A mantra is a precise sound, a frequency that conveys a directive into our sub-consciousness.  Mantras are invoked towards the delivery of very specific results and are repeated a certain number of times.
The word OM is a mantra unto itself — and perhaps the most well-known mantras of them all! Because mantras are precise sound vibrations that produce geometric patterns, it is imperative that they be recited correctly with the appropriate intonation and pronunciation. For thousands of years, yogis have chanted mantras in order to help stabilize and clear the mind, leading one to deeper spiritual awakening and awareness. Repetition of a mantra is called Japa and a Japa Mala is a string of beads used to count the repetition of a mantra. The Sacred Scriptures and accomplished spiritualists declare that since ‘OM’  has been chanted for millions of  year by the great sages of India, therefore the word “Amen” is connected with it. At first He created the three worlds, known as Prthivi, the Earth,  Antariksa, the intermediary world, and Dyu-loka, the heavens.

There are many references to such creation in the Vedas, where great sages were able create concrete forms simply by their thoughts or merely by the expression of such thoughts.
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The moment we focus on the practice of being “present,” we, then, automatically experience great peace, profound silence and supreme bliss!
For instance, in Ramayana, when King Indra refused Trishanku’s entrance into Heaven, Sage Visvamitra created another heaven simply by uttering the words “let there be a new heaven”. It has been said that chanting mantras in Sanskrit offer a path to the union of body, mind and spirit.
This is the process and goal of meditation and using mantras is a very effective way to achieve it.

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