Mindfulness can be integrated into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches, to manage distressing thoughts that exacerbate negative mood, panic, or anxiety. Both Anxiety and Depression have serious behavioural side effects, due to the sufferer being bullied by distressing thoughts and emotional reactivity, and thus withdrawing from everyday activities. To make an appointment with Abra Garfield try Online Booking – Loganholme or call M1 Psychology (Loganholme) on (07) 3067 9129. Mindfulness for Pain ManagementDid you know – Mindfulness Meditation can be helpful in the management and relief of chronic pain? One of our Psychologists, Dr Amanda White, was recently interviewed by the About Pain website. To make an appointment with Amanda to learn how Mindfulness and meditation can help with your chronic pain issues, you can book online, or with any of our Mindfulness psychologists, by calling 1800 877 924. But breathing is so vital to our wellbeing, that we really do need to give it our attention.
Along with being more active and regular exercise, mindfulness meditation is highly recommended for overcoming social anxiety.
Mindfulness helps you learn to let troubling thoughts pass through your mind without causing you to feel upset.
Mindfulness is a state in which you focus on the present: the sounds in the trees, the softness of your cushions and the feelings in your body.
With practice (and patience) mindfulness meditation teaches you to treat thoughts as just temporary pulses in your mind. The ability to accept thoughts and feelings as temporary sensations can help you to control how you respond.
Focus your thoughts on the world around you: where can you feel tension in your body, what you can hear from the street or smell in the room.
Through mindfulness meditation you should notice how your mind is constantly chattering away, with thoughts constantly coming and going.
If you suffer from depression or low self esteem then your thought processes are often inaccurate and unhelpful.
Social anxiety disorder is caused by your brain constantly making judgements based on past memories and future predictions.
Learning to suspend your judgements on people and situations before you’ve got evidence to form an opinion will help you respond more objectively.

However, its effectiveness and popularity for treating depression and social anxiety disorder means it’s another valuable daily exercise you should add to your strategy for overcoming social anxiety disorder.
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Scientists have learned that meditation can reduce anxiety by as much as 39 % while having also identified the brain areas involved. Zen masters and Buddhist monks, have recognized for a very long time that meditation is able to lower anxiety, however the mechanism has never been clear, until now. For the study, 15 healthy participants with typical levels of everyday anxiety had been recruited for the research. All subjects took part in four twenty minute training sessions to learn an approach referred to as mindfulness meditation.
This unique personal growth retreat, uses the latest understandings of transpersonal psychology.
The Mindfulness approach is used to view the self and world with acceptance and without judgement, to address behavioural avoidance. Mindfulness helps to reduce this cognitive bullying and re-institute present moment focus on functional behaviours. Its popularity amongst psychotherapists has grown tremendously in recent years, because of its effectiveness in treating depression, anxiety and chronic pain.
Mindfulness meditation helps you to break out of these modes of thinking, and focus more objectively on the present. Its success in helping those suffering from depression or anxiety has led to its popularity as a self help technique. Whilst meditating, you observe your thoughts as they arrive and then simply allow them to pass by, without passing judgement on whether they’re true or not. This can help to reduce your tendency to automatically assume your thoughts are facts, which in turn can reduce how they make you feel.
So when you start playing over things in the past or worrying about the future, allow your thoughts to pass by without making judgements.

See yourself as a pedestrian watching them as they arrive and then disappear into the distance, without you catching a lift or giving them too much attention. But with practice and patience you should find that other time mindfulness meditation can help suspend your negative automatic judgements. Over time this should help reduce your anxiety and live in the present without letting unhelpful thoughts affect how you feel. It wasn't until visiting a doctor for help to treat his anxiety that he finally discovered he suffered from the condition.
And mindfulness may be one the best meditation methods for any anxiety problems (OCD, Social Anxiety, etc…).
In this form of meditation, people are taught to concentrate on breath and body sensations and also to non-judgmentally evaluate distracting thoughts and emotions. Since then, the site has grown and developed into a multi-disciplinary bank of guides, features, and psychological research reviews on Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Stress and their mind-body interactions. Therefore this site acts as an unbiased source of research-validated information with independent expert contributors.
Mindfulness also helps with coping with the emotional aspects of anxiety and depression, involving acceptance.
This can help you make more realistic assessments of the people and situations that would otherwise make you feel anxious.
Treat your negative thoughts about people looking down on you as merely temporary impulses passing through your brain. I appreciate you writing this write-up as it’s helped me to understand a lot more about social anxiety.
This led to him creating this website to share the strategies that helped him in the hope they would help other people.

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