One of the classic texts on Raja Yoga, this book is composed of a series of lectures given in New York by Sri Swami Vivekananda. Features some of the teachings and life of Swami Shivapadananda [1938-1994], the second President and Spiritual Head of the Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa. 1) Care should be taken by the reader to understand and take Swamiji's words in these postings, in context. When a man won the grace of his guru [spiritual preceptor, teacher], by his guru's grace he became prosperous. From that point of view Swami Vivekananda [spiritual heir to Sri Ramakrishna] makes it very clear. Do not have [sexual] relations with your partner on the day of the full moon or the new moon, or on ekadasi. We always go to the guru with preconceived ideas of how he will look, how he will behave etc. Teach children: Satyam [truth] Jnanam [knowledge] Anantam [unlimited] Brahma [the 'creator' aspect of God].

2) Mouse-over the words highlighted in red in the posting for further explanation or links. The Swami's deep spiritual insight, fervid eloquence, and broad human sympathy shine forth in these works and offer inspiration to all spiritual seekers. One day as he walked into the big factory he had built, he looked at the 500 people on one side and 1000 people working on the other side and the thought came to him: Imagine if I hadn't built this factory, 1500 people would be out of work!
He said to his guru after prostration and adoration, after offering all the required things, 'Gurudev, look at what I have done. You are only a hosepipe [instrument], through which sometimes clean water comes and sometimes dirty water. He says, 'My God in life, my saviour in life, Sri Ramakrishna – whatever good has come out of this mouth, a little inspiration wherever it has come out from this body - it is all his. Every teaching or instruction that he gave was specific to the people who were with Swamiji at the time. The greatest number of incarnations and the super evil souls - Kamsa, Ravana [characters from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana] etc.

When dirty water comes, that's when your own ego gets in – your own karma gets attached – then dirty water flows. Kundalini is a psychic thing so it does not really matter how you sit etc, that will happen of its own accord. You fool, if God can look after this frog, you think he'll leave it to you to look after those men in the factory?
If you must have desires, let them only be that they take you towards God and not towards the world.
Gangadhar, a devotee of Swamiji's, has taken the100 CDs compiled by Tim Hoare, and converted them to an mp3 format. This means they can be played on your computer, an iPod, certain mobile phones or any other mp3 player.

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