No one need accept that they must remain as they were shaped, by the conditioning of their childhood and culture. A course in Mind Development can benefit you in a number of ways, depending on what areas you feel you are weak at, or what you want to change about yourself and your capabilities. A young person will benefit by improved grades and a much better chance of excelling in higher education, ready to start a successful career.
We have identified the causes of such barriers and over the course of many years have refined our techniques for helping individuals to achieve their potential mental capacity. The natural decline of some of our mental abilities as we age starts much earlier than some of us might expect. At the Alzheimer's Research Trust, the same tests are used by doctors to understand cognitive development and decline. There are about at least a dozen mental illnesses, and nearly one person in three will seek the help of a psychiatrist at some time in their lives.
In this ever more competitive socio-economic environment, it looks as if soon there will be no jobs for people with an I.Q. As long as we are depending on safe solutions, prejudiced judgments and fixed ideas, our mind is closed to inspecting anew, to discovering our own truth. The Mind Development Courses are designed to work together as a synchronous hierarchical system, using proven methods - the result of 30 years research and testing - to accelerate the development of your mental powers and creative intelligence. Reading may be defined as an individual's total inter-relationship with symbolic information. The course teaches in-depth reading techniques that greatly improve literary intelligence, so that you can clearly perceive the ideas and values that the writer is expressing and relate them to those of other authors and so be better able to make objective conclusions.
This course by Gregory Mitchell is on the periphery of Mind Development but nonetheless illustrates how closely mind and body function in co-ordination. Using these techniques Gregory was able to run 100 meters in a time that nearly matched the then British champion, with relatively little physical fitness preparation (60% or less compared with a typical athlete).
Gregory ran group courses in Mind Development for 25 years in London that successfully applied his research.
Gregory went on to research at the most advanced levels of Mind Development and discovered many further important insights - in particular, original work on mnemonics, artificial languages and logic.
Before he retired in 1994, Gregory employed Peter Shepherd, founder of Trans4mind, at his company in London. For 30 years Gregory Mitchell researched and developed the techniques for developing mental capacities such as memory, speed reading, enhanced intuition and creativity, and increased IQ. Mind Development courses 1-6 are available to purchase on this site, for those who recognize the vital importance of intellectual ability in discernment and contemplation, creativity and problem solving. Learn how to study a subject with maximum comprehension, recall and ability to apply what you have learned effectively. Home-study course to improve the mind's capacity for perception and integration between left and right brain, boosting memory, creativity, natural eyesight and drawing ability. Learn powerful communication skills that enable you to be more effective at work and in those situations of everyday life where better communication can make all the difference. If you are concentrating you are awake and aware - your mental life is both intensified and broadened. Learn how to read both quickly and in depth over a wide range of subjects, and then to be able to appreciate, analyze and apply what you have read with clear and incisive intelligence. Communication is a process involving both the transmission and reception of information; the reception of auditory information involves both hearing and listening.
Effective Communication teaches powerful communication skills that enable you to be more effective at home and work and in all of those situations of everyday life where better relationships can make all the difference.
Be well-prepared for further mind development practices such as concentration, speed-reading and study.
The most basic action, in being alive, is to reach and withdraw; it is the basic survival dynamic, to reach out for food or to withdraw from danger. Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power of emotions, appropriately channeled as a source of energy, creativity and influence - and to be able to clear and release emotions which have outstayed their welcome. A wall of frustration or emotional 'charge' develops between two people (or between a person and an organization) when what is felt is not expressed, or what is expressed is not listened to with understanding and empathy.
The Effective Communication course offers a series of practical exercises which develop the skills of communication and help the student to apply the fruits of his or her learning here and now - both to his or her personal growth and to the practical issues of personal relationships and business. Modern man, because he has a highly developed speech and writing ability (using one hand), has become specialized in his use of the two hemispheres. Improvement in our ability to communicate externally is reflected by a similar gain in communication between parts of the brain. Communication is the vehicle for all further techniques, so communications skills are a vital aspect of Mind Development.
Therefore to do this course you will need a similarly-motivated partner (or group of friends) and a few weekends when you can work together intensively. The Personal Development Mind Map is one of the seven strategies for Wealth & Happiness by Jim Rohn.
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Receive natural health information each weekday with the latest breaking news and alerts on natural health, green living and more — all from a 100% independent, honest viewpoint that you won't find in the mainstream media. This site contains my most exciting software recommendations for Windows power users. If you do these courses you should expect to see stable improvements in your life skills and abilities at work. What you do use can be trained, with the right mind development methods and sufficient practice, to become more and more efficient.
The most important point to come from this has been that one side of the brain tends to become cut off from the other, as painful memories and feelings are repressed. The cognitive enhancement techniques of Mind Development make the mind much more efficient because they open up the pathways of left-right brain communication and assist the person to regain all of their positive mental energy. Mental powers start to dwindle at 27 after peaking at 22, marking the beginnings of the aging process, US research suggests. But it's never too late, as given appropriate stimuli the brain is remarkably flexible and the usual decline can indeed be reversed by thoroughly practiced cognitive development techniques.
Those mental structures affect the way that we feel and act, and filter our perception so that we are unlikely to notice the message of nature and we are likely to distort the meaning of the song in our heart.
The beauty of nature is often just what we need to remind us that our problems are exaggerated in our minds; and the gut feelings we have, if listened to, bring us back to the reality of our core instincts and intuitive sense. And to move forward in our lives, we need the two well integrated and cleared of distortions, misperceptions and limitations.
Rationality does not necessarily mean masculine insensitivity, and heart intelligence is not just for the na ve. You may not personally want to increase your sprinting speed, but the principles described here have many applications both for physical and mental development. Born in 1947, he grew interested in the subject of mental evolution and development during adolescence.
The latest research by cognitive scientists is only now beginning to uncover the ideas and methods that Gregory Mitchell had been working with for 30 years! The principles described here have many applications both for physical and mental development.
The essence of relationships is communication; and yet, even between people who care deeply for each other, communication sometimes becomes blocked.
For example, when a couple are unable to effectively discuss their feelings and ideas together, their relationship - including their sexual relations - may eventually break down. Sometimes, for most of us, we may be afraid to face our deepest feelings, needs and thoughts.
The communication skills practiced on the Effective Communication course help us to break through these sorts of impasse - so that alienation and estrangement are replaced by contact and intimacy. In short, as a result of developing writing, verbal functions became neurologically centered in the left hemisphere of the brain. The practice exercises enable development of all areas of the brain, even those which have been long under-used. The Effective Communication course includes practical exercises to enhance your capacity to listen attentively and comprehend. Few can just read a book and apply its teachings - even when these teachings are excellent. The Mind Map begins with an important question to ask on the job which is not What am I getting?
You will have better judgment, increased mental speed and will power, better self-expression, the ability to study effectively and recall what you have learned, more creative insights, and confidence in your capacity to achieve your personal goals in life. And a retired person will be able to forestall and even reverse the decline of intellectual abilities that so often accompanies aging.
For most people, one side will dominate according to what sort of abilities and aptitudes they have, and the cultural influences of their upbringing.
Professor Timothy Salthouse of Virginia University found reasoning, speed of thought and spatial visualization all decline in our late 20s. The first age at which there was any marked decline was at 27 in tests of brain speed, reasoning and visual puzzle-solving ability. To achieve this it is necessary to improve introspective awareness and in particular to regain awareness of mental processes that are normally below the level of consciousness, so that you are in touch with your full knowledge base and can access it intuitively. Our genuine feelings need to be released and our beliefs re-examined - so that we act from inspiration, not from the dictates of earlier conditioning.
Feelings and relationships need focus and direction, and action needs an empathic understanding of context.

In this course you will learn to better use the left brain's focused attention combined with the right brain's peripheral attention, in close harmony.
Following a Diploma in Psychology, Gregory obtained a Masters Degree in Eclectic Psychology.
Recent experiments suggest that a person's attention is absent about 50% of the time, and that with re-education, a person's mode of listening can be enhanced such that their attention is in place 80 or 90% of the time. If sufficient intention is used and another is paying attention and duplicates that which is being put across, then communication is taking place. Furthermore, if you are experiencing problems in your relationship and because of a lack of communication skills you inappropriately attempt to share your feelings, you may experience even more rejection, hurt, and misunderstanding.
However, the price of this new freedom has been a tendency towards mental imbalance, and as a consequence, neuroses. Following that, questioning skills are practiced, which have relevance to communication, memory and understanding.
You need the opportunity to practice in a secure environment with a like-minded partner so you can attain your goals. You surely want to enjoy your retirement and take advantage of your lifetime's accumulation of knowledge - not lose your mind and with it your identity. Furthermore, unconscious blocks can freeze huge proportions of our mental energy, and this can cause a person to feel negative, angry or depressed for no apparent reason.
Therapies designed to stall or reverse the ageing process may need to start much earlier, he said.
Things like memory stayed intact until the age of 37, on average, while abilities based on accumulated knowledge, such as performance on tests of vocabulary or general information, increased until the age of 60.
Mind Development is therefore a necessity for many people, firstly to get a job and secondly to keep it. This kind of metacognition ('knowing what you know') is formally described as mature intuition.
Good communication between the brain hemispheres is a prerequisite for creative thinking and also a sense of well-being, where thoughts and feelings are integrated. Effective reading requires a logical sequence of thought patterns, and these patterns require practice to set them into the mind. He then introduced a wide range of techniques to his private practice, including Transactional Analysis, NLP and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, plus many of his own innovative techniques. In children this causes an increase in IQ of up to 19 points; in an adult the improvement will be a little less but still substantial - attentive listening transfers to many of the cognitive processes involved in intelligence.
So we live private lives, partly cut off from partners, friends, colleagues and family, and even from ourselves. This will help you to maintain control of communication in practical, social and business situations.
Please find out more about Adding your Mind Maps to this library of examples here.Click on the image of your choice below to view a larger version. His seven-year study of 2,000 healthy people aged 18-60 is published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging. In the future, many could end up unemployed unless they take steps to increase their IQ and standard of education.
The methods currently used in schools do not touch on the issues of speed, comprehension and critical analysis and indeed all those skills which can be described as advanced reading techniques.
We stare helplessly across an abyss of silence, or in frustration we hurl attacks that drive us further apart.
In practice of course, people have different objectives and viewpoints in life and these can conflict. By doing the exercises thoroughly, the student can bring both halves of the brain into mutual communication, so that he or she is freer to think holistically and experience the world from an expanded point of view. To test mental agility, the study participants had to solve puzzles, recall words and story details and spot patterns in letters and symbols. Of course, the ends to which such awakened powers are applied lie within the hands of each student. In short, most of your reading problems have not been dealt with during your initial education. But if viewpoints are shared through a process of honest and sincere two-way communication, affection and empathy may be built up, reinforcing a mutual understanding. Because we lose some of this function, we may tend to feel our lives are without aim and purpose.
There are many ways in which we can begin to make our lives count and improve the lot of Mankind. By using appropriate techniques, the limitations of early education can be overcome and reading ability improved by 500% or more. It's great to use when creating more tailored versions that 'fit' to a specific role or requirement.

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