In the snaps, the 58-year-old actor is wearing a white dress, brown belt, fur stole, earrings and a necklace. The photos were obtained by The National Enquirer from a party in Los Angeles that John attended in 1997, just six years after marrying Kelly Preston. No doubt his children, Ella, 12, and Benjamin, 18 months, will be affected by this recent scandal. At some point, does the media’s treatment of Travolta’s alleged (LOL) homosexuality become offensive?
If only he did not give in to his predatory leanings, if only he had respect to homosexuals, he would not perceive them as objects at his service to be manhandled. Not snobbish at all – we all need to learn new things; gives us an excuse to read online tabloids! Misandrist and self-loathing – I know a few women who are mysogynist and self-loathing so why not John.
I think JT’s view of these men as objects is more of an ego thing from being an A-List a-hole whose every need was catered to and who probably had as many gay men falling at his feet as women back in the 70s. We all love to to off on Michael Bay and Brett Ratner’s mysogynist f*ck website and to me JT is no different. Cross dressing sounds pretty tame…compared to the attrocities men and women in Hollywood do behind closed doors. Kelly, I find, IS the sickening part of the picture that she continues to use denial of his unfaithful acts and his bold actions of betrayal. As for the media, I think they went soft (no pun intended) on John because he did just loose a son not long ago, as for Kelly the media went soft for the reason of the son also. I speak from experience having stayed 2 years with a man I knew to have had atleast one same-sex affair.
I think it may be because every journalist putting his byline on a critical piece knows he can expect the CO$ to call and harass him.

I also can’t get the image out of my mind of all these stories of him lying down, trying to make his ass get in the way of the massage.
On the other hand, John Travolta, an aging, effeminate, overweight cult member, is threatening to no one….unless of course you are a masseuse at a high end spa! Tiger Woods got a lot more attention because he appeals to the most desired demographic–affluent men between the ages of 20 and 50 (approx). Marie Antoinette, i followed the Tiger story with the same amount of shock and fascination every other red-blooded gossip hound did, and i gotta say, until reading your take here, never, ever once did it ever, ever occur to me that it had one iota to do with his skin color! This is NOT about his same sex desires but about betrayal of marriage, and his sex by assault, the multiples. Some are making this out as he is gay, while the fact be true, their IS a larger picture here. You make a good point, at this stage they probably want to save Kelly’s face in all this mess.
I’ve seen a few blinds to that effect, that he wants to leave and no longer believes in that nonsense. I don’t think they would ever do that unless he was actively fighting them on something big.
I think to leave him in the Bahamas is denial in itself just as JT’s sexual mis-conduct.
She has 2 kids with the guy, she could walk away with half the assets & child support, so I dont think this is about the cash anymore.
Its a long and harrowing story but I just needed to say that Kelly is most probably the biggest victim in all of this. Sometimes the bigger outlets wait for confirmation before they print stuff- ala John Edwards- even when they KNOW the story is true. A young, virile, intelligent, accomplished BLACK athlete is a threat to most white men, and white men run the world—including what gets printed in tabloids.

It’s just a fact that the majority of those men, in the western world anyway, are white. Her previous poor choices in men (C Sheen actually shot her – poor girl) and her religion. Over 5% of marriages are mixed orientation marriages where the straight individual believes that it is their fault for not being alluring enough. Cross dressing–does that imply he would identify more with the feminine or the submissive?
Living his life this far away in the closet, and having it forcefully spring cleaned in such a public manner.
Not that it doesnt happen elsewhere, but Hollyweird has a variety of psychos with means and connections to keep that can of worms tightly sealed. A neighbor had that, it was a good month if he had just a few grand mal seizures and scads of petit mal. And being a secret cross dresser doesnt make you sexually assault people while you are in a position of power. His short term and long term memory was fried from the seizures and the side effects of all the meds being tried.
Sexual assault is assault whether youre wearing a Viking hat and a wetsuit, womens dresses or a massage towel.

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