1 of 1 2 of 1 I just spotted a tweet by Business in Vancouver reporter Glen Korstrom, noting that Victoria's Secret has confirmed that it will move into the old HMV location at Burrard and Robson streets in Vancouver.There's nothing on the company's website yet. There seems to be a very good reason VS is bringing back Upton – declining bra sales.
In fact, excluding its performance in March and December, the month’s growth rate was the slowest since at least January 2010 for the chain, known for its sexy supermodel marketing campaigns and annual fashion show.
While downbeat mall traffic and colder weather likely hurt demand for items such as bathing suits and the brand’s Pink shorts, and the timing of Easter moved some sales to March from April, Victoria’s Secret blamed the softness on demand for its bread and butter category: bras. For the few of you who have girlfriends out there, you probably know what Victoria's Secret is. The oldest current Angel aside from Heidi Klum, it appears as though her bod is rockin' enough to keep her going in this carreer. Annually, there is the Free-Pornathon known as the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, showcasing the beauty of each model, how much fucking money this company is willing to put to waste, and a self proclaimed "celebration of women".
It is attended by celebrities and billionaires pretty much exclusively, unless you're one of the 50 fans screaming like harpies and waving glo-sticks around.

The show started with a circus theme, complete with acrobats, a sword-swallower and a man on stilts. Despite the huge production, the focus was on the 40 gorgeous models who walked the runway.
Adriana Lima sizzled in red, while Alessandra Ambrosio looked amazing just months after giving birth. Vogue announced the list of this years Victoria’s Secret Angels, who will walk the fashion show December 10 on CBS. When considering regular people that will prefer to lose fat pretty fast, attempt our website for the optimum choice to lose your pounds instantly. You also know that you secretly lust over the women in the magazine that you get every two goddamn days. She's the one on the cover for the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a few years running.
So play some mood music, turn off the volume, sit back, and watch scorching hot women in small amounts of fabric and wings walk around for an hour or so.

No word yet on who join the models on stage this year, though an announcement is speculated to be made in October. These women are the Victoria's Secret Angels, and this topic is here so you know who to scream for in the bathroom when your girlfriend(or mother) is out of town.
It doesn't really matter what I put here, since no one is going to read it, unless they're not sexually active, gay, or female. Noticeably absent is Miranda Kerr, who revealed in April she wanted to focus on being a mother.
Best of Vancouver, BOV and Golden Plates are trade-marks of Vancouver Free Press Publishing Corp. Cara Delevinge, Sara Sampaio, Jasmine Tookes, Barbara Palvin, and Jourdan Dunn were among the crowd favorites, and are anticipated to return.

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