Allotting yourself a few moments first thing in the morning to just be still,  quiet your mind and simply breathe, can do wonders for yourself and your sanity.  Dr. Many people for quite some time now have been asking when I'll be offering my coaching again!
I wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity to start helping you attain YOUR BEST feeling and looking self you've ever seen or felt! So I know this is short notice given it's less than three days away, but I urge you to secure your spot now! I will also say that had I have known how important it was to detoxify, balance my hormones and de-stress years ago, I would have started MUCH MUCH sooner! Andrea is a fitness model turned health coach who has written two books on the raw vegan healthy detoxing lifestyle!
Andrea has appeared on numerous news stations TV shows and magazine publications in her hometown of Dayton Ohio and now where she lives in San Diego! If you want to see how INCREDIBLY easy the recipes are you'll be eating, check out the video below! As part of my "self love~Self care" week, I decided that this is a BIGGY for both men and women! The truth is, all the tonics in the world won't help if you don't have someone holding your hand along the way!
Here are the two recipes that will NOURISH your adrenal glands while giving you a much bigger kick that is FAR healthier than coffee!
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Louis & I left Mexico but we had to take a "Good morning Merry Christmas photo for you first!
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Hi there:) Between work, chasing after the kids, running errands, caring for aging parents and trying to keep your body healthy, who has time to slow down?
Today as I sit in Mexico with my boyfriend, his son and two amazing dogs, I realize its 5pm and I've been in my bikini all day.
1) LEARN TO MEDITATE  Meditation has been proven to lower blood pressure in individuals with chronic stress. 3) VISUALIZATION A therapist told me I needed to visualize years ago, I laughed then went and bought a book on it!
4) STOP THE STIMULANTS I recently stopped taking a green tea pill and I cannot tell you how incredibly taxing it was! 5) GET YOUR HANDS ON A GOOD ADRENAL GLANDULAR Nothing supports the adrenal glands after a long stressful period in life than a good nights sleep and a great adrenal glandular!
Andrea is a fitness model turned health coach who has written two books on the raw vegan healthy lifestyle and detoxification! If you’d like to join the conversation, simply write a reflection on your own blog about this verse, and follow the link-up buttons at the bottom of this post.
Of course whether you link up or not, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or on twitter! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her studying me and I could tell that she was contemplating whether her thoughts warranted being spoken aloud. I wondered how she could know much of anything about me after our brief and isolated interactions, but I stored her words away and considered whether this might be true.
I smiled and probably looked over my shoulder to make sure there wasn’t some dazzling individual standing behind me. Regardless of where my personality ranks in such matters, it occurred to me while at work this week that there is at least one person who sees something different. For me, Matthew 5 is an encouragement to live in such a way that our light is undeniable; that we glow with some intangible quality that makes others raise an eyebrow.
Light-shining should be so intrinsic to our Jesus-following-DNA that it is just as much a part of us as eating our lunch; that is it just as natural as breathing deeply.
Light-shining should be part-and-parcel to our very identity — not an add-on at the buffet bar of personality. Shining your light should give others a reason to take notice and say thank you. If the recipient of your kindness is already a believer, they will thank God for you.
And if the witness of your light-shining is not a believer, your behavior should open the door to them asking questions. May God pull open any shades I draw or blinds I close; may He wipe away any haze in my windshield, so that by looking at me, they see HIM. If you’d like to join the conversation, simply write a reflection on your own blog about this verse, and follow the link-up buttons at the bottom of this post. Then, encourage the blogger who linked up before you by reading her post and leaving a comment. With the morning sun slanting low and while Meredith Andrews belted out praises, it all came crashing in on me: all His goodness and all my undeserving. I had just dropped my daughter off at school and was driving to my new job and feeling most certainly like it had to be a dream — this answer to prayer. After two years of petitioning God, calmly at first, and then with more urgency, and finally in that soul-bleeding, face-streaking, crying in the dark kind of way, I had received my answer.
These last few years have made it plain that my little ones wouldn’t be spending their days with me forever. I felt the Lord nudging me, gently at first, and then with more and more doors cracked open on my hallway of life. Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders you have done! The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare. I’m looking forward to being fed by this awesome faith community and will be back next week (yes — on Memorial Day!) with another regular installment of Monday Morning Meditations! Standing behind her masks the weeks and months that have swiftly passed, disguising the truth and tricking the eye.

Instead, it is her profile that gives away the fullness of time inching closer. With blonde ponytail swaying, she works quietly in the kitchen and counts the days until healthy screams pour from infant lungs and she is a mother for the fifth time. And in that moment, she will scoop up her son, the newest member in a band of brothers that will adore him.
And as His child, I’m invited to snuggle up next to His heart and experience the peace that comes from His presence.
What an amazing, unimaginable, humbling thought: that the creator of the universe, who by the power of his word created all things, is gentle enough to care for me and hold me in his arms. Sometimes being a mom is a glorious, cuddling, reading-books-and-drinking-hot-chocolate kind of thing. Do you remember those days? Rain slides down your windowpanes like butter on a hot griddle and you squeeze a little more tightly, trapping the minutes in your mommy arms. Sometimes being a mom means your days are filled with picked dandelions and pretty rocks unearthed from next to the swing set because they most certainly are probably diamonds. And mom, you’re worth those gemstones and those imperfect bouquets birthed from perfect love. This week I was walking through Target and I came upon a mama pushing her sweet brown-eyed boy past the row of vacuums. Like the old ladies at church did to me eleven years ago, I tossed my imaginary gray curls and moved my walker aside to admonish her. So grateful to have shared my days and loaned out my heart to three little humans who are the very flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones.
May you forget about the laundry and the dirty dishes and the shedding dog and the crumbs on the floor … and just enjoy your kids. I bent over the hamper to pull a wad of stinking, twisted, inside-out clothes from within when I saw it: a shirt still on the hanger. Balling my hands into clenched fists, I whipped around looking to give someone a piece of my mind about respecting the work that mom does for the family.
But no one was to be found. Instead, I looked outside and found our little ones trolling through spring grass, laughing and running with summer capes surfing the breeze behind their dirty feet. It isn’t about working for my own image-making, for my own glory, or to somehow ensure my own ease. And while that doesn’t mean we let our kids off the hook with their chores or with learning responsibility, it means that my heart needs to change. Of course whether you link up or not, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or on twitter! The phone sang its curious little tune to the kitchen audience while I frantically bustled to find it.
Her voice on the other end of the line was encouraging despite the revolving door of my prayer requests.
My desire to seek after His plan, and my heart tugging me in ways that I don’t always understand. This has been an emotional and difficult year for me in many ways, and not the least among reasons why has been sending all three of my children off to school. I walked through the dusty roads, arrived at the wedding with white linen banners billowing. YOU. (like our post last week about freedom, his voice in MY life will be different from his voice in YOURS. Each Monday this community of faith seeks to encourage one another to get in the Word, to reflect on it, and to apply it to our lives. Then, by linking up, we have the awesome opportunity to teach, inspire, and encourage others on their faith walk while we grow in our own.
And there she was, mixing her ground-from-fresh-non-GMO-wheat flour into the trusty Kitchen-Aid mixer. The metal arm, quiet and obedient, churned and massaged the dough until it sprung to life in the bowl.
The smell of warm yeast and cinnamon was intoxicating, and I started thinking that I must be some sort of failure for not ever even contemplating making homemade English muffins. What I love about today’s verse is that we have freedom in Christ to walk a seldom-traveled path, turn left at the fork in the road, and follow the unique calling we believe God has laid on our hearts and lives. Even, and especially, when it does not fit in with the norms and expectations of our neighbor. Because the Spirit of the Lord has already been given to me, I know that he resides within me. And the way he moves, directs, and guides me may be very different from the way he moves, directs, and guides you.
This radical kind of freedom means that I answer only to One: the God who calls me his own.
My son, born on Mother’s Day, now knocks on the door of eleven years and leaves me staring at him, drifting through the years, wondering how in the world he can already be nearly as tall me.
So how can we steward those hearts, especially the boy-hearts that have so tugged on our own? How can we instill the qualities that, Lord willing, will bless a rosy-cheeked and starry-eyed young woman in the future? Instill a love of Christ: Teach your son that the Bible is not merely a collection of random stories destined for the flannel board, but a love story that God is still telling us.
Teach him to be helpful:  I believe that God is clear that marriage is all about mutual submission. TELL him what a blessing he’ll be to his wife someday. Include an examples to encourage him!
He is not sitting on an over-stuffed cloud with clipboard in hand, ready to dole out red ink to anyone who skimps on their morning prayers, because…. Our God is a God of mercy and compassion who is more concerned about the condition of our hearts than the condition of our resumes.

Getting our hearts healthy and holy before the Lord means that He should be our focus no matter what the calendar screams.
Wayne Dyer recommends using meditation for manifesting your destiny, by putting out into the universe what you want to accomplish and bring back into your own life.  According to Dr.
I am retiring a HUGE part of my business! I've held off on something I had been offering you for a while now! I mean, I took an ENTIRE YEAR off of doing what helps YOU the most and what I LOVE to do the most! The truth is, I wanted to focus on the clients I was already working with before I decided to accept more coming in. Known as "The Detox Queen" She has taken the media by storm & has an impressive social media following with her YouTube channel surpassing 2 million views & her personal Facebook page alone having 20,000 people!
Heck, you'll be eating things like HUGE avocado salads, baked sweet potatos fresh fruit, yogurt made from coconuts and SO MUCH MORE! Today's your day! My famous elixir tonic for the adrenal glands! Look folks it's no joke we've got busy lives! Its screaming for you to "slow down and just be! When you repeatedly get stressed, your nervous system stays stirred up. Nothing can bring peace like visualizing yourself on a far away island listening to the ocean waves crashing around you while you are on your lunch break in your office! Our lymphatic system doesn't pump on its own, we must move so it can do its job to pump that lymphatic fluid that carries toxins out of our body! After healing herself of bulimia and anorexia Andrea set out to spread the word on cleansing on a cellular level to create optimal health! I pondered this as well, knowing how often my attitude is sour and my mind fills with complaints while my heart is out-of-joint. Does it mean my Bible–or yours– is in full view of anyone who enters my home, gets a ride in my car, or passes my desk?
He will tuck his legs close to his own new, pink flesh and become a small sack of sugar against her chest.
She was smiling and rolling her eyes as her 4 year old kept busy pointing at and counting each item they passed. I miss the dimples on their hands and the smallness of their voices and the bigness of their adoration. Lifting a stack of graded school papers carelessly tossed from a backpack earlier that day, I pulled the phone from its hiding place in the wreckage and pushed the talk button. With a quick glance at the splotched recipe printout, she dusted the countertop with a veil of cornmeal, and turning out the dough onto the prepared surface, worked the mass until it was smooth. Getting up from bed, I headed for the bathroom, heaving slightly, not quite sure what to expect.
This was not Red Lobster-gone-wrong, nor was due to the fact that I had sat cross-legged on the floor for entirely too long that night. Amidst the mac-n-cheese and the mess of every day, each rung on the ladder builds on the one before, and we are left with a stairway to endless possibilities, beginning with the dimpled hands at our lunch tables. By showing affection to your son you model healthy love, and he’ll be more apt to follow suit. Hammering this point home from youth will ensure that he treats women with the respect they deserve and the respect God would have them receive. Even if God calls him to a single life, he’ll know how much you value him and that you are paying attention to his character!
Chocolate bunnies still parade the sale rack, marching in quiet rows between piles of Easter basket grass, and already the calendar bulges with obligations. The first thing that entered my mind was to offer you a spot in my coaching program before I stop offering it! I truly feel that my work in this area gets SO much of my attention that my next venture (mentioned above) will be to take my expertise globally! During my interview with Meditation expert Tom Cronin I learned a way to "go within" that works for me.
I step back and see provision after provision — I remember each writing seminar and every blogging conference that added a piece to this puzzle. His sister will swoon and the dog will pout his brown eyes and thump his tail on the floor to herald his arrival. Because of the high amount of people who are jumpng on this AMAZING offer, I have to end the sale on Sunday evening at 6pm. I can't wait to speak to you and look forward to helping you transform your body! Because your adrenal glands are ESPECIALLY important to take care of while trying to lose weight!
A squeeze of lemon and a dash of cayenne for my immune system and I had my own little tonic! Ive practiced 3-7 days per week for over 7 years now and find the benefits are long lasting for days after class. Bottom line here is that any and all caffeine will rev you up then drop you like a one night stand:) Ditch the coffee and replace it with a caffeine free herbal tea! What you take in today will determine your clarity of mind, peace and your bodies ability to handle stress tomorrow! Because this is the face of a woman who just completed a three day water, coconut water and elixir tonic fast!
Although meditation does not have the effect that my yoga practice does, I always feel calmer and more centered when I incorporate it into my flow!
Although I only reccomend this to seasoned fasters like myself, I do attribute it to the health and beauty of my skin and clear green eyes! I truly have a passion for seeing people increase their quality of life while getting truly healthy!To get you're free phone consultation simply purchase my digital detox that I have on sale right now for just $97!

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