Shirley Jones, Stella Stevens, Honor Blackman, James Booth, Lionel Jeffries Directed by: Stone, Andrew L. He becomes the corporate mailboy who rises meteorically to the top of his company (by impersonating an executive) in order to win the love of an icy woman executive.
He spends his days running frantically between his real job in the mailroom and his fantasy position, with various sexual shenanigans with the boss's wife thrown in to keep the viewer alert. Fox is charismatic while working with a cliche-ridden script that ties up everything very neatly at the end.

Ordinary British bobby James Booth becomes a South American dictator - with a little help from his manipulative mother, who blackmails everyone standing between him and. The or: How Three Beautiful Girls Love for Fun?and Murder for Profit) is a British comedy film from American writer-director Andrew L. While investigating a case, a young police inspector to ascend to thanks to the advice of his meddling mother. At the beginning of The, dimwitted Arthur Tate (James Booth) is a local village bobby who always follows his mothers advice to "help other people, and never look for the evil in them" perhaps not the best advice for an officer of the law.

Women (Shirley Jones, Stella Stevens) and his mother help an English constable (James Booth) rise to ruler of a banana republic. Arthur Tate rose to his fame, wealth and respectability quickly from humble beginnings as a naive and somewhat bumbling police constable in a small English town.

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