my seat.
Biz Stamm is the 29 year old trainer and instructor of Stamm Sport Horse, LLC, specializing in pure dressage, as well applied dressage for riders involved with other disciplines.
Biz is also the proud owner (more like ownee!) of a 5 year old standard rex bunny named Pi Rex Rufuse (Get it!?  Pi r-squared!!!). After getting a Masters degree in Plant Pathology, and pursuing a career in the scientific world, it became clear to her that she was only truly happy when she was interacting with, or talking about horses (and sometimes rabbits). You can do this by raising your awareness of the moment, fully involving all your senses and reducing your thinking as you go about your day. Rustling leaves; the loudest sound, insects airborne and on the ground, birds busy and squirrels curious, coming and going, feeding at scraps on a picnic table.
The moment of calm; your meditation visualization, is a relaxation snapshot – a moment in time you can revisit often. With practice, you’ll start seeing the richness of every moment and notice the silence that exists beneath all events. Training your mind to create positive imagery will help you direct your life with less conscious effort.
The practitioner doesn’t have to be a follower of some specific religion in order to benefit from the practice of meditation, whether the benefits are spiritual or physical.
Having more inner peace allows practitioners to relax and enjoy the moment they are in, bringing happiness along with it.
Some people count their breaths, while others watch the rise and fall of their abdomen or chest. However, those thoughts should be banished so the practitioner’s concentration isn’t broken. The Loving Kindness meditation should be done after completing mindfulness of Breathing, about two or three times every week.
The practice of Shi-ne meditation helps people to develop peace of mind and stability within their lives.
These guidelines, also called Lojong, involve adjusting the practitioners’ attitudes and motivations. It will help you to move your focus from being grounded in a real object, to your own body, to beyond the self in a state of restful emptiness. Stare at your hand and keep focusing on it without even thinking about it or anything else. Continue this expansion of your awareness to include thoughts and emotions, and sights and sounds. It is practiced by repeating Mantras, which are words, or a series of words, that produce specific sounds or vibrations. Try to feel it as it goes deeper and slowerOpens the door to God’s love and facilitates all healingIf breathing goes erratic.
Test different phrases and figure out the one that gives you maximum upliftYou start paying attention to God’s peace and improve your quality of lifeDon’t wait for some specific time to chant these phrases. One doesn’t have to be Tibetan or Buddhist to use these meditation practices and receive the spiritual and physical benefits they offer. One of my favorite stretches for the low back and glutes involves sitting cross-legged, and then extending the arms and upper body forward. Biz has always wanted to have some sort of mini horse to live in the house, and since the current landlords won’s allow any kind of equine on the property, Biz opted for a rabbit, which evolutionarily speaking, is very closely related to the horse. Now that she is riding full time, Biz still keeps her scientific training close at hand, focusing on correct biomechanics and physics involved in riding. If you fully immerse yourself in the experience you will be able to close your eyes and transport yourself back to that beautiful moment whenever you wish.
Consider your thoughts, your body and your surroundings – that is; enquire what is happening on the inside and on the outside.
An alternative is to visualize one specific part of your meditation visualization such as the light through the trees or the squirrels making eye contact; a quick visual cue to return you to calm. I've studied several methods and have distilled the essence of the various techniques into one easy to understand system. You'll find that a regular visualization practice can help you clearly recognize your goals and allow you to naturally achieve them.

With a new introduction by the author, this is a perfect companion for the millions of readers who seek “private” guided meditation from this inspiring teacher. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Visualization Meditation Relaxation Technique interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. The spiritual benefits can be attained by anyone of any religion as long as he is open to receiving these benefits. Having gratitude allows people to enjoy what they have and to not suffer by trying to attain what they don’t have.
As compassion develops, the dislike and strife with others dissipates, allowing them to have complete compassion for their fellow man and all sentient beings. It can be used to help with concentration, to develop mindfulness and to gain insight and body knowledge. Focus and concentration are very important in meditation, so disruptive thoughts need to be squashed quickly. Focusing on your left hand will activate right brain cognition, and any scrambled thoughts will start to disappear. If you find thoughts keep babbling back into your mind again, go back to the first focusing steps of the meditation until you find the still, empty place again. By letting this word or sound fill your mind, you become so relaxed and tranquil that you transcend the mind, to enter a state of pure bliss, or higher consciousness. You basically have to sink down your mindAll your worries go and you start focusing on the presentIf there are any worries that arise while you are doing the meditation, just imagine giving them to the God.
Aside from being incredibly effective, this stretch is comfortable enough to hold for long periods of time making it an ideal position for meditation or visualization exercises. If I had a dollar for every time a ballet teacher or riding instructor has told me to tuck my butt under, well… I’d probably throw them at my own a$$ because, girrrrl, should see that thang when I wear heels!!! In addition to the senses, note colours, textures and oddities and explore the 5W 1H of reasons that the moment is special to you. Predominant textures wood, both hard and soft, earth and fallen leaves and a backdrop of light blue sky with variety of fascinating shapes of ever-changing clouds. This form of meditation is usually the first form that Buddhists and non-Buddhists are taught and it can be difficult to master because it requires both focus and consistent effort. If distractions try to disrupt the concentration, just ignore those thoughts and disruptions and focus on taking relaxing breaths.
For a better understanding of this meditation technique, the analogy of a candle flickering in the wind is compared to the mind, which is often easily distracted by conflicting emotions.
Teachers of transcendental meditation give each student their own mantra, which is chosen as a sound, which should particularly resonate with them. When you’re ready, choose the ones that are best for you, and be sure to add them to your weekly meditation schedule. As the sound of the rustling leaves on the trees fades, silence washes over my body; the birds and squirrels dance lightly in the stillness. The practice of Shi-ne is much like a putting a glass chimney around the candle, so that it helps the mind to focus, allowing it to burn steady and bright. These mantras can also take the form of spiritual meditation music that can be played to facilitate the meditation of a group of people. Unfortunately I make my living in the saddle and not looking fierce in front of the flash bulbs. While she is fairly coordinated and balanced on a horse these days, she is still somewhat of a mess on her own two feet. Soft bread sandwiches, rich aroma of coffee, mind quiet, world of nature shifting before my eyes without the need of words.
Practicing this meditation can lead to an exact awareness, allowing insight into oneself and into others.
Energy moves through seven Chakras and if any of them is blocked, illness can be the result. Also, attempting to sit the trot with an overly forward-angled pelvis is a sure recipe for both human and equine back pain.

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