These mind-sharpening games can be used in classrooms, around a table or at any type of gathering. Mind-Stretching Brain Games is a book of open-ended, no-equipment-necessary, thinking activities that can be played over and over again. Super smart hackers are attacking the software that protects GIBs ultra-powerful satellite, WorldEye.

The 'Lateral Thinking' mindbending book is a real page turner, filled with mathematical, logical, observational & spatial challenges.
Sources lead Zac to Bladesville, a huge city where all the latest games and gadgets are developed. Su hermana, Annie, es ciega al mundo que la rodeaba, excepto cuando su mente es presa de extranas visiones del futuro.

The Zac Power books may or may not be based on real-life missions, and the character Zac Power may or may not be based on a real-life twelve-year-old spy.

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