Us humans are incredibly complex beings; a swirling vortex of biology, chemistry, physiology and emotion.
Yet, when a task comes along that we want to do there appears to be no distraction and finding motivation is certainly not an issue.
The system responsible for our motivation and what drives us to do what we do can be broken down into two leading roles and classified as the pleasure pain principle. The greater pull, at least initially, is to avoid doing the essay because it all seems so complicated and difficult to start and painful. Suddenly, your desire to avoid the discomfort of failing is a whole lot stronger than your desire to surf Facebook or go out on the town with friends.
Resolving the conflict of the pleasure pain principle takes great mental strength and focus because it, quite literally, involves us changing the way we instinctively think and act: avoid the painful experience by partaking in a more pleasurable one.

While tons have been written about how to resolve our need to avoid pain, the most basic way to change our behaviour is to improve our mental focus.
The answer to the pleasure pain principle seems obvious: stop avoiding and start approaching. You can suddenly take positive, considered and definitive action towards your desired outcome rather than simply allowing your biology and subconscious to take over and dictate your behaviour by default. Perhaps you have a garage full of random things that you’ve been meaning to sort through and donate to goodwill? In fact, we will pull out all stops and muster all the energy and enthusiasm we can to get it done pronto! However, the minute your brain realises you’re coming perilously close to failing, your motivation suddenly changes.

If you can manage to break free of these conflicting behaviours, you have no idea of the power you’ll have over your own life when you can control how you react to circumstances, whether you like them or not. While providing you with the tools and resources to live vibrantly and consciously, Mind Body Vortex is your modern guide to an exhilarating lifestyle of personal growth.
Until things become so dire that you’re actually at risk of failing your course or subject, or missing the deadline, and at this point, the consequences seem very bad. What is the outcome that is most beneficial to you, and which of the conflicting actions and choices will help you reach this goal?

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