March 18, 2011 by Jason Evangelho 1 Comment PopCap Games, the well-known casual developer behind such mega-hits as Plants vs. The 48 hour sale includes (but isn’t limited to) Bejeweled, Bookworm, Chuzzle, Peggle and Plants vs.
PopCap actually opened an office in Tokyo recently, and while their employees are safe, obviously the devastation has affected countless others in the area. CNN is reporting that the total donation amount is lagging far behind in comparison to recent disaster relief efforts like Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake.
After a hectic day you are finally back to home, the place that gives you the ultimate solace.
Whilst reading the book Dissolving Pain: Simple Brain Training Exercises for Overcoming Chronic Pain we came across a really interesting section discussing how Virtual Reality has helped with burn victims.
One patient thought of his pain 95% of the time while playing the video game, but just 2% of the time while his attention was far more fully diverted and engaged by his action in Virtual Reality gear. This shows that Virtual Reality is much more effective than pure distraction, immersing yourself in the situation is what makes a big difference.
For people who have been severely burned, peeling off old bandages that is always extremely painful.

I am one of the authors of SnowWorld (it was first built in 1998 and I have been doing work on it since about 2004). Keep up to date with amazing mind body techniques that demonstrate why and, most importantly, how you can manage pain and speed up recovery with your mind.
PopCap will be working with the Red Cross to ensure that all proceeds are funneled quickly and carefully to providing food, shelter and medical attention to victims of the crisis. We’d like to urge our readers to to pick up a PopCap game or two for their iDevice during the sale, or gift one to a friend. Zombies, PopCap About Jason EvangelhoJason is VGW’s founder, publisher, and longtime podcaster, writer, and “solopreneur” who is driven by the classic Jello Biafra quote “Don’t hate the media. The moment you lie down on your bed, the very thoughts of pending works, client meetings and other responsibilities at workplace storm your mind. Make it a point to dedicate some time to physical activities and meditation to alleviate the stress level. The other patient went from thinking of his pain 91% of the time while watching the video to 36% in virtual reality. This could be why hypnotherapy using techniques like Glove Anesthesia and those used by Dr Dabney Ewin are so effective.

Being drawn into another world drain a lot of attentional resources, leaving less attention available to process pain signals. For example: the first name is Angelina Jolie so the second person will speak out a name starting with 'J', like Jennifer Lopez and so on.
Wearing goggles that create total immersion in the cold, snowy world, however, enables patients to enter a space nearly free of pain. Make cartoons of the characters you hate the most or contributing the highest stress level.
But, have you ever tried to find out, why you are not able to lead a life free from tension?

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