With the growing student loan debt and high level of specialization needed in my fields, the ability to change jobs is getting more and more limited. And yet, according to LiveScience, 56% of American workers are actively trying to change careers. This means that many of our career hoppers are looking for professions with a decent entry-level salary and limited educational requirements. They’ve been told by corporations and the news media that their time is up and that it’s time for them to make way for Gen X and the Millennials. How on Earth are they supposed to do that considering that Baby Boomers are still 15-20 years away from retirement? However, I’ve worked side by side with Baby Boomers on a highly professional level for several years, and I’m not talking about them being my boss.
I actually believe that Mid-lifers are in a perfect position to make a career change and continue to elevate themselves up the ladder, as well as increase their income. Mid-lifers are in a perfect position to do this because they have what Gen Xer’s and Millennials don’t have which is job experience. Where Mid-lifers go wrong in many instances is they’re approaching employment as if we’re still in 1995. Many of them have outdated resumes, their skills are lacking and their track record is squeaky-clean which doesn’t bode well in today’s employment environment.
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Change is always with us, whether we are talking about a midlife career change, the beginning or the end of a relationship, a new home,  a change in our health.  All change carries with it the risk of the unknown and the unexpected. If changes in your life are causing you difficulties, or if you need help in developing some skills to cope with change, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Working with a coach can be very effective in dealing with change, either change that you choose or change that chooses you.  Fill out the Contact Us form if you would like to talk with me about how I might help you navigate the changes happening in your life. Career dissatisfaction, recession and a failing economy, desire to try something that you always wanted to; there are many reasons people may want to opt for a change in career in the midlife phase.
We all want to be successful in career and want job security so that there are no complications in the future.
You have been in your current job for many years and have also gained expertise in that field. Understand your interests and determine if you have the flexibility and interest to work in a new work area. Be an optimist, you may have to start at a low level in the new sector; but things will work if you have the desire and the will. Mentioned above were a few important factors you should consider prior to changing career in the midlife. Because my blog readers seek answers, help and guidance to enhance their lives; I think it is critical that you know what to avoid, as much as what to move towards. This person could be trying to sell you something from the stage!The crazy part about being a victim (and that’s what you are) of a sociopath is that you start to think that you are nuts. Another interesting thing about sociopaths is that their mental defect (and it is just that) is usually spurred from some type of adolescent or teen event such as a troubled youth, abandonment, extreme loss, abuse, etc. An interesting thing you can observe about sociopaths is the following: They will often modify their appearance as they mold into new surroundings or try to represent themselves to those they want to victimize. REMEMBER: A sociopath (or someone with serious borderline personality disorder) CANNOT CHANGE.
Ironically, when a sociopath reads this blog post, he will deny being a sociopath and think this is about someone else. Steven Clark isn’t usually impulsive, so it wasn’t easy for him to wake up one morning and decide it would be his last day as a software engineer after 20 years. But the stress had been mounting for years as Clark, like many successful midcareer professionals, had ended up on a management track, dealing with office politics he didn’t care for. Clark, who now runs a financial advisory practice in Coconut Creek, Fla., made a change many dream of, ditching the cubicle to become his own boss. If you learn to use effective strategies to make smart decisions, you can live the life you want. You can take charge of your life with proven career planning and job search strategies that give real results for real people. Surprisingly, most people leave their work-related decisions mostly up to chance and take the first random opportunity that comes along. With so many possibilities, if you haven't made a thorough investigation of your options, you have almost certainly missed out on some fantastic opportunities that would be a great fit for you. Of course, if you are making a change mid-way through your life, there are plenty of additional considerations to keep in mind. Making a mid-life career change will be so much easier if you factor in the impact a new line of work will have on the current life you've established and determine how to use strengths you already have to move into your new profession.
If you learn how to find a career that is a great fit for your abilities, interests and values, you can live the way you want to live NOW.

Good career tests won't give you a magic answer to your questions, but they can provide ideas about new options, expand your self-knowledge, and help you make smart decisions. Together with templates for worksheets (available on the main website) how to improve your approach to your job search, this book offers plenty of good sound and solid advice. If you already know what type of job you are looking for, it's time to start an efficient, effective, targeted search.
If you have been looking for work for a while, you need to know that the things you must do to find a good job quickly are not as difficult as you might think. This site is full of simple, achievable strategies that you can easily apply to your job search to enable you to stand out from your competition. You might be surprised to know that most people do not take those extra little steps when job searching, so if you do go the extra mile, you'll be well ahead of your competition and ready to make a great impression with employers. Writing a great resume (and, in fact, most people will need several great resumes) is essential to conducting a successful job search.
Unfortunately, finding great leads, specifically accessing the hidden job market, is one of the most neglected aspects of the job search process. If you have only been applying to advertised positions, and if you don't know which strategies are best for finding great leads where there is very little competition, please be sure to read the section on finding job leads. The strategies on that page have shaved months off the time my clients have had to spend looking for work. Finally, once you have mastered resume and cover letter writing, and you have found and applied to some great openings, you'll start getting invited to interviews. Many people squander amazing opportunities because they fail to plan well for their interviews.
It is usually quite easy to predict most of the questions you will be asked in an interview, which means you can almost always prepare for the majority of questions you will face. Good preparation, followed by good follow up will get you so much closer to landing the job you want. I know how people struggle with career planning and searching for work, what bogs people down, what works, and what doesn't work. I can't wait to share all of that information with you so you can start to live the life you want and feel the joy of empowerment that comes from knowing you can be in charge of your life's direction. You can experience the optimism and empowerment that come from taking control of your work and your life. Applicant Tracking System SeriesNeed a refresher on all of the applicant tracking system information that's been covered in the past six articles?
ATS Optimized Resume SampleIt's time to take everything I've covered in the applicant tracking system (ATS) series and pull it all together into a sample resume. Saving an Applicant Tracking System Optimized ResumeAn applicant tracking system optimized resume needs to be saved in a very specific way to ensure it is formatted correctly to avoid "choking" the ATS software. Career Choice Guide provides free job search and career planning information written by an experienced career coach. Here are a couple of The Grindstone suggestions for careers that might lend themselves to mid-life newbies.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They’re even looking for people who have job hopped here and there, because history shows that employees who have job hopped have a more well-rounded career experience which leads to more proficiency and a higher level skill set.
You won’t be scored at the end, but answer true or false to the following questions, and elaborate a bit on those that feel especially relevant. When confronted with a change over which I have little control, I review the events and my behavior to determine if I could have done anything differently. Rather than feeling responsible for negative changes that come out of nowhere, I take responsibility for my reaction to them.
I realize that sometimes even “good” changes have an underside that may bring unexpected problems.
When coming to terms with a major change in my life, I attempt to keep other changes to a minimum. When a change or transition occurs, I review how I have handled other such events in my life for lessons on how to cope in this event. I look for other people who have undergone similar changes as models for how I might better cope with the change in my life.
During a time of change, I ask for help and support from those close to me, reliable friends and outside professionals.
After a life change, I step back from the situation to get perspective and rest in order to regain a sense of balance.
I try to look at the “big picture” of the change, and acknowledge mixed feelings I might have.
Rather than blaming or feeling victimized, when I’m caught in a change over which I have no control, I “pick myself up, dust myself off” and continue to move forward.
In order to make a necessary change, I am willing to risk the disapproval and lack of support from others.

When something positive happens for someone that might change our relationship, I don’t let my fears get in the way of being supportive of that person.
But the decision to change career in the midlife or for that matter early in the career is not easy and you should give a thought to many points before finalizing the decision. Changing career in the midlife thus is not recommended as you will have to start all over again from scratch. So before planning to quit your current job you should do a thorough survey of the industry to find out the availability of jobs in that sector.
Though not a safe option, changing career in the midlife can help you realize your hidden talents and also bring more job satisfaction.
Have you noticed that the women in the group will often learn how manipulative and conniving one of the women are? If anyone has befriended you (maybe at an oddly convenient time to benefit them), be cautious. If it seems there is an intentional build up of excitation just before you are asked to do something (or buy in) and it just doesn’t feel right, DON’T DO IT. Constant lies, manipulation, lack of remorse, story spinning and now this crazy new look, as part of her reinvention to work her “magic” all over again.
You need to go beyond just looking at the features of the position itself, and examine how your decision will impact other commitments and priorities in your life.
You probably have commitments and responsibilities that will be impacted by any decision you make. I’m a Millennial, so it may sound strange that I’m giving advice to people who are twice my age. He is also the founder of Conquer Career Course, where he teaches students how to increase their salary, build a career with longevity and become unemployment-proof. You again would have to build up the reputation and respect you have earned through your current job. Responsibility of family and the need to settle down make many of us do a job even when we are not happy with it. You will also be joining as a newcomer and will have to compete with the other candidates who are far more motivated and enthusiastic than you.
If a group of people who don’t all know each other, who all have different background, different business models, different political views, and represent both genders, all come to the same basic conclusion about someone – THEY ARE RIGHT! And anymore, the number of years spend in training and education for any given field can make it increasingly difficult to change direction once we’ve started on a career path. But, as songwriter Johnny Rivers said, “The only thing that’s permanent is change.” A conscious, developed awareness of our response to change can help us develop better coping strategies. So do a neat analysis of the stability in that industry, talk to your friends and seek expert opinions.
His latest book was inspired by people who have found or created their "dream job" via trail and error. Professionals don’t want to have to start over at the bottom or move too far away from their financial comfort zone.
But a lot about this also depends on the circumstances you are in; who knows it will prove to be a good decision.
So as a first step to determine if you really need to change career, you need to do a thorough self analysis to determine if you really should change career. Design a CV that will incorporate all your skills that might help you get a good job in the sector.
Your self analysis of the career should cover factors like - what is your level of career satisfaction, what are your interests, how much are your savings. Stability and money in that sector are also important factors that should be considered along with job satisfaction.
Also determine if the new career will help you progress and give a higher career satisfaction than your present job.
Guillebeau’s latest book, Born for This, leads readers to consider figuring out what their dream job actually is and what it could take to get there. You may answer a yes to all the questions and might want to shift career for better opportunities and the sense of fulfillment. The final comments from the new victim are usually something such as “I wish I would have seen the signs and listened. A midlife career change will prove a good option only after a thorough analysis of your choices, abilities and interests.
Lastly you should analyze the industry you wish to get into for making the career change a successful decision.

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